One thing I hate about being chronically ill is that I have problems judging whether other illnesses are the Right Kind™ of sick to go to the hospital or if I’m just being over-dramatic.


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I read Howl’s Moving Castle again and I made a list of all of the things Sophie calls Howl and here they are

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A wicked man

Only a child in his twenties, for all his wickedness

This overdressed boy

Young man

A slitherer-outer

Thoroughly self-centered

Fickle, careless, selfish, and hysterical

A mess

Not only heartless, [but] impossible

Quite impossible

Poor Howl


Bull, stop. Please.

“Is it blood magic? The necromancy thing,” Bull clarifies, leaning against a tree as he watches Dorian feed his mount with his bare hands, without somehow losing a finger in the process. The dracolisk’s red and blue scales glimmer in the ungodly early, first tentative glimmer of morning sun as it slurps noisily between each bloodied strip of meat. “That why you won’t use it or tell anyone about it?”

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okay but look i can’t get over satoshi and serena watching over onbat in the beginning of the episode they look like proud parents i’m having a fit like

“oh man…it feels like only yesterday that he was just a baby in my arms…”

“hey, make sure you’re back in time for dinner! don’t bring home anyone i wouldn’t date! have fun!”

“k dad, bye!”



“…They grow up so fast…”

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three time premier league manager of the month mauricio pochettino screaming as he nutmegs a 20 year old


Let Your arms enfold us

Through the dark of night

Will Your angels hold us

Till we see the light?