Kim Taehyung is ruining my life!!!!!! And what am I doing???? Letting him!!!!

So yesterday i was playing Pokemon go for my dad (he likes to drive while I catch Pokemon and battle for him) and around 3am I pass out and hit my head on the ground. Instead of taking me straight to the ER or getting me any medical help he continues to keep playing. He’s team valor

I’m alone for the first time in a very long time. Five days. Just me and my dog. This is gonna be fine. Both of us are very anxious and sad about the situation, but we’re gonna be okay. 


I can do this.

when i think about all this shitstorm and how unaffected i am, i realise that i  probably wouldn’t have reacted the same way two or three years ago and that i really did develop a thick skin since then. i’m proud of myself

Top 15 Kpop Songs

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I don’t really have a reason for most of the song’s.

The first 5 are interchangeable

1. Growing Pains - Super Junior D&E

2. Toy - Block B

3. Night And Day - Wheesung

4. Kontrol - Sunggyu - This is my go to song when i’m sad or upset I could listen to it for weeks.

5. Flower - Xia/Junsu

6. Without You - NCT U

7. Last Romeo - Infinite

8. Blossom Tears - Lyn & Leo

9. Borders - Amber

10. Left Out - Legend - Just something about the vocals in this song really gets me.

11. Soldier - Taemin - It’s hard for me to explain my love for this song because I don’t really understand it. Taemin is my ultimate bias and I love his voice but for some reason everything about this song makes me remember my dad so it’s a really special song to me.

12. Just Another Girl - Jaejoong

13. Heartless - U-Kiss

14. Teenager - Jung Joon Young

15. U R So Cute - 24K - Everything about this song just makes me really happy.

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I’m sorry to be the one to inform you of this but….. Clarke Griffin is the best character ever, of all time, ever created, ever invented, ever born. All others pale in comparison. That is all

I’m the pettiest bitch
You ever did see,
And in 3 years time you’ll finally
Be worth nothing to me.

You see I may take long to hurt
And act like I’m ok.
But it just isn’t fair,
That I was just your game to play.

I cared too much and expected too little
And you did the opposite.
Left me here alone
With my heart pick pocketed.

I’m not one to judge, or care, or fuss
But know one thing.
You got down on one knee
And even pulled out a ring.

For I can move on.
Forgive and forget.
But you have to live
With what’s in your heart, regret.

You know I changed you,
And made you a better person.
But you were quick to ignore,
When you saw things worsen.

Passion slowly crumbling,
Falling to the floor.
Always left me wanting
Just a little bit more.

At last you cut the ties,
You left me there for good.
Did you even look back
When you ran as fast as you could?

Nothing is forgotten,
It never really is.
And when someone wants my heart,
I’ll shrug and say “It’s his”.

And throughout all this,
My words of hurt and anguish.
I’ve got just one thing left to say
Before from my mind you are banished.

I’m the pettiest bitch
You ever did see.
And in 3 years time you still
Won’t be worth anything to me.

Since the new season of D.Gray-Man has started, I’ve decided to finally catch up with the tomes of the manga I hadn’t read yet. I just finished tome 21.

I may or may not jump off a cliff soon.