INFPs have such a deep compacity for ❤~love~❤️, and 💖~caring~💖, and 

B U R N I N G   H A T R E D

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Bucky, I'm guessing you fly a lot to missions and stuff and I have a 23 hour flight to New Zealand coming up. Any advice on how to not die of boredom?

1. sleep. 

2. sleep

3. read a book

4. read the briefing you were supplied with before takeoff, or you might ACCIDENTALLY CAPTURE THE WRONG BASE CLINT

5. bother the people sitting near you by singing dirty lyrics to songs they know and love, thereby ruining them forever

6. sleep

7. no matter how bored you get, DO NOT JUMP OUT OF THE PLANE

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
  • Boruto: I don't wanna be anything like my dad!
  • Boruto: *is exactly like his dad* *I will not let people die* *fight me Uchiha!* *Pranks!*
  • Sarada: I don't wanna be like Papa, I wanna be like Lord 7th.
  • Sarada: *tries to leave village* *master of shuriken* *acts completely like Sasuke when around Boruto in the series* *Uchiha vs. Uzumaki Rivalry*
  • Mitsuki: I guess I'm a lot like my parent. *Pretty accurate so far* *please don't blow up the village*

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How do you think Harry comforted Ginny after fred died? Ginny was a lot like the twins than any of her brothers so I'm guessing she was a lot closer to the twins as well, Fred's death was a real blow :/ I just can't get over it

I think they talked…. All night

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You probably get asked this a lot but... do you have a prediction of when Hellbent will be finished? I'm just curious about which month but if you had to make a guess I'm sure a lot of people would be greatful to hear it (sorry if I'm just being a bother) :)

Yes we do! Our goal is currently set for the fall of this year but it’s unlikely we’ll make this official until we’ve reached certain milestones! We’ll keep you guys in loop every step of the way!

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Interesting the Dan exclusive didn't spread much... We were upset by it at the time and all. Makes me think the industry and media were aware it wasn't the exact truth... But now the telegraph has already written about it. And I'm guessing it will spread a lot! Very interesting. I think there were negotiations still going on. Maybe that's even why the release date was set to so far away... And it explains why RCA never said anything. And why media also didn't report much on it

Definitely explains RCA’s silence.

You’ve heard of …

Coca Cola’s attempt to sell more soda by slapping random names on the bottle

Now get ready for…

Mentos awkwardly trying to teach people how to be friends (and make utter fools out of themselves in public)

*~SIGNS From the Universe~*

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So Michael said that Jackoff betrayed him because he wanted Sara. Michael would never talk about Sara to him so I'm guessing he did a lot of stalking? It makes his "your face is amazing" speech in that earlier episode even creepier. Gosh. I hate him.

yes, let’s talk about jacob.

because i have some things to say about this situation, and how fucking scary the whole thing really is.

jacob is not only a manipulative piece of shit, but his creepy ass has been assaulting sara for the past seven years, as well as attempting to destroy a family so he could have some sort of misery / fatal attraction love with sara and her son.

and let me tell you, he does not love her.  he does not love mike.  he thinks he does, but i’ve had enough personal experiences and seen enough svu to know that his ass should be read his rights by olivia benson and locked up for the rest of his life.

so we know that this manipulation began before mike was even born, because michael got a call from him after they were exonerated, asking him to work for him or else…and michael immediately was like, “no way, i’m not working for you.”  and jacob threw sara in jail to prove his point.

and i ask, would someone that loved you risk your life like that to prove a point?  no.  would someone that has some sort of stalker-ish infatuation with someone do that?  yes.

so then he hangs sara’s life and the life of sara and michael’s baby over michael’s head so he’ll fake his death and cut off all contact with his family under the guise of working for him, when really, this guy was just trying to get michael out of the picture so he could make his move on sara.

like how fucking creepy.  he literally blackmailed someone’s husband to fake their death so he could marry their wife.  THAT IS SO FUCKING CREEPY.

so now, because he’s stalked the shit out of sara and thinks he’s eliminated michael from the picture, he knows exactly what to say and how to say it to get her to trust him, to love him, to marry him.

he is literally having sex and marrying a woman whose husband he’s gotten rid of, and is blatantly lying to her about it, claiming it was all for love.

