The Prince and Me, Part 2

A/N: So I said it’ll be a 2-parter, but well, it’ll be 3. This part is 9k so again apologies for all of your eyes. And once again this is for goldcaught for her birthday in a few days!

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Klaus wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting when he was brought to the hospital room. The advisors who’d met him at the airport had tried to talk up Elijah’s chances while at the same time going over bits and pieces of what he needed to do–after all, the country would be looking to him for leadership in these next few weeks…possibly longer. He had tried to listen to them, but his priority was on getting to the hospital to see Elijah for himself and to talk to his mother. Esther Mikaelson was a loving mother, wanting the best for her children, and she always told them the truth, no matter how young they might be.

Elijah had never looked so helpless.

It wasn’t right, seeing him with various tubes, surrounded by different machines monitoring his health. He barely looked alive, his skin not quite the right color, his hair falling in ways that wouldn’t adhere to Elijah’s standards. Maybe it was the florescent lights of the room, coating everything with a distinct shine that screamed hospital. Or maybe it was the mood, the doctors and nurses somber as they moved in and out of the room, noting vitals or murmuring something to Esther. She sat at her son’s side, book in her lap that she was reading quietly from.

Klaus remained in the doorway, not quite wanting to interrupt the scenes. He smiled briefly as he listened to her read, remembering the story from his childhood. It had been one of Elijah’s favorites.

She must have sensed him, she always seemed to have a knack for that with any of her children, because the book was set aside and she was walking toward him seconds later, pulling him into a tight embrace. His family wasn’t one for hugging, not once they passed what qualified for childhood. Henrik was the only one who still bothered with it, not quite having passed the age where it was frowned upon.

Klaus hugged her back though, feeling that she needed the comfort, knowing that he did as well. “How is he doing?” he asked as they pulled away from one another, both of them turning to look at Elijah.

He didn’t like seeing his brother like this, didn’t want this to be the way Elijah would be remembered if he didn’t…no. Klaus couldn’t think of it like that. His brother would pull through no matter what the diagnosis might be. Elijah was strong, stubborn like the rest of his siblings. Too stubborn to die.

“Broken ribs, broken leg, but it’s the swelling of his brain that has them worried,” Esther informed him as she headed back to sit down beside Elijah. “They’ve been working to keep it down but he hasn’t woken and they don’t know how he’ll be once he does.”

Klaus nodded as he headed over to the bed, placing a hand on his brother’s shoulder. Elijah felt so weak to his touch, the vulnerability shining through as though he was infinitely more breakable than before. “What do you need me to do?”

“I’m sure the advisers have already gone over quite a bit with you on your ride from the airport. They’ll get you through the next few days. You don’t need to worry about talking to the press yet. Jenna is dealing with all reporters,” Esther murmured as she looked at Elijah before glancing up at Klaus. “Though you have to know that it won’t take them long to find out the girl’s name. The one they caught you with in the library.” Disappointment coated her tone but Klaus ignored that.

“I need to send someone out there to help her deal with the paparazzi.” He couldn’t leave Caroline to those wolves. He knew she was stressed enough with her worry for him and finals; she didn’t need to deal with the vultures trying to bang down her door at all hours.

“I’m sure it’ll all blow over in a few days with you being here now,” Esther replied with a wave of her hand, dismissing the idea.

“Considering Caroline will be flying out here next week I doubt that,” Klaus murmured as he looked over at his mother, noting her shock at that information. He’d never brought any girl back with him to the country, never had them meeting his family if he could help it.

“I hardly think now is the best time for that,” Esther started, nodding toward Elijah. They already knew there would be one funeral for Finn and Mikael and with waiting for Elijah to swing one way or another, she didn’t see how having his current dalliance around would be appropriate. But Klaus shook his head.

“I need her here,” Klaus sighed and looked back at Elijah. 

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Like I know I’m going on about Nathan a lot tonight but I get angry and upset with some of the comments about him, because when so many people who have schizophrenia or bipolar are labeled as being “psychotic” and “scary” it’s sad to see a character be treated the same and it’s stuff like this that just add to the negative stigma surrounding mental illnesses and disorders like that

Ofc I’m not disregarding the stuff he’s done, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be sympathised with, and I know I’m probably seeing him from an empathetic perspective since I study psychology and am a youth worker and see everyone as actual people rather than “psychotic monsters”. Mental illnesses and disorders are hard to live with and its time people stopped insulting and using slurs towards people who show “unpleasant” symptoms- they need support, not to be outcast and hated.

I feel like fic writers who say sweet drinks (eg juice) mask the taste of alcohol have no idea how non-drinkers experience either ‘sweet’ or 'alcohol’.

I’m so tired but I don’t want to sleep yet because I’d rather continue talking with Riam: the novel


“A sister they had, Galadriel, most beautiful of all the house of Finwë; her hair was lit with gold as though it had caught in a mesh the radiance of Laurelin.”

crypticquestion asked:

Maybe Alex Hirsch as Mayor Dewey? I mean he did play a really old version of himself as mayor of gravity falls and there is that one ep in SU (political power) were mayor Dewey keeps things from the public and it all falls to chaos (that's kind what's happening to the GF fandom right now)

on a side note to my suggestion of Alex Hirsch being Mayor Dewey I believe it would be hilarious and also completely plausible to see Alex driving around in a van that has a giant version of his head on top that chants “Mayor Hirsch”

I know I took Forever to do this but bless you for this idea, it’s So Good,

fic rec!!!

a list of 30+ well known and not so well known fics conveniently arranged into categories like au’s, ou’s, fluff, smut, and heart breakingly amazing. 

in honor of 1daaw, here’s a few of my favorite fics on 1dff (and tumblr too)! they’re mostly harry but there are a couple love triangles and a few others in it too to satisfy all your 1d needs so check it out because everything on here is absolutely amazing! enjoy!!

now hold on tight because this is going to be a bumpy ride full of feels 

xx jo

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