when you get dumped but you’re still confident as fuck because at the end of the day it’s his loss not mine

this is… literally how normal bands work? 

i’m just saying that we’ve been complaining about the boys being overworked so much and having to work through illnesses and throwing up on stage (which shouldn’t happen in the first place)  and that now seems to be changing. and the reason it doesn’t sit right with us is because it’s different and we’re used to them never stopping and being overworked that when these things happen (which they do), it’s freaked us out because we’re not used to it either. 

they can’t perform with three people, it wouldn’t work. they could get away with four when there was five of them (obviously) but three people - i don’t think they’d want to do it. especially considering the rumours that are flying around about break ups, imagine the scene it would cause if only three of them performed? 

he could have easily had a 24 hour stomach bug or something, had some meds and is okay now. and they had to rearrange an entirely different game to reschedule which would take a lot of effort and time so it’s not surprise they’ve only figured out the details now. it’s not like they could be up all night trying to sort this out because most of the people they needed to actually speak to were probably asleep and office hours aren’t until 9am typically. 

just… try not to worry, try not to freak out about it. ignore the rumours because they’re performing tonight and it’s sure to be a blast! 

  • Me: *tries to write*
  • Me: *writes two paragraphs*
  • Me: fRICK
  • Me: *goes back to watching cartoons*

I had way too much fun with that little sentence… So much fun that this is the most work i’ve done on a comic (took like 3 or 4 days because it is now 4 AM) (now all I have to do is figure out a comic with Hermes)

Maybe I’ll make a bonus with Hermes u.u, I can’t let this comic die just yet- white haired Apollo is great

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Somebody slap me. One day I’ll finish these.

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