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SEKAI: things you said with no space between us

sehun presses his shoulder against jongin’s, leaning into him as they watched the credits roll on tv. surprisingly, they were the only two who decided to stay home on one of their rare days off, opting to marathon transformers instead of heading out with chanyeol and baekhyun for pizza. they sit in silence, waiting for the other to get up and skip to the next movie they had queued up. sehun’s pretty sure he has to get off jongin so that he can move to press next but he doesn’t really want to move because he was so comfortable and the other boy was warm. and he figures that this was a good time to finally tell jongin about his feelings (sehun grimaces because that sounded so corny in his head. ‘feelings’ urgh) because if things didn’t work out, he could lock himself in the bathroom or just run out of the house. he really hoped that things would work out.

he turns to face jongin after telling himself that he was ready, waited for him to look back before speaking. “i like you.”

jongin blinks, momentarily taken aback by the sudden confession. “i like you too.”

“no, i like like you. as more than a friend,” sehun pokes into jongin’s side with a finger, lips turned down into a frown. he shouldn’t had said anything today, he was so dumb. now things were going to be weird between jongin and him.

jongin chuckles, grabbing hold of sehun’s hands and lacing his fingers with his. “i know. i like you too, as more than a friend.”

SEKAIthings you said that i wish you hadn’t

“did you think i wouldn’t find out?”

jongin glances up from his book, brows furrowed in confusion. “what are you talking about?”

“you know what i’m talking about,” sehun huffed, narrowing his eyes at the boy sitting on his bed. “you and kyungsoo-hyung. i’m not blind, i can see how you are around him, i can see how different he treats you from the rest of us.”

“you’re being stupid. kyungsoo-hyung and i are just friends,” cautiously, jongin sets his book down beside him, sliding off the bed. he probably shouldn’t get too close to sehun when he was angry, sehun probably didn’t want him getting close but he didn’t care. sehun was being stupid, stupid because he should know that jongin would never hurt him. not like this, not ever. sehun has to see that.

sehun grimaces, taking a step back for every step jongin makes towards him. liar liar liar, he’s heard what kyungsoo’s said to chanyeol about jongin. he’s heard every word and he knows that jongin’s not just his anymore. he knows that jongin deserves someone better than the whiny childish brat that he was. “you know what, you can do whatever you want. i don’t care. i don’t love you, so i don’t care.”

SEKAIthings you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

“it’s an act, hyung. there’s nothing going on between jongin and me,” sehun shrugs, propping himself against the table, while junmyeon stands with his arms crossed. his face is expressionless, voice calm as he continues. “it’s for the cameras and the fans. you know how much they stuff like that.” jongin wonders if sehun knows he was there, one step out of his sight, right behind the wall that separates the kitchen and the walkway to their rooms.

their leader visibly relaxes at sehun’s words, reaching up to ruffle at the younger man’s hair and telling him that he understands and that he’s sorry for interrupting sehun’s trip to their room. sehun shrugs once more, face still empty of any emotion apart from possible boredom. as he hears footsteps approaching, jongin turns away and locks himself into the closest room (jongdae’s and yixing’s, he doubts they would mind).

in the silence, he pushes aside the ache in his chest and tries to put himself back together. he should have known that they were nothing but another form of entertainment, even from the very beginning. jongin had always found it unsettling how sehun was able to switch from being the boy who smiled and laughed and cried to the young man who seemed to have no emotions. he supposed this too comes easily to sehun, switching between loving jongin (he didn’t, he didn’t. it was all an act. wake up jongin.) and loving nobody at all.


What If: Fairy Tail, Code Blue Gone Wrong

So, I know that is isn’t exactly word for word based off from the chapter, but I tried my best! And I’m sorry if my interpretation on any the characters aren’t like what you had in mind! I just trying to get all of the angst out of me before I go mad!!! I hope you like it!


Lucy cringed as the Avatar guild member slammed the cell door open, entering the damp prison. She looked up to see him towering over her.

“Who sent you?” He demanded.

Lucy gulped and shook her head. “We came to get Gray! We came of our own free will!” She insisted, wriggling in her chains.

Natsu nodded in agreement. “Yeah! We came to knock some sense back into that stupid ice princess’s head!” Natsu yelled defiantly. “Where is Gray?! I’ll knock him upside the head right now!” Natsu yelled.

Gouman smirked and chuckled to himself. “They already left for the purification! I’m afraid you’ll never see him again!” Gouman said, turning back around to face Lucy.

“But that isn’t your main concern right now. You should tell me who really sent you, or things could get hairy.” Gouman frowned.

Lucy scoffed. “We already told you! We came of our free will!” She snapped back. Gouman did not look pleased with her answer, and he sighed, turning to leave the cell. But before he did, he snapped his fingers. The chains around Lucy’s wrists flew to the top of the cell, and more chains wrapped themselves around her ankles. She gasped in shock, and Natsu jolted up to go help her. But Gouman snapped his fingers again, and Natsu flew against the furthest wall of the prison cell, his chains keeping him in place.

Natsu lifted his head and stared at Gouman and Lucy earnestly, anger and hatred in his eyes. “If you lay a finger on her…” Natsu said lowly and virulently.

Gouman turned to Natsu. “If you tell me who sent you, there won’t be a need to torture her.” He said plainly, turning and grabbing a cart with sharp and painful looking things laying atop of it. Natsu cringed and clenched his teeth.

