Ok. So I read some things about crying, cause I was confused about why I cry so much while watching Youtubers. And, basically, “tears are produced in response to any strong emotion you may experience from stress, pleasure, anger, sadness and suffering to physical pain”. Basically, ANY strong emotion can cause you to cry because of the chemical imbalance in your brain. This is why I cry when I see my favs thank us, or cry, or talk about how much we have helped them, and even sometimes when they are just playing games.  Because these people mean so much to me, yes, they make me smile, they also make me cry. Which is just as powerful.

I started writing a Simon-Klav friendship thing but then stopped because I have zero motivation but idk it would involve a sad and drunk klav and Simon having to take care of him and Klav wondering why everyone he loves leaves or hates him and thinks that he looks too much like Kristoph and cuts off his hair and Simon ends up calling Apollo to yell at him to actually call Klavier and if he doesn’t he will personally fly to Khura’in just to punch him in the throat.

I have no idea I’m kind of in a weird mood and was like “let’s make klav sad and shit too because that man def has so much to be sad about.”

Also it would involve simon bridal-style carrying him at some point

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So I rewatched "Zuko Alone" and I was thinking "what if to save her son, she killed the Fire Lord, granting her husband's wish and in exchange she saved Zuko, since he was going to be executed by the Fire Lord as punishment for Ozai speaking out agaisnt Iroh? I googled it, and BANG I WAS RIGHT! This makes me happy since I figured it out on my own. It only took 10 years, but eventually I got it.

Well done Anon! That was extremely accurate hahaha xD 

10 years… pshh, no big deal :P but I’m seriously impressed :)

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Although you could have just googled it first and saved yourself 10 years of 

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… I’m sorry … I had to xD

i’m afraid of being ‘too much’ for people. i think that’s why i’m so closed off and find it hard to open up about my feelings, especially when it comes to relationships. the last boy i dated couldn’t handle my love. i was too much for him. too emotional. too attached. too affectionate. the more love i gave, the more he pushed me away. eventually he broke up with me. i was too much of a burden. i am so deathly afraid of being ‘too much’ again. i don’t want to let someone in only for them to realize they can’t handle me in my entirety. i refuse to shrink myself down. i just hope that one day i find someone who thinks my capacity to love is a blessing and not a curse.

I used to be a cynical romantic and now I’m just cynical. I used to believe in happy ever afters and love and honestly, all I see in the world lately in hate, malice, infidelity etc. I’m tired. Everything around me make me not want to try. I don’t trust anyone. I flinch when guys raise their voice bc of my ex. I just hate what’s happened to me.

tfw you spend hours on an edit and it looks like crap and you decide to post it anyway but then every time it gets a note you cringe because you don’t understand how people can like such a crappy edit so you end up deleting but now you kinda regret or maybe you don’t and idk what’s the point of this post just that i’m very unsatisfied with my skills or maybe my version of the movie is not as hq as i thought and i feel sad cuz i really wanted to gif that scene

I just had an…. interesting thought that I’ve never really had for some reason

Who would I be today if The Trauma never happened

I mean really. who would I be

How different would I be

I honestly. cannot even begin to imagine what kind of person I would be, bc it’s just. it feels like it is me, if there’s any sense of identity I have that isn’t via fictional characters and coping mechanisms, then it’s just The Trauma

And it sounds so horrible to say but. it really does feel like it’s the one thing that defines me as me

So I have absolutely no clue who I would have been

Maybe there’s an alternate universe out there where I was asb co president and probably dated gracie, or I learned to play piano and happily played in choir, or I was on yearbook staff and got to take photos of everything, or I was just able to sit in class and hear and learn without being in defense mode 24/7, or I participated in after school activities, or I became a cheerleader in high school just like I said I would

Who knows

Maybe that alternate universe only exists in the daydreams I used to cope

But they’re all such vivid daydreams that I’m certain, they probably happened in a different timeline somehow

Starter I guess

A hat appears upside down in Contrasts’ universe. This is a strange hat, though. It seems to be an ordinary top hat but NO! Blitz grabs the brim of the hat and pulls himself out of it. He has arrived.
He grabs his hat and put it back on and then Lois at his surroundings.
“What is this? I wanted to land in Contrasts’ house! Not out here in the snow! Bad hat!”
He whacks his hat causing to balance off this head precariously. So he walks up to Contrasts house and knocks once before yelling
Pip cringes