Funeral wear and my cousins messy counter. I did good that day, they thanked me for really lifting the spirits of our family on such a sad day, of course we will still be sad but I know you will live on through all of us because you changed us and taught each and every one of us something. I love you. I miss you. I’m sorry I didn’t know.

Keep going. It’s a simple sentence but it’s hard to do. If you love something keep doing it. If you want to achieve something, keep aiming for it. The more you put your mind your goal the better. I know there will be some random obstacles but it’s a part of life and makes the out come oh so much better. Stay Strong <3 My inbox is always open :)


Uhm. Hey Tumblr, and followers..

I thought I’d tell you a little bit about myself, and after having a not-so-great day, I decided to sorta tell my tale so far in my life.

My name Is Jessica Latty, I am seventeen years old, I grew up London, and I’ve been suicidal for the past six years of my life.

I have had weight issues most of my life, just four years ago I weighed nearly 485 pounds, with little to no care on where my life would go with the idea of dying before I turned the age of twenty. 

I’ve been teased due to who and what I like, such as hobbies, or even my sexual preference. Just because I was Pansexual, people would call me a fag, gay, and what have you. People hit me when I was in Catholic school even.

I was raped at the age of twelve by my sister’s father, which is my mother’s ex-husband, and I fell down the deep hole of depression, going in and out with therapy and having to take classes due to my social anxiety.

I am cyber bullied, mentally bullied and physically bullied on almost a daily basis, in and out of school. I have mostly internet friends, and even a long distance relationship that I’ve had for nearly a year now, happily I may add.

I was always that quiet kid in class, the one that doodled in her notebook because no one would sit next to her at lunch, or talk to her in class, the one that would get pushed into lockers, and be harassed by anyone she gave a smile to.

I have been cutting since I was thirteen, and during my depression I have lost an enormous amount of weight, as I know weigh one 195 pounds, I try to step out of my shell now, I have been trying for the past year now. 

But even if people don’t quite like me, even if I’m the outcast, I know not to let people get under my skin. I know I am better then those people, I know that getting this far, and dealing with so many things in my life has made me a stronger person, and that’s why I’ll always be there for people. I will always be here for those whom have experienced something in their life that is making them feel like utter shit. 

You don’t have to read all of this… But people need to know. 

That there AREother people just like them, that there are people here to help. I didn’t have that person to talk to, I never have. But I want to help… Even if It’s a little. <3 

Thank you for your time… 

I love you. Each one of you.

Just letting everybody know, in case it wasn’t already here, if you’re ever struggling with an issue or freaking out over something or just need someone to hear you out, please don’t hesitate to send me a message. My inbox is always open and I’m always around to listen and give advice, if that’s what you need. I’m great at advice on relationships and friendships, parental/family issues, self esteem and body positivity problems, and also makeup advice, if that’s ever needed! 😂

I’ve been in the position where all I needed was someone to talk to and all my friends were just too close to the situation. I ended up keeping it all bottled up inside and that’s definitely not healthy. I care about all of you and if all you need is a small portion of my time to help you and your mental state, I’d do it in a heartbeat with a smile on my face.

Just keep that in mind if you ever find yourself in a pickle ❤️ love you, babies!

I don’t speak on things I don’t know about, but my inbox is here for anyone feeling anything in terms of the lovely Leelah. I can listen and relate as well as I can. I can be that ear if you need it. I can encourage you in as may ways possible.

I stand in solidarity with the trans community during this hard loss.

And as I said, I’m here to listen, not to speak, not to speak over you, to listen to you, to let you vent. My inbox is open. My inbox will always be open.

I can’t begin to fathom the pain you are feeling but just as people stood with the black community during Ferguson and Trayvon and Eric Garner, I will be here for the trans community during their hard time.

The hardest part about seeing someone so strong is seeing them become so weak. For whatever you are fighting for keep on fighting. You will get through this I promise. There may be some bumps along the way, but at the end there will be a beautiful rainbow. Just keep on pushing through. I know you can do it. You are going to make it out so much stronger in the end. I believe in you.

I’m here to listen.

Tumblr has made me feel soooooo welcome :) I’m so damn grateful to you all!

If anyone is feeling sad or upset about anything, don’t ever hesitate to contact me. If you don’t feel comfortable talking, you can still message me on anon and I’d do my best to be there for you…

I’m here to listen to you, and be there for you in anyway I can.

I hope you wonderful amazing people out there know that :)

I want all of my followers to know that i am always here, idc if we have never met in real life, idc if we barley know each other, i am always here. I have thought about cutting and i still somewhat kinda do, i’m fighting though, i’m working hard to get the thoughts out of my head. I have friends and family who are helping me and i am glad and grateful.    

Just cause you feel unwanted or unloved doesn’t mean you are. Because there is at least one person out there in this world that loves you to the moon and back and wants you in there life. I just want to put that out there and if there’s anyone that need someone to talk to my ask box is always open and i’m always willing to listen. ♥♥♥♥

So I’ve just officially had the best week ever. I’ve been smiling non-stop. Like honestly my face is going to be stuck like this but I’m just so happy sOMEONE HOLD ME I HOPE IT STAYS LIKE THIS FOREVER

How was your week you lovley angels?? Tell me I would love to hear!

If you couldn’t tell I very much liked mine.