“No one sent us! We came to get Gray back!” Natsu yelled, sending Lucy a worried glance. She sent him back a determined look, but he saw the fright flicker in them before she turned back to Gouman. Gouman sniffed.

“Gray is our good comrade! He’d never betray us like he did you!” Gouman reasoned, picking up a sharp looking tool. “Now, should we start with whipping? Or maybe licking your feet?” Gouman pondered aloud.

Natsu and Lucy both looked at each other with question an Lucy shuddered at the thought of being licked. Natsu tuned to Gouman and nodded his head. “I think we should start with the licking!” Natsu said, ignoring Lucy’s protests. “It seems less painful!” He argued.

Gouman stroked his chin. “On the contrary, it’s probably the most painful of all of the tortures I have planned. See, you rub a salty oil on the victims feet and send a goat to lick it off. It doesn’t do anything at first, but after the oil is gone the barbed tongue of the goat starts to rip off the skin of the victim. And the goat never stops.” Gouman said.

Natsu made a face and Lucy shivered dramatically. “Definitely not the licking then.” She shuddered.

Gouman lifted up an ax. “Now, you can tell me who sent you and what you want.” He said, looking at Lucy.

Lucy bit her lip in frustration and moved her hands as much as she could to emphasize her answer. “We came of our own free will!” She said loudly. Natsu growled and pulled against the chains. “She’s telling the truth! We just came back to get Gray - .”

“I’ve had enough!” Gouman yelled, snapping his fingers again. Lucy’s chains moved according to Gouman’s desire, until Lucy was suspended in air in front of Gouman. Gouman raised the ax above his head and grimaced. “Let’s see how much faith you have in your dear ex-comrade! What do you say, Dragon Slayer?! How far should I go? All the way in half? Or just halfway?” Gouman yelled, swinging the ax down.

“LUCY!!!” Natsu screamed, pulling on the chains with all of his might. Sweat trickled down his face, his eyes wide with shock.

Lucy clenched her eyes shut, tears spilling from her eyes. She tensed her entire body and prepared for the worst. A shout was hear from the hallway, but no one noticed.

“Gouman, no!” The voice frantically called. “Ice Make!” It yelled.

But it was too late.

The ice just barely managed to throw Gouman off, and lowered the impact power of the blade of the ax. But it did not stop it from piercing Lucy’s body, splattering blood everywhere. Natsu’s eyes were wide in incomprehensible shock. Happy had been silent the entire time, shock rendering his body unable to move. Gray stood by the cell door, his eyes wide as well as he stared at the severely maimed body of Lucy Heartfilia.

Her maid outfit was turned completely red, and her fair skin was speckled in droplets. Her screamed penetrated the stunned silence, but it was cut short when she coughed blood up.

“Lucy….?” Natsu whispered, his vision clouding.

Lucy couldn’t hear him though. She was in too much shock for her to be able to comprehend anything right at the moment.

Something broke inside of Nasu, and his vision went from clouded to red. A fierce desperate scream ripped from his throat, and he found the strength to burst free of the chains. He ran to her side and broke her chains off carefully before gently setting her on the ground. He swept her hair out of her face and looked her in the eyes, tears welling up in both of their eyes.

“You’ll be fine Lucy. I promise.” Natsu whispered, his voice cracking slightly. He then arose and turned to the half frozen Gouman, who was struggling to get out of the ice that ensnared him.

Natsu allowed his fire to creep up his body, his unimaginable hated and anger pulsating through the burning red flames. Gouman met Natsu’s eyes, and fear struck his heart. Natsu’s eyes were like deep dark hole, in which the melting-hot flames of hatred burned bright, and thirsted for blood. Gouman gulped and struggled to get out. “No! I-I will not die this way!” Gouman stammered.

“You will die, Avatar guild member. All of you.” Natsu’s hollow voice threatened, sending chills down everyone’s back.

Gouman didn’t even have time to cry out before Natsu burned him alive. His ashes scattered to the ground and was blown away by the damp prison air. Both Happy and Gray were both beyond astonished that Natsu had killed right in front of them and Lucy. Natsu’s flames died down and he kneeled down on the ground, slowly turning to Lucy.

Blood still bubbled at her mouth, and the puddle around her grew with every second. He shook uncontrollably when he laid his eyes on her again, and his courage shook, threatened to fail him.

“Lucy… Lucy, I’m…. So-sorry….” Natsu said hoarsely, getting close to Lucy. “For leaving you… For not being there for you… For letting…. This…. Happen.” Natsu choked, a sob escaping his lips.

He grabbed her hand, and held it against his face. His tears started to fall on her wound, mixing in with the dark pool. Lucy’s eyes became glazed over with tears, and she squeezed slowly and weakly back in Natsu’s hand. Natsu’s eyes widened as he stared back into her eyes.

“Bring…. The guild… Back! Find… Everyone!” She wheezed out, coughing blood out.

Natsu winced and blinked his tears away. “I will! But you’ve got to do it with me! Fairy Tail wouldn’t be anything without everyone there!” Natsu sobbed, wiping his tears.

Lucy moved her thumb to wipe the tears from his face and smiled softly. “I missed…. Fairy Tail…. So much - !” She was interrupted by blood spurting from her wound.

Natsu leaned forward and grasped her hand tighter. “Lucy! Lucy, don’t leave me!” Natsu panicked, his heartbeat increasing tenfold.

“Good…. Bye… Natsu….” Her voice faded, and her hand went slack in his.