happy whatever-holiday-you’re-celebrating, everyone! this page fought with me the entire time it was being made from backgrounds to sketches even to dialogue, so please excuse any wonkiness. the next one’s gonna be a bit more of a doozy, and very soon, we will be OUT OF THE LIVING ROOM. get hype.

as i said before, there will be NO UPDATE NEXT WEEK, on account of the new year, so this is the very last update of 2016! i’m going to try to get a little extra together for everyone anyway, though, and of course i’ll still be streaming art! see you soon!

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the-delta-42  asked:

Im planning on doing a Female Obi-Wan custom figure but I don't know what figure to use as a base, one part of me says Bastila Shan another says a different figure but I don't know who. Could you help me?

Do you mean like a model figure? Like the Black Series from Hasbro? Or do you mean a model as in the 3D models of KOTOR and SWTOR?

If you’re going for a physical model, I don’t know if the black series has a Bastila Shan to work from. There is an Ahsoka but then you would have to deal with her montrals and that might damage the face up. I’m sure there are Rey figures you could work from, assuming you can do something about her extra fabric tails. Honestly, I’m not well versed in Star Wars toys and figure collectables other than wanting to purchase all the Obi-Wans and Anakins because I am a Trashheap with specific tastes. XD

Now if you’re trying to work from an existing 3D model build, Bastila would probably work given that there are older models from KOTOR to work from. She would probably have the right physical structure and proportions to replicate a Female Obi-Wan.

And if you’re just building a new character in SWTOR I would imagine the sky is the limit with their character creation. I have a mac so I’ve never been able to play SWTOR (which is probably a good thing all things considered) but I would imagine they’ve come a long way in character creation.

I hope that helped! I’m not much of a three dimensional artist. Most of my talents lie in the two dimensional plane. I’m really looking forward to what you come up with though! Thanks for the great ask and good luck with whatever you create!


tiny yamaguchi: a manifesto

tfw you’re 23, still in school, still living at home cuz even though you work almost 40 a week you still wouldn’t be able to afford a studio apt where you live, only interact with coworkers because no one hits you up / ignored you for so long you’re done trying, and your Mom takes your physical / mental exhaustion and depression as attitude and just makes things worse, and you need a haircut 

Relatable post right here 

“You are no one’s subject,”

I love Rhysand more than life itself.


with the unibrow and punibrow songs already, ANOTHER eyebrow song would be overkill.