You ain’t getting off that easy, Sanji!! You really think that’s gonna be enough to get rid of me?! Stop fooling around!! You of all people should know better! I’m gonna be right here waiting for you!!! And I’m not budging from this spot until you return!! If you don’t come back soon, I will starve myself to death!! You’re the cook on my ship!! I’m only going to eat the food you make!! You must definitely come back to us… Sanji!! Without you, I won’t… I CAN’T BECOME THE PIRATE KING!!!!!

God I feel like I say that a LOT but HEYYY sorry for the absence again. I’m gonna say, life has been going up and down with stuff and me trying to deal with two jobs and school all at once.
I finally handed in my thesis, and I’ll have to wait until I get the results before I properly come back to tumblr because I haven’t been in a good mindset for writing. Thing is, it’s pretty stressful when uni sends you an official letter basically saying it’s do or die concerning my thesis: either it’s accepted and I obtain my master’s degree, or it’s declined and I am kicked out of the program regardless of my past grades. Because that’s how stuff works apparently.
So yeah once I get my results the stress will hopefully drop down a notch and I’ll be able to relax and write again qvq I’ll keep y'all informed! Thanks for sticking with me qvq