So many amazing things happening in this chapter and all I come away with is that given Komi’s shoulder width I was right and he’s The Buff™

Anyone else regretting their life choices right now?

Like, why did I choose to watch that suggested youtube clip? And why did I start watching emmerdale full time? And why did I fall in love with Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden? Why did i get this invested in such a tortured couple? And why did I let myself believe it would all turn out ok?

I’m not ok. Will I ever be? Unlikely.

so apparently someone made a survey of favourite destiel fic authors (that someone being @unforth-ninawaters​), and somehow i’m ranked as 5th favourite????!?! thaNK YOU people who put my name down????? my mother is gonna be thrilled (and then ask why i’m not #1)

on another note, i’ve spent the last two days of my life painting my room purple after literally 8 years (and i mean literally, not figuratively, or exaggeratively), trying get my health up enough that i could paint a hecking wall. it. is. done. THE WALLS ARE PURPLE


AND DEAR GOD I AM EXHAUSTED IT’S 3AM everything hurts i’m dying i need to sleep

k bye

links to all 65 of my destiel fics on ao3, because of reasons

some favourites:

and my newest fic (which i’m changing the summary for right now because nobody knows what it’s meant to be):

Life tends to get extremely busy, and when I post starter calls, they end up getting buried and I feel horrible about it! So I’m bringing back a [ new ] permanent starter call! Basically, if you like this post — you are wanting my muse and I to : 

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so i tried to translate this page of vio’s book from the four swords manga with the help of hyrule historia, and i think this is what i’ve got:


i can’t find anything to translate it fully to english, and i can’t read japanese, so could anyone maybe complete it? keep in mind that i have no idea where the spaces would be!! @lavendershadows found “ りどのぱわのみなもとでも ” for the first line, but we’ve got nothing past that.

Hey guys, I’m looking for a few opinions on something r.e. the protagonists of my third book!

I’m currently in the first draft editing stages of my third book. It is a dual narration YA contemporary: one narrator is a Muslim hijabi, and the other is a trans boy. I am white, non-religious, and cis.

I’ve researched so far by watching a load of YouTubers and reading own voices novels (plus the usual google research haha). However, I want to take this further now and talk to some Muslim gals and trans masc peeps.

Would it be okay for me to write a survey? I’d love to get an array of opinions from a number of people, as obviously I know experiences of being Muslim and being trans can differ extremely. I’d include some general questions, nothing too specific or complex, just to invite people to chat to me about their experiences! (Obviously I completely understand no one has the obligation to educate me about anything. This would be entirely voluntary, no pressure, no obligation whatsoever. Only if you want to share some thoughts and experiences!)

I want to make sure I get this right. My book isn’t about being Muslim or being trans, but, they are big parts of my narrators, and so I need to make sure I’m educated.

Lemme know if surveys would be a terrible idea. I’m not sure how else to get lots of different opinions. I don’t want to just start pestering people I don’t know with my white cis questions!!!

(P.S. I am definitely considering hiring sensitivity readers, but my book really is not at the stage of completion right now where it can be read by anyone apart from me/my editor/my agent hahaha)

Some words of clarification, if you will allow me.

The reason I came up with words like “neuronarrative” is because I see a need for such word. It’s that simple.

I see that right now on the Internet “maladaptive daydreaming” has two pretty different meanings, and the phrase is used interchangeably with no explanation in many different communities.

It’s like you have two groups of people. First is people who love drinking alcohol on the weekends or holidays, enjoy it in moderation, like talking about it and creating new cocktail recipes and so on. And second is people who struggle with alcohol addiction, feel like their drinking is out of control and wish they could quit it. And both groups use exactly the same terminology!

As you can guess, it creates a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. You have some people who talk about how much they love their daydreaming and how it helps them in everyday life and who think it is the most wonderful thing in the world, and you have others who haven’t left their house for three days because they couldn’t stop daydreaming or who lost friends because of their daydreaming addiction. Both exist alongside in one community and call their experience maladaptive daydreaming.

I think it’s not fair to either of them. Those who think daydreaming is a positive force in their life need spaces to enthuse about it and share their stories and feel like they are not weird or wrong. Those who think it is a negative force need spaces to complain about it and seek help and discuss their problems and not feel like their issues are diminished. And accurate terminology can help separate them and better articulate their thoughts and explain their experience and reduce the misunderstanding and conflict.

