Back in my old Deviantart Days™, I used to have an OC called Kobas who is a snake/dragon hybrid type thing. He was just original enough imo to make him unique but without verging into Sparkledog territory (even though I love the occasional Sparkledog). Also he’s a giant uncoordinated goober who really likes sweet tea and almonds. 

I also just wanted an excuse to draw him again so here we are.

i really want to record a rendition of tracyislanddeckchair‘s brilliant If John Tracy Were Phil Collins lyrics, but coughing all week has left me with a hole in the middle of my vocal register. grumble grumble grumble.

i’m sitting down for the first time since 9am this morning and my feet are killing me….

Not to be completely wanky, but… I need to wank a little about this: 

The problem with celebrities being on social media is that EVERYONE sees your posts. That means there’s going to be a lot of scrutiny. That means that if you have no filters and don’t use a PR person to professionally filter what you post, you may end up sticking your foot in your mouth. Here’s what doesn’t work: 

  • you claim to be friends with a colleague, who is in fact much better friends with your partner
  • you join a series that they already work together on and have been paired romantically in fanwork for at least four years already
  • you then publicly state an inability to differentiate between the fictional pairing and the RPF pairing
  • you also publicly state an opposition to fanwork and the right of fanartists and fanfic authors to post their work in public fora, such at the internet
  • you complain publicly about the fandom in general - later “taking it back” with overblown statements about how great fangirls are, mistakenly assuming that all fans are female or teenagers and missing the overall point yet again
  • after having said all this about hating the fictional ship between your partner’s character and that of his colleague, your apparent “friend”, you post an incredibly vile post about the likelihood of your partner being his colleague’s best man. You later awkwardly retract it and semi-apologise, though never directly to the colleague (at least not publicly) 
  • though being a constant presence on your chosen form of social media, and despite having made posts such as the above, and despite having made dozens upon dozens of cutesy posts about how tight you, your partner, and the colleague are during filming, you conveniently neglect to congratulate said colleague on any of the following: his engagement, his marriage, the birth of his child, his Emmy, his Oscar nomination… or anything else, for that matter
  • and just as a cherry on the sundae, you tweet that you’re going to see him play the title character of arguably the most famous play in the English language with arguably the best English language theatrical company in the world, and although your partner is quoted in several places commenting on how good his colleague’s performance was, you are notably silent after the performance. 

All that? Does not work. I know people have been talking about the apparent “rift” between these two actors. I’m not naming names because I don’t any of this to be google-able, etc, but we all know who we’re talking about here. I would argue that first, all of the above does not add up to friendship. That’s not the way a friend behaves. It’s not loving or kind. The evidence just doesn’t support there being a real friendship there at all, and no, I don’t think this has anything to do with the colleague’s new wife. This started long before that. I think it has everything to do with not being able to tell the difference between the fictional ship (JL) and the equally fictional RPF ship (FB), and a resentment for either pairing that stems from some sort of weird insecurity that people shipping either of these things will prove to be a real threat against her own relationship. Which is ridiculous. I think that the apparent rift has everything to do with this. I give you setlock from the special as exhibit B for all this: they (the partner and his colleague) were literally never spotted together on their own as long as she was on set. If all three of them were photographed, she was right next to her partner (unless she was walking near the colleague, projecting their apparent “friendship” to the world) while the colleague sat a little removed from both of them. The instant she was off the set, they were seen laughing and talking together again. I think this is all something that her partner is doing to help quell rumours. I think it’s nothing more than that. He’s avoiding being photographed near his colleague so that people don’t talk, for the sake of his relationship with his partner and her finer feelings on the entire subject. 

That’s my gut feeling about all that. Sorry for the long post but I’ve been bothered by this for a long time and had to get it off my chest. 


Bamon Week 2015 | Day Three: I’m not out of nicknames for you yet.

What do I love about Bonnie and Damon, gosh the list is endless. This season gave more visual to what we already knew about them as a pairing for the audience that had a hard time understanding them as a pairing.

I love that with Damon I can always count on Bonnie showing more of her characterization than the “amen and thank you” she shows her friends and everyone. I can count on her to voice her anger, her pain, her thoughts and now her joy. Literally with Damon I start seeing a full character again, the one that they shoved in a box way too early.

I mean look at the 5 episodes they spent together at the beginning you saw more of Bonnie shining through than she has the last 4 seasons. She was alive.

Damon, Damon a bashful Damon, a 5 year old Damon, annoying Damon( which is normal lmao), playful Damon. There are so many things that this show has failed to show us regarding these two characters instead we are shown the most one dimensional side of them.

I love that whenever they come together, we get to see them flourish as characters, we get to see them grow to be expressive. I wish it was with all the other characters too but albeit I can’t have nice things but the fact that I’m allowed that with each other is great.

Like when was the last time someone took his one chance away from something and he just pats them on the back and walks away? Or Bonnie standing up to say fuck you and this is about me. 

Their banters, 6 seasons in and they still manage to make each and every single one of them unique, the way they feed of each others energy (thank you Kat and Ian) in a such a great way that makes their scenes intense even the playful parts because they still sticks to you. Like I said the list is endless. I love their good and their bad.

Sometimes you need to be reminded….

That what you make isn’t naturally bad.

It saddens me when I see some of you people
talking about how your art isn’t good,
or how your writing isn’t good,
or how anything you seem to do is good, 

Because you keep looking at other people 
And comparing their creations to yours. 

But see that one little note right up there?
That will eventually grow to

and then to

before going to 

And sometimes even higher! 

And remember, 
There’s ALWAYS room for improvement!!

You’ll always get better!!