UNDER THE CUT are 130 icons of Rachel Berry from season 5, episode 17 ‘Opening Night’. All are 150x150, and all have been made by me. (Thank you for your patience while I made these, I promise next week should hopefully be much quicker!) 

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charlie x hannah office au

Every morning before work, Charlie drops by the cafe where her friend Cas works for two lattes: one for herself, and one for the ridiculously cute and hardworking secretary in her department who she does not have a crush on, Cas! But really, between the lattes, the stolen glances, and the private smiles, who else could Charlie fall in love with?

APPLICATION | #psychonautssecretsanta2016

Hello! Welcome to the 2016 Secret Santa for The Most Excellent Game Psychonauts! With Rhombus of Ruin right around the corner and Psychonauts 2 in development, I decided to boost the festivities by hosting a Secret Santa!

For those unaware, a Secret Santa is where the participants fill out the application found above containing what they want for the holidays among other questions. Their list is assigned to another Secret Santa participant based on the answers provided.


-Applications are open from December 1st to December 8th. You have one week to fill out the application, and if you want to make any changes to an application already submitted, please send me a note.

-On December 9th and 10th, I will hand out the assignments to the participants.

-From December 24th to December 28th, your gifts are due. 

-In the event of someone dropping out/being unable to finish/personal circumstances, new Secret Santas will be assigned based on provided answers, and those gifts will be due by January 4th to January 7th. If they finish earlier, that’s great, too!


-You are required to fulfill ONE of the presents listed. You do not have to fulfill everything on the list. You may choose which present you want to make. If you choose to do more than one, than that is your decision.

-Adult/child pairings are not allowed whatsoever. If you put in an adult/child pairing, I will completely disregard your application.

-If you are making a video/edit, PLEASE ask permission to use any fanart and provide a list of sourced artwork showing permission was granted. Credit where credit is due!

-Please use the tag “psychonautssecretsanta2016″ when uploading your gift! It’s a good way to keep everything connected, and all the participants can see your hard work!

-Please have your asks/submissions open so I can contact you with your Secret Santa participant. If you are uncomfortable with having your asks/submissions on, please contact me so we can have everything settled.

-If you want to contact the person you are making a gift for, you can go on anonymous (if turned on) to ask them or you may ask me to relay a message to your assigned person, and I will get back to you. (As a note, I do have finals for the next two weeks and will be done on Dec 16th).

-If you do not receive a gift by December 29th, please let me know in an ask. I will inquire about the status of your gift. If I do not hear back from them or something has happened, I will assign a new Secret Santa to your list.

-If you are unable to complete your present, and I totally understand because the holidays are a busy time among other personal circumstances. please let me know so I may assign a Secret Santa to your participant.

That’s all! If you have any questions, please let me know!

anonymous asked:

Yeah I'm with that anon!! The girl talked so much how nice and down to earth Louis was. We should focus on that! And Louis didnt even leave with any of them. They were legit fans and they arent hiding that hahaha

Yes that’s right! As I said… He’s now out clubbing again in places where fans will take pics and we’re seeing that he’s out clubbing. If he wasn’t meant to be seen he’d have gone to a VIP no phones club.

That’s about it IMO. Who knows what it will /mean/ down the track.. I just found it cute lottie was there and she was clubbing with her bro 😍