Wonder Woman is getting a movie. Wonder Woman is getting an epic origin story. Wonder Woman is the main character in a massive blockbuster and she’s not going to be sidelined, shoved into a secondary position, or going to made to look like she’s weak or less than a male. She’s not going to put in a box, labeled romantic interest for no reason than to make her seem more feminine. The male in the story is secondary to her, and will never be made primary over her. Wonder Woman is directed by a woman, made to resonate with women, and not to be objectified by men. Fucking Wonder Woman is happening, and it’s amazing

That’s Oliver’s hood attached to her suit and no one can convince me otherwise. *sobs*

She was the last to fight, the last who managed to honor the dead by fighting for the longest time. She was in pain every day when thinking of all she had lost and yet she kept fighting, because Star City was the home she made with her friends and loved ones. And she was fighting until her time ran out. Mask or not. Dream world or Doom world. Reality or not. Felicity Smoak is a hero.


Can we all universally as a fandom agree that if JD had lived and he and Roni figured things out and got married someday that he would start to cry everytime someone would refer to Roni as “Mrs. Veronica Dean” because that was his mom’s name (theoretically) and he loves both of these women … Omfg. And that’s why he calls her Roni instead of Veronica bc he can’t say that name without thinking of his mom in that explosion