so he finally gets what he wants, sara’s with him now, so he sets up michael, has him thrown in prison to die, and pretends to live a happy life with sara and mike, thwarting all efforts by michael to get in touch by throwing away his origami into the drain.

but here’s how we know for sure that it’s not love, and he’s just a psychotic, manipulative, rapist by fraud…

when, as michael says, sara stops playing the game and takes off the mask, jacob immediately kidnaps her son, the boy he claims to love, so that sara will continue to stay with him, and he can love her, twisting the situation to place the blame on sara, convinced that everything he’s ever done has been for love, and that he’s a good guy and why can’t she just let michael go and love him like she should?

which just makes you go back and think about everything he’s said about her…how her face is amazing, well sure, because that’s the first and only thing he knew about her when he probably started stalking her.  how of course michael fell in love with her, how could he not?  of course, he’s talking about himself, because how could he not fall in love with her?  placing the blame for all of this on her, because he just couldn’t help himself, she was just so beautiful and smart and funny, she was asking for it.


and that was what was truly scary about the whole situation.  because that really happens.  maybe not the whole manipulate your husband into faking his death shit, but this idea of a man wanting a woman, a woman he’s never actually met, so badly that he’s willing to manipulate the situation to get what he wants, her feelings be damned.  he acted like a nice guy, the perfect guy, and then as soon as she did something he didn’t care for, as soon she figured out his act, made a choice based on the truth, he flipped the switch, placed the blame on her, and is  now emotionally manipulating her still to comply with him or else…all the while still operating under the impression that he’s doing this because he loves her…and let me tell you, i have no doubt it’ll also turn physical, and he’ll be like, “look what you made me do.”

and this is probably why heather bugged me so damn much, because sara came to her, asked for help, told her what was happening, and she basically used the, “but he seems so nice, he loves you,” excuse when she has no idea what’s going on behind closed doors.  basically, talked her right back to the abuser.

jacob is the kind of monster that’s rooted in the real world.

and that’s scary as hell.

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How anyone in their right mind could look at this weekend and say that Cole and Lili aren't clearly in love with each other is beyond me. I don't understand why people DON'T want this to be reality (when it clearly is). I am so happy for the two of them! They're gorgeous together! Also, I appreciate the breadcrumbs, but I feel like one doesn't even have to dig that far to see that they are together. I'm guessing a lot of the deniers are very young / haven't had much experience.

Well I agree, but once it became apparent to me they were a couple I was just in love with the entire thing. They’re completely adorable!!!

I think it’s maybe young, fetishizing, and frankly, taking on the jealousy the rest of the cast directs and expanding on that….(which I’m now gonna hijack your ask a little over because it all popped into my head just now):

I think there’s this perception of “not fair” directed at Lili and, even more so, Cole, because they beautiful, rich, intelligent and talented (all without being remotely obnoxious with and from two very self effacing, down to earth people)….of course this ignores that they’re also very diligent and, in Cole’s case, there’s a lot of external pain that made him rich.

Which is why Crabmeat’s “special snowflake” comment was so disgusting, yesterday…..firstly, Cole was even kinda playing it off, “I have that whole dark child star background….” when she interrupted and dismissed it, in an attempt to get the attention back on her lame ass.

And beeyooottcchhh…..while your Mommy was paying out the nose to ensure your ass was princess of Miss Trixie’s Academy of Ballet, Tap and Baton Twirling (because even there, I’m sure you weren’t the best dancer, cause we’ve all seen you) and got the center spot—-Cole was fucking supporting his family while his entire childhood was robbed from him, something that he’s only recently come to terms with.

And he still wound up a way better, more humble human being than you did, Crayzilla, so maybe you should take notes and shut it instead.

Sorry, she just really pissed me off

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I'm guessing you get this a lot but can I just say your blog might be my new favourite of all time, I have an exam on Macbeth tomorrow and my revision just got 10 times more enjoyable after discovering this blog

Good luck!

Sorry for the late replies. Tumblr mobile doesn’t actually show me new asks.

wtf tumblr

>goes to work on a dog request
>starts to draw
>realize that this is not a dog in the slightest

It’s been like two years since I last attempted a good portrait like this, but I’ve been wanting to draw one like this for like two weeks now.  I’d love to do more if I get a chance, Gabriel is surprisingly relaxing to draw.

Imagine Person A being surprised when people say that they didn’t know that they and Person B were dating.