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I hate practically falling in love with anyone who’s really good at their instrument


Matt and I were  f i g h t i n g , we broke up, ya know. And Sarah was drunk and dancing and she just tripped.  Then she wasn’t  b r e a t h i n g .

puppy love is hard to ignore ; a queer mabel pines/mabifica mix (art source) (listen)

side a ♡ queer mabel pines

1. marsh king’s daughter ; eisley // 2. need ur luv ; charli xcx // 3. girls chase boys ; ingrid michaelson // 4. suddenly i see ; kt tunstall // 5. shut up and dance ; walk the moon // 6. how you get the girl ; taylor swift // 7. i’m not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you ; kate nash // 8. can’t stand it ; never shout never // 9. i do adore ; mindy gledhill // 10. ours ; taylor swift

side b ♡ mabifica

11. dear one ; mary lambert // 12. deeper conversation ; yuna // 13. sweet girl ; nicole dollanganger // 14. jenny ; lily sevin // 15. can’t help falling in love ; ingrid michaelson // 16. girlfriend ; grace angela // 17. lovefool ; the cardigans // 18. i want you to want me ; letters to cleo // 19. fell in love with a girl ; the white stripes // 20. my best friend’s hot ; the dollyrots

The power of a glance has been so much abused in love stories, that it has come to be disbelieved in. Few people dare now to say that two beings have fallen in love because they have looked at each other. Yet it is in this way that love begins, and in this way only.
—  Les Miserables, Victor Hugo

        “All I wanted was to be happy … just for a little while. Forgive me.”


So as I mentioned, I’m replaying DA2, and I’m not sure if it’s coming back to it after falling into Dragon Age hell while playing DAI, but this moment super hit me hard this time around and you know me, I deal with my feelings by drawing them out ^_- These two AHHH they’ve both lost so much, Hawke is gonna go through the wringer soon enough, and all they want is to be happy, but nooo, THANKS DAi:I T_T

I will find a way, I willlll, to give them a happy ending SO HELP ME


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It hurt him so bad that Hades suddenly found it hard to swallow.

It pained him to see Thanatos toss and turn in his bed. It  pained  him to see the silver god freeze upon seeing him. Of course, he come unannounced but for Thanatos to show that kind of reaction made him feel  unwanted. It was a depressing feeling that made Hades want to fall onto his knees and break. Their last conversation  destroyed Hades inside  and as a leader he refused to let it show onto his face; just like right now, he refused to let his emotions show. Hades believed that this stress would go away if he continued to bury it the best he could. Even if, to Thanatos, he meant  nothing.

Lord Hades found words failing him when he opened his mouth to speak. He wanted to explain why he was there but because of the  TIGHTNESS  in his throat, his voice kept dying. He frowned, leaned over and reached out to embrace the other god, his hands almost shaking. His golden eyes almost gave away his inner emotions. To be this close to Thanatos made it hard to breathe but Hades just  needed  to see him. He couldn’t stay away from Thanatos for too long.

How Astro would react to you putting your head on their shoulder

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“Do I move her? Jinwoo asks in his head as he stares at the light shining off your face. You two about ten minutes ago were talking about life in one of your weekly deep talks.

“Nah. She can stay.” He happily mutters and moves your head closer to his arm.

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LaReMi headcanons

(I’m sorry for the lame ship name. Deal with it.)

I like to think Lacus is the older vampire who got really interested in René when he got turned. Because Lacus is totally into quiet guys playing hard to get. And René eventually falls for Lacus because he has always been lonely, even as a human.

But after a while (a century or two?), their relationship has become a bit… dull…

…to say the least.

So Mika would be the spark that they need. He is quiet and mysterious, just the kind Lacus is attracted to. But Mika is much, much harder to get than René. And Lacus tends to be lazy af so he kinda gives up after a while.

But René is now very attracted to Mika too, so he ends up approaching the blondie, in a less pushy way. Instead of trying to pry into Mika’s privacy, he talks to him about other things. And these two just click, because they’re similar (aside from Lacus, René does not really mingle with other vampires, and Mika is, well, Mika). So after a while, Mika gets used to René’s company, and eventually, Lacus joins them and they start hanging out. Mika starts being more talkative and feels less lonely.

I think it would actually take much longer for Mika to develop deeper feelings for Lacus and René. I think eventully Mika might start feeling a bit left out, because Lacus and René are closer than he is to them. But the two vampires would be more than happy to let him into the relationship, of course.

Lucaya One Shot

“Conjugate the verb ‘to be’”

“What does that even mean?” Maya groaned, letting her head fall into her hands against the library table.

Lucas rolled his eyes and tried to take a deep breath to compose himself before responding. “Être, Maya.”

She picked her head up and looked tiredly at the boy who was trying so hard to help her pass this French midterm. “Lucas, it’s almost two in the morning and we have been trying this for hours now and we haven’t gotten anywhere. I’m going to fail and I’m ready to except that, can we just give up already?”

“No,” he shook his head and spoke sternly. “You asked me to help you study so that you could get a passing grade and that is what I am going to do. Now drink some more red bull and conjugate the verb.”

It was her turn to roll her eyes as she took a giant slug of her fourth energy drink of the night. He watched her as she stared at the flash card he held up to her and squinted, as if the closer she looked the easier it may be to remember. She finally threw her pen down in frustration and covered her face with her hands.

“I can’t remember any of this! I’ve been taking this class for months now and I still can’t even remember the easiest verb, this is pathetic!”

Lucas put the flash card down on the table and took a sip of his own energy drink that may have had a bit more than just red bull in it. “Vous en pensez trop durement,” he mumbled to himself more so than her.

“I know!” She groaned, looking at him again. “There is just too much to remember!”

He looked at her with wide eyes. “Maya, you understood me.”

She looked back at him confused, clearly not picking up on what had just happened. “Yeah?”

His green eyes lit up with a hope that had left him hours earlier and he threw the flash cards to the floor. “Vous comprenez mieux quand je vous parle!”

“Holy shit!” She exclaimed, joining in his excitement. “I guess I do! Say something else!”

“Cela aurait été une nuit beaucoup plus courte si nous l'avions découvert plus bientôt,” Lucas mumbled again. “Pouvez-vous me répondre?”

She stared at him for a minute in deep thought as she tried to form a sentence. “Je suppose que je n'apprends pas juste conventionnellement.” Her eyes lit up with excitement as she realized he understood her.

“This is amazing,” he beamed at her. “I knew you payed attention in class!”

She blushed a bit, but scoffed to cover it up. “More like I used to watch old French movies with my mom. I guess I picked up a few words here and there over time.”

His green eyes beamed at her and he shook his head adamantly. “You can’t tell me you picked up ‘a few words’ Maya. I knew you had it in you.”

It was then that she noticed the little bit of extra color to his cheeks and how he looked into her eyes a bit longer than usual. “Did you spike your drink Huckleberry?” She asked more amused than anything.

He smirked lazily at her and shrugged. “I had to prepare for a long night, can you blame me?”

She couldn’t help but laugh and shake her head at him. “No, I guess I can’t. Now come on! Talk more French to me!”

He glanced at the clock behind