Dear roleplayers/admins/etc that use the “rp is supposed to be fun!” excuse,

Who is it supposed to be fun for? If it’s supposed to be fun, and that’s your excuse for not including diverse characters, what does that mean? Is RP only supposed to be fun for cis het white people? 

“RP is supposed to be an escape!" 

Is it an escape from a diverse world, then? Are you escaping to a world where cis het White people are the dominant force and POC are put on the back burner? Because last time I checked, that’s a lot like the real world. And if this is your escape, why do you want to escape to a world where POC and other groups aren’t properly represented? 

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how it is for people who have a good relationship with their family. Like… is it normal that they tell you they love you? That they tell you they are proud of you? That they encourage you? That they give you the feeling that you can always come and talk to them about anything no matter what?

So here's my day so far:

Currently experiencing Anger Issues please hold.

“I’m sad, I need hugs, somebody love me./Don’t talk to me, don’t touch me, don’t look at me.” Smad

Screaming into the Void right now, come back later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kinda feel like I’m drifting a bit.

Brain:“Let’s think about every little thing that makes you feel like garbage! Also, you have a headache now.”


just gonna leave this in the Inuladdin tag…

heyo  so  i’m  revising  my  rules  page  and  adding  mains  /  exclusives ;   i  know  i  haven’t  done  enough  ic  to  really  deserve  such  a  list  yet  but  i’m  also  considering  characters  i’ve  followed  for  years ,   et  cetera .   so  some  of  you  nerds  are  gonna  be  listed .  .  .   i  don’t  expect  mutual  exclusivity  and  if  you’re  uncomfortable  being  on  said  list ,   let  me  know  and  i’ll  remove  you !

       p . s . :   if  you’re  listed  below  but  have  no  idea  who  i  am ,   i’m  the  same  cas  from  @viewtokill  and  a  few  other  blogs  and  have  probably  had  you  on  my  dash  before .   again ,   if  you  don’t  want  to  be  included ,   let  me  know !


During the time that B/uchenwald is actually used (1938-1950) the lives that were lost there not only affect Mathilde’s conscience, but she physically FEELS the pain and it constantly weighes her down. While her body grows stronger with her florishing state, her mind can barely manage to deal with all these emotions of sadness and death, she has to keep up the facade. Therefore her psyche gets more and more unstable with the years passing. Mathilde’s depression, that reaches its peak during her imprisonment, already starts there. And even after 1945 the camp is still used by the Soviets and ca. 7,000 people died until 1950.