So I figured it was time for some fun headcanoning.

When Emma finally learns how to poof she goes completely over the top with it. 

Poofing in the middle of a crowded diner (and scaring everyone shitless) 

Poofing on top of the roof of her parent’s place (that one is actually an accident, she’s still learning the ropes)

Poofing on top of some thug that was trying to mug someone (she’s very pleased about that one actually)

And then there was that one time she wanted to show off her skills to Regina and poofed into her shower stall instead of the living room. While Regina was actually in said shower stall. Naked. (Regina wasn’t too amused, until Emma’s clothing started to soak through and she figured the situation had its possibilities)

Why I love the internet
  • Me: omg so many feels about such a weird specific subject I am such a loser no-one understands I can never tell anyone they would think I'm so strange I am ~forever alone~
  • Internets: No baby come here there are a million of us we've been here for years, come read all these fanfics and watch these videos and check out these graphics and listen to this podcast and read this essay I just wrote on that same subject and do you want to join our discussion group every tuesday at 10pm?

Written during the boring parts of my classes, here is a sloppy, unedited vignett in honor of Miracle Child’s 100th part.

Happy fic!Birthday, Miracle Child. May all of your creepy clowns continue to entertain us.

(As well as your creepy mind control pirates. And your creepy killer cultists. And your creepy non-violent cultists. And all of your myriads of creepy characters.)

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scorbus where they’ve been pining after each other since the day they met is so good but scorbus where they’re totally oblivious for 5 years and then are like “SH I T MY BEST FRIEND IS REALLY HOT” is also so good. scorbus is so good.

i had a casual discussion about harry potter today with my parents and i’m so proud of myself for keeping a straight (ha!) face when my dad asked which one was sirius and which one was remus and i just answered: “Sirius is harry’s godfather who is a dog animagus and remus is the werewolf who marries tonks, the cool hufflepuff girl with the colorful hair and sirius dies in the 5th book whereas remus dies in the last one, together with tonks at the battle of hogwarts” HA! I’M SO GOOD AT PRETENDING TO BELIEVE IN THIS WEIRD AU MOST PEOPLE CALL CANON :D