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Hello! I wanted to tell you what in incredible artist you are and that your work is such an inspiration to me !! Especially your human Tamatoa. Ever since I watched Moana I was OBSESSED; your crab boy is HUSBAND MATERIAL - I saw some of your recents and thought FUCK IM SHOOK I can't express enough how beautiful it all is <3<3<3

~ Listen, dear Anon : This message is exactly what I needed after a long day at work, all those words are giving me LIFE !! ♥ Thanks soooo much for this, It reminds me that everytime I would feel down about my art or anything, in addition to my friends support, I’d still can check the tag I put on messages like this one, and it’ll always cheers me up.  //HUGS// ♥ EVERY SINGLE WORD OF YOURS IS SO PRECIOUS ??? I can’t express how happy I am either. Thanks so much for this ♥ ( And “Husband material” QSFLDgmfhoho this killed me )


So I was on this internet archive site and I looked up the old Lazytown website and discovered all of these cute character descriptions and I thought I’d share
(I will never get over the fact that Bessie was supposed to be Sportacus’ mom, or that Stingy was originally supposed to be the youngest of the group)