Hyun Suk-ie is important, but so is my own life.

I just had a horrible thought, what if Dean and Cas do get together but then Cas leaves forever to give Claire back her father?  

Could you guys imagine, all those years of pining and love, finally admitting it, and then Cas, realizing, like Hannah, that humanity is for humans, decides he has to give Jimmy back his life?  And as Dean holds him, one last time, he wisps out to dissipate into the atmosphere, and he opens his eyes and whispers, “Dean?”

But it’s not Cas.


This is my final outcome for one unit of GCSE Art - the theme was ‘identity’ so I went the old star signs route and created a Pisces-inspired dress. Many, many hours and ~80 aluminium cans! I wanted to share it because it took such a long time to finish, and it’s my birthday today so it’s a fitting time to post it given the theme!

7/19/16 me: I have finally put my full emo days behind me. I’m an indie music connoisseur.

MCR: *releases video and new logo*

7/20/16 me: it’s probably just 10th anniversary of The Black Parade no reason to freak out

Also 7/20/16 me smudging my eyeliner: they never broke up they just disbanded for a period of time