The huge problem with trying to claim hydra aren’t nazi is you take the teeth out of them.

Steve was created as a power fantasy for jewish people, to punch nazis and be powerful and amazing, hell he’s the first superhero that has a reason for being white bread.

He’s tall, powerful, white, blonde blue eyed catholic boy. Hes everything nazis wanted but he’s fighting against them, he’s their ideal used as a weapon again them.

when you turn hydra into “just an evil organization” you take that away, you’re actively taking steve away from jewish people.

fucking stop it


“But like a full service date? With a three course dinner, movies and a sleepover? And a dessert?”
“You need to define what do you mean by dessert…”
“Okay, with dessert.”

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“Yeah, but nothing is still on Earth. Everything’s always changing, leaves, cities, even Jersey changes. My dad says the rest stops used to be pretty gross, but now they have sushi. This isn’t the same world that held you prisoner, not anymore, and I know it doesn’t feel like home but maybe that can change, too. I know you can’t go back to Homeworld, but if you stay here, it will be your choice to stay here.” - Steven Quartz Universe

i dreamed about you last night. we sat on a couch overlooking the city. i said, “i’m scared of this whole thing breaking,” and you looked at me with those eyes that hold forests in them and said, “i have control, don’t worry,” and i said, “i’m falling,” and you said, “i’ll catch you. i’m ready.”

i want to hand all of my fears over to you in your small beautiful fingers so you can break them to pieces. the first time you looked directly at me, i forgot how to breathe. it was a good thing.

out here in the real world, it is raining and you’re not around to taste it. out here in the real world, i drown every time you’re in his arms. out here in the real world, pretty girls with faces like fairies don’t crawl into bed with the likes of me. i want to sign over my soul and body. out here in the real world, you’d drop me.

i want to tell you all my secrets. i want to tell you all my stories. i want to tell you i’m falling.

please let me down gently.

My first impression of Lightning Returns is that Hope is Navi and everything is brown.

I’m an angel with a shotgun, fighting ‘til the war’s won; I don’t care if heaven won’t take me back. (x)

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Have I ever mentioned that Lily/James is one of my biggest ships ever? The Marauders era is probably the time period I’m most fascinated with. I barely do anything Harry Potter related, but I’m going to try to do more in the future :)


“ We’re moving on. But just because we’re leaving, and that hurts, there are some people who are so much a part of us they’ll be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground. Our north star. And the small clear voices in our hearts that will be with us. Always. “

In a dark, windowless room.
  • Mashima:Huh? What is this? Where am I?
  • Me:Good morning sensei, I'm glad you're awake.
  • Mashima:Why am I tied to a chair? Could you please untie me? I'm begging you!
  • Me:Sure, no problem, you just gotta promise me something first.
  • Mashima:Well if there's anything I can do to repay you then sure.
  • Me:Well I need you to make my ships canon as soon as possible, starting with NaLu and Gruvia, and then maybe Jerza and Gajevy.
  • Mashima:I... I'm very sorry, but I can't do that.
  • Me:Well yeah, sure, not right away, you'll need to start building it now so maybe in 30-40 chapters or so they can confess their...
  • Mashima:That is not what I meant.
  • Me:What do you mean?
  • Mashima:I'm very sorry, but I can't tell you, it will ruin the tension.
  • Me:Tell me right now! Otherwise I won't let you see daylight ever again.
  • Mashima:Well... you leave me no choice then. You might not be ready to hear this now, but Natsu will end up with Lisanna, his childhood sweetheart.
  • Me:What?! That can't be! She's hardly relevant anymore, she and Natsu barely interact!
  • Mashima:Well that's a technique I've been using to take the fans by surprise.
  • Me:But... Lucy! She'll be heartbroken!
  • Mashima:Lucy is actually part celestial spirit, she's bound to join her friends and end up with Loke.
  • Me:You can't do this to me! What about the rest of my ships? Gruvia will be canon, right?!
  • Mashima:Well, Jellal ends up dying, like Sieghart in Rave, and Erza starts developing feelings for Gray, which he accepts in the end. Juvia on her turn, finally returns Lyon's love for her.
  • Me:No! My Gruvia! Jerza!
  • Mashima:And Levy uses a forbidden magic, turning her to stone. Gajeel dedicates his life to reverse the spell, swearing to never love another woman ever again.
  • Me:Why must you do this to me?!
  • Mashima:It's for your own good. All the couples I presented so far were deceptions, shallow stereotypes perceived by society. My goal is to educate the fans, teach them of the true meaning of friendship and love.
  • Me:So me loving my ships has been wrong all along?
  • Mashima:Yes, that's right.
  • Me:No, that can't be true! Natsu and Lucy are precious cinnamon rolls, I must protect them. Their feelings for each others are true.
  • Mashima:You must open your eyes to the truth.
  • Me:No! You lie to me! I can feel it! Why?! Why are you saying that?! Haven't we been faithful to you sensei?!
  • Mashima:.... You're right, I lied to you, that's not the reason I do all that.
  • Me:Then why?!
  • Mashima:It's because... I enjoy trolling you.
  • Me:You what?
  • Mashima:Your tears are delicious. I cannot make a couple canon before I thoroughly maximized my satisfaction from tantalizing the fans.
  • Me:You leave me no choice.
  • Mashima:Oh please, what could you possibly do? You can hardly survive a week without a chapter, you'll have to eventually let me go.
  • Me:You're right, but before that, you'll know terror.
  • Mashima:You... You'll regret that! I'll post a chapter with an Ichiya x Erza color cover!
  • Me:Oh, it's worse than that, far worse than a horde of yaoi fangirls.
  • Mashima:No! What could be worse than never ending demands of Gratsu and Stingue?!
  • Me:I'm releasing... the delusional crack shippers!
  • Mashima:No! Anything but that! Bixanna makes no sense! And Jura x Flare was a joke! Plus Lyon and Meredy never even talked to... argh! Stop them! Make it stop!!!

you know what would be an amazing cosplay for a star wars con though

a group of girls cosplaying as Padme and her handmaidens, except the person dressed as ‘Padme’ keeps changing throughout the day, slightly confusing everyone who repeatedly runs into the group.

Something about the circus stirs their souls, and they ache for is when it is absent. They seek each other out, these people of such specific like mind. They tell of how they found the circus, how those first few steps were like magic. Like stepping into a fairy tale under a curtain of stars. x