McHanzo Week 2016, Day 2 - Domestic Life
I wanted to draw them painting each other the walls in their new house (does this count?)¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tbh I don’t really like how it turned out but I still want to post something every day of The Week™, so here it goes, I guess

Addict With A Pen (Layered)
  • Addict With A Pen (Layered)
  • twenty one pilots

I’m shaking what did I just make

I get bored and mess around in Garage Band [part 3/?]

use headphones

stay street

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demyx from kingdom hearts

     Mission? What mission? The musical inspired nobody knew nothing about no mission, not a thing as focused hands traversed the neck of the blue instrument that went by the name of Arpeggio. Ginger. Light. A tune ever so soft adrift in the air from strings pricked ever so carefully, solemn and with the occasional ring of a chord that didn’t quite match, forcing the musician to reposition tan fingers on pale strings and, more rarely, re-tune so that the produced sound struck one befitting of the song.

     Yeah. A much more efficient way to spend his time today, if he didn’t say so himself.

     Such precision was placed into the melody that Demyx hadn’t noticed the arrival of another until the tap, tap, tap of approaching footsteps were all to close, shattering the bubble of concentration in one fell swoop and shooting a sudden rush of fear (or something of a similar nature. “No hearts. No emotions,” right?) up the sitarist’s spine, causing the male to leap out of his seat with what was a cross between a squeal and a yelp.

     “A-ah, X-faaa– Saïx! I swear I was just on my way out to do that thing-a-ma-thing you said to do and- oh!” Only now did he turn from to look at just who had entered. The resulting sigh that followed came in a loud whoosh of breath, a hand flying to his chest in such relief that one would think he’d escaped a run in with death itself.

     Short, slate colored bangs, no giant “X” criss-crossing the face. Those were not the markings of the man he was out to avoid (y'know, because he was slacking), and thus prompted a more casual and laid back greeting than was initially given. Once his breathing was back under his control, that is. “Ahh, heya Zexion! What'cha doing way out here? Aren’t ya s'pose to be… uh… uh…”on a mission. Collecting hearts. Like him. Like he’d thought everybody else was out doing as well as one of the many reasons why he’d stuck around the castle to get in a little practice. Had he been wrong? Perhaps he should have actually checked before coming up with this brilliant plan. Thoroughly, anyways.

     When he realized that that was where his train of thought was headed he trailed off into silence. Shuffled the beloved sitar into an upright position, out of the slanted angle it’d fallen into when he had hastily discarded it against the sofa’s arm rest. Cleared the passage of his throat, and raised those cyan orbs of his to look at the other man, eyes bright and the nervousness that was hinted in the smile he wore visible in them alone.

Erron Black misses Earthrealm sometimes ...

Erron Black: If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go hit the hay.
Kotal Kahn: What hay? Do we have hay in this part of Outworld?
Reptile: Hitting hay? What good will that do?
Ferra: Why Bang Bang hit hay when he go shoot-shoot all time?
Ermac: We do not think that is very fair to the hay.
D’Vorah: This One suggests taking out your frustrations on something with more substance.
Erron Black: *goes off to cry in a corner*


LaF so rarely emotes.  But then they’re faced with the thought of Perry gone, lost, dead.  This person that is precious to them.  It obliterates the rational scientist and there’s just LaF left bereft, wondering if their friend–who was so clearly going through something horrible–might also never be coming back. There is murder and grief and fear and a million things in their face. And that smile. LaF’s smiles appear so rarely, and their face at the end morphs from despair to such a darkly gleeful smile.  

Annie and Kaitlyn, y’all blew this out of the water.  Shivers and tears.  I’m gonna have to find out how to gild a UbyKotex to make a new award for acting achievement.  

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I was gonna send you a compliment a day but like I thought that might get annoying so I figured I'd at least mention something beforehand. (Also bless those little scenes of you and Changgu they are adorable and your reactions are even cuter how is that possible.) 💕

No oh my goodness that… that’s such a wonderful idea?? THAT’S NEVER ANNOYING THAT’S JUST… You’re so nice imma go cry a little *sobs in a corner* 

(And I know oh my gosh god bless that wonderful anon)

so i was thinking of an au where steve and tony love each other and should be together but there’s always something keeping them apart and so they’re forced to just accept the fact that maybe they aren’t meant to be together in this lifetime and then i realized i could get exactly that just by reading comics 

So I watched (Like three times already) my favorite trash movie of my young teen years Heaven and Earth could not stop me from imagining an AU where a younger Shepard and Garrus meet during the First Contact and fall for each other with dancing. 

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