Dear roleplayers/admins/etc that use the “rp is supposed to be fun!” excuse,

Who is it supposed to be fun for? If it’s supposed to be fun, and that’s your excuse for not including diverse characters, what does that mean? Is RP only supposed to be fun for cis het white people? 

“RP is supposed to be an escape!" 

Is it an escape from a diverse world, then? Are you escaping to a world where cis het White people are the dominant force and POC are put on the back burner? Because last time I checked, that’s a lot like the real world. And if this is your escape, why do you want to escape to a world where POC and other groups aren’t properly represented? 

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how it is for people who have a good relationship with their family. Like… is it normal that they tell you they love you? That they tell you they are proud of you? That they encourage you? That they give you the feeling that you can always come and talk to them about anything no matter what?

Let’s say, theoretically, there is an amazing au fic for your otp that first got published almost two months ago. Now, when the fic was published the author indicated that the entire fic would, theoretically, be three chapters long. That’s fine because you know the author, and you know the fic will be well thought out, with fleshed out characters and ridiculously hot smut.

So when the first chapter comes out and leaves you panting for more, that’s ok because, theoretically, the next chapter won’t be too far behind. Then, lo and behold, part two follows part one pretty damn closely and holy shit did it deliver on the hotness while breaking your heart because damn you can feel the characters’ pain even if they won’t admit it themselves.

Then you wait, and you wait, and you wait, until (theoretically, of course) a month goes by and part three is posted. But instead of being the final reward for your patience, you find out that the fic will actually be four parts instead of three. Well, that’s ok because, again, the author is awesome and you kinda don’t want to let go of this story yet. But then you actually read part three, and holy shit did it kick you in the balls (again, theoretically because your anatomy does not actually include testicles), and now the wait starts again.

And so you wait, and you wait, and you wait. Now, theoretically, some of you are patient and leave the author alone, after all fanfic is free, authors have real lives and real jobs, you can’t always predict when the muse will strike or when they will have time to create, and that’s ok and perfectly legitimate, and you’re happy to wait on the author. Then, theoretically, there are those of you who will drop an ask or message the author to find out if the next part will be coming, being mindful that things happen and there is no rush, you’re just curious that’s all. But then, there are those of you who, theoretically, spam the author with messages and asks because jfc how could you leave us hanging like that, it’s cruel and inhumane and the author made your heart cry and you need your otp to be happy and why can’t they be happy already???

So, theoretically speaking, @this-too-too-sullied-flesh if I were to say that I fall somewhere in between the first type of reader and the third, and I now you have a lot of real life family and work things going on, would it be ok for me ask, beg and/or plead for part four of… crap, what the hell was the name of your fic again? It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten it…