I officially declare my mom the captain of Team Delusional...

Like seriously, she doesn’t even watch the show and she is positive that Beth is coming back.

So, she watched the show over my shoulder last night, asking questions here and there. At the end of the episode, she asked me what I thought of how tptb will work Beth back in and I told her my Scavengers theory.

She looked at me like I had grown horns and told me I was crazy. And then she says this, and I quote:

"She’s gotta be with someone. Like someone finds her."

Then I tell her about Morgan and how he has shown up so far in season five, with the mask and long coat on. And this is what she tells me.

"Here’s what I think. You say this Morgan wears a black mask and a tan coat? I think that in the last few minutes of the finale, you are going to see that. You are going to see someone running, with the mask and the coat on and you are going to think it’s Morgan. But then the person will stop and take off the mask and it will be Beth. She will have her gnarly scars and the gash on the side of her head from being shot and she will look right into the camera with this extremely pissed off look and then it will end right there."

Okay, so the first thing I did after my mother said this was hug her.

This works actually. It’s also a great freak out for the audience because everyone is waiting for Morgan. So we will see this figure, far away of course so we won’t be able to tell if it’s a woman’s build or not. And we will think, okay, it’s Morgan. But as this person gets closer to the camera, the hood comes off and all this blonde hair comes billowing down her back. And then the mask comes off. Or maybe the mask comes off first and then the hood. I dunno.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that we ARE NOT DELUSIONAL. A non viewer believes that Beth is alive so she is. Lmao. But so true. We are on the right track and we are coming up on the outside. Not long until we are home.


I’ve wanted to draw the Outsider as an evil figure for a while now (I could just draw him forever to be honest). So thanks to thesuitedthing for the wendigo idea! I decided to make a simple gif, unfortunately it’s not as HD as the individual pieces so I included them as well, you can also fullview them here. Inspired by this song.

so I found the thing from september 2013 I never finished bc my tablet refused to work and this is still better than 90% of the stuff I draw now ahahah rip
look at that flower it’s fab
and now compare it with the flower crown buttler in the corner of my blog


“A sister they had, Galadriel, most beautiful of all the house of Finwë; her hair was lit with gold as though it had caught in a mesh the radiance of Laurelin.”


chanyeol on star golden bell lunar new year special~~


here come the horns // an eclectic mixture of songs that beautifully feature some kind of horn instrument!

Irresistible Fall Out Boy / Same Old Song and Dance Aerosmith / Midnight City M83 / Beekeeper’s Daughter The All-American Rejects / Winter Winds Mumford & Sons / Hump de Bump Red Hot Chili Peppers / Heart Out The 1975 / The Distance Cake / Little Talks Of Monsters and Men / Dude (Looks Like a Lady) Aerosmith / Houdini Foster the People / Sarah Smiles Panic! At the Disco / Safe and Sound Capital Cities

oh my god i have a job meeting for a big videogame/boardgame company this tuesday i’m so anxious if i fail this one i’m gonna be so disappointed it would be SUCH an opportunity. please guys if you have ANY advices (especially if you’re in the graphism/artistic business) i beg you to give them it would help me so much because irl meetings aren’t my forte at all