What if we had battery life on our wrists?

Like, you think, “I’ll watch just one more episode,”  but then you look at your wrist and you’re at 4% battery and you’ve only got ten minutes left before you pass out, so instead you get a snack/drink something/go to bed.

Or you’re in school and you show your teacher your wrist and apologize in advance, but you’re going to fall asleep in their class and they can’t do a thing about it. (Then they give you a snack or something to keep you awake - for now.)

Or you’re desperately trying to get home but you keep almost nodding off, so you pull off on the side of the road to take a nap because there’s no food for temporary charge or something.

People bring little snacks and drinks with them anywhere. Energy drinks are one of the most important products ever made, and it’s such a lucrative business it’s like a black market thing. They’re as good as recharging as sleep, and in some areas, people kill to get their hands on them. You could, technically, stay awake forever with enough of them.

And then when you get older, your battery gets less and less efficient until you don’t have enough power to stay awake longer for a few minutes, and so you’re considered ‘dead’ because you sleep all the time to try and recharge.

It’s definitely like real-life exhaustion, but there’s a time and number to put to it.