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I have a question about the violation of a PR relationship contract if you are up for it. With regards to financial repercussions, how would the injured party go about collecting on that? If “A” violated the contract but refuses to make good with “B”, how does “B” collect? The courts were my first thought, but wouldn’t that expose “B”s involvement in the contract as well, and wouldn’t that damage “B”s image as well as “A”s? (1/2)

Or are contract relationships just so common and accepted in the entertainment industry that no one would care about “B”s involvement, and only “A” would look bad for breaching a contract? If this doesn’t make sense then I am sorry. It all makes sense in my head. (2/2)

Your question makes perfect sense! I’ve wondered the same exact thing many times. In case you’re new to my blog, I should re-clarify that I used to work in events (in the interest of privacy I cannot disclose which ones), not celebrity PR. My interactions with celebrities and their publicists/managers were limited to when they would attend my events. I’ve never been involved with a contract relationship all the way through, but as far as I’ve seen, there’s never been a time when a contract didn’t end either the way it was supposed to or through careful (albeit tense) negotiation if/when problems would arise. Yes, sometimes by the end of the process the two sides of the couple probably hated each other a lot, but it has never gotten to the point where each side didn’t just do what they needed to, to move on.

I honestly have no clue how “B” would seek their rightful monetary restitution if “A” refused to pay up. Just like you mentioned, taking it to court would be a big gamble because something might leak to the GP and also make “B” look bad. As we all know, image is important. I think in many ways this translates to neither side wanting to piss the other off so badly that somebody ends up going down in flames because of the threat of a pseudo-smear campaign in the media. In that sense, it ends up being less “Here’s your money, as we agreed,” and more “Look, I’ll pay you X amount if you’ll stop telling interviewers I cheated on you.” Also, a bigger fear of breaching a contract is the Hollywood politics involved, which keeps both parties in line (“I have contacts that you might want to work with in the future, so you don’t want to burn this bridge”).

Thanks for the really good question! I’m sorry my answer was almost a non-answer, but I genuinely have no idea what would happen if someone flat-out refused to pay and the other side was adamant that they do pay, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen it get to that point.

Not many people celebrate puberty, but anyways today I am officially one year on T!!!

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‘They made it to a low wooded hill by nightfall, some distance north. Not a Titan in sight. The gold dappled trees rustled furtively in the wind, whispers crawling on the back of his neck. Antoine shuddered; those trees would mask the sound of approaching danger, he knew it in his bones. With a huff of breath, he reached up and hauled Marlowe off the horse, staggering, nearly collapsing under his weight before settling him awkwardly onto the ground and tucking the ends of his cloak around his shivering body. He tried not to look at the makeshift bandage he’d made on the field, already soaked through. A bird screeched, exploding out of the leaves. 

 It would be cold tonight, and they would need to move on after dark.  He needed to be quick.


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Also, I couldn’t fit the storyline I had in mind into just one part, so the draft got divided into two parts haha. Maybe it’ll even end up being three, who knows?