So that’s why I came up with “neuronarrative” to describe unusual and intense daydreaming that isn’t seriously harmful to the person experiencing it, and wrote an article to explain the difference (http://autisticworlds.tumblr.com/post/153905673680/new-terms-and-explanations). I’m not saying you absolutely have to use my word, but I do think we will need separate terminology at some point.

But essentially it’s up to you which words to use. The community is new and diverse. There are no rules. Do what makes you comfortable. It’s your choice. I wanna call my experience neuronarrative. You can make up your own word, or use other words - reclaim them, change their meaning, adapt them for your use.

All I want is less confusion and confrontation and a better community where people’s needs will be met and where they can feel safe and welcomed. But I’m just one person. It’s up to you, every single individual in the community, to choose what to do and create a place that is good for you. And I’ll try my best to help you.

Fanfic Follower Fiesta!!!

*kicks stuff around* *shuffles blank notecards* *adjusts non-existent tie*

Attention all ya’ relentless Raúligans & fantastic fanfic readers! *slides thumbs under invisible suspenders* We got some biiiiiiiiiiiiig things goin’ on around here…

@seekret-fanfic & I wanted to do a little somethin’ special for our favorite followers (guess what, ;) dat’s all'a you guys ) for making our time here in Tumblr land so terrific and worthwhile! So, since it’s because of you readers that we’re even here and excited to be shellin’ out stories- we wanted to let YOU join us in our collaboration celebration!

While @seekret-fanfic and I take care of the writing; we want YOU to help us decide where our story goes! Each chapter, we’ll trade off as author, and at the end of every installment- there will be a prompt requiring feedback from the most brilliant minds out there… Our readers!!

At the end of each chapter, there will be a question or open forum: Whether we need suggestions, would like a vote on which choice a character makes like a choose-your-path a or b, or have other ideas we need from you depends on where our story goes… Our story by YOU, our radical and ever-loving readers. After a set period of time to gather feedback, we’ll take these prompts and incorporate them in our fic.

We are both SO VERY EXCITED to see where this takes our writing- and we are absolutely ecstatic to include you all in our follower-fiesta. We would love for you to join us in this party; and are so very grateful for everyone’s already humbling support so far in our Tumblr writing journeys…

Which, with no further hesitation (or shameless complimenting because c'mon… We really think you guys are the bee’s knees…): WHO SHOULD OUR STORY BE ABOUT? we’ve whittled it down to 2 of our favorite fic subjects… The sassy and suave ADA RAFAEL BARBA, or the always charming and charismatic DR. FREDERICK CHILTON. Send in your votes via comments or commentary in reblogs, and we’ll gather them all up and announce the winner! Also: we’d LOVE to hear all your suggestions for favorite TROPES and STORY SCENARIOS while we work on concreting a better base for our upcoming Raúl-tastic masterpiece!

But for real… thank ya’ll for being so dang wonderful *drags toes along the ground*, ya really know how to make our days bright and our writing flourish.

- signed, with all our love!

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HAHAHA OKAY, GOTTA SMILE THROUGH THE SHYNESS. So I’ve been tagged by so many beautiful people to do the bias/selfie baby glo up tag or some variation of a selfie tag in general, SO I WAITED THIS WHOLE TIME FOR AROHA SELCA/ANNIVERSARY DAY. Thank you so much to @glowingjinjin @minpuppi @mystic-astro-trash @tinytaeil @minnyhyuk and @kimyugym for tagging me! (Hope I didn’t leave anyone out oops) You guys are all so freaking pretty and cute!!

ANYWAY, Jinjin’s ‘baby’ pic is just pre-debut Jinjin but it makes me laugh whenever I look at it so YEAH. And just look at Jinjin and I being rats together because why not. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I won’t tag anyone here since it’s already AROHA selca day (: But can I just say that AROHA are all so beautiful and adorable and omg I love you all. HAPPY ASTRO AND AROHA SELCA DAY!

People I know from high school and undergrad are starting to Do Things. A few are C-list celebrities and a couple are getting picked up by like, McSweeney’s and it’s hard to look at them and not feel like I’m somehow stagnant, when I know that I’m doing the best I can.

Sorry for posting this here but I'm scared

So uh
By any chance
Is there an animal that sounds like a female voice coughing
Because I think there’s somebody outside my house and I’m scared I’m hiding locked in my room but what if they aren’t outside anymore fuck