This was sent to me off anon by @cahfein (who, for all the concerned anons out there, is definitely not an anti):

I’ve sent u this before but idk if u ever read it! My dad is somehow important in the peruvian media, and he knows a lot of ppl. One of them is [redacted], who worked for him and is now one of the owners of [redacted], the production company who brought 1D to Lima, Peru. She tried to give me and my sisters back stage passes but she couldn’t make it bc my dad asked for them too late, but anyways!! She comes to my house regularly, and one month after the concert i was dying to talk to her. So she came, and i asked if the boys were sweet and humble and stuff, and i didnt want to intrude and ask about h&l but she kept talking and told me that she was surprised bc they only had to make 4 dressing rooms, bc 2 of the guys shared one. And I was literally jumping in my seat and sort of told her about larry, and she was like OH! that makes sence, i though they were best friends but now that u tell me, it’s kind of weird for best friends to tease each other by calling them sugar plum or sweet cheeks. AND I STARTED HYPERVENTILATING and we talked some more about what they liked to do before the shows and that, but yeah💗 just wanted to tell u that! 

personal writing psa: i’ve decided to publish under the pen name Keaton St. James!

much love and thanks to everyone who sent me a suggestion, and a special shoutout to @makeyounervous and @questionabledivinity for sending me James-y ones. :) as always, I dearly appreciate the support that all you guys give my writing! have a wonderful day  xxx

<HOWLIN’> for that unrequited massive crush that consumes your whole soul (listen

thinking about you - radiohead / howlin’ for you - the black keys / girlfriend - nsync / this fire - franz ferdinand / do i wanna know - arctic monkeys / cliff’s edge - hayley kiyoko / closer - tegan and sara / sex (the 1975 cover) - lauren aquilina / supermassive black hole - muse / take me out - franz ferdinand / dancing on my own - robyn / you’re the one that i want - lo-fang / i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys / moi j’ai confiance - philémon cimon / in a manner of speaking - nouvelle vague / falling in love at a coffee shop - landon pigg

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sometimes i wonder how a writer would describe me if i were a character in a book: "That classmate you always bump into at the library, and is always seemingly shy, but you still remember that one time you looked over her shoulder and saw her book report notes are in fact scribbled furiously in all caps, and it's actually kind of amazing."


Good morning, noon, and night!

If you couldn’t tell from the title, hi! Recently, two days ago, I think, over 100 of you followed me. There are 123 of you lovely people who decided what I share and make is important enough to be on your dashboard. Most of you came in with one of three very popular Miraculous Ladybug posts I’ve made, the most recent being about Papapillon’s birthday.

I just wanted to say, “Hi.” I am the Princess of Harte. I am a novice YouTuber. I admin on a multi-fandom Facebook page. I write fanfictions. I edit my sister’s fanfictions and OCs. I sometimes take her OCs and write about them and it’s considered canon in her eyes. I am an overwhelmed IB student. And, as of a couple weeks ago, I am the only admin on the Miraculous Ladybug Wikia (the other people are either bureaucrats or editors).

I am a reader, a writer, and a girl who is currently terrified over the deaths of millions of bees.

I am the Princess of Harte, and I just wanted to say, “Hi.”

I wish I had autistic friend especially in school so I could just point to some of the assumptions in papers we read and be like “?????” and know that they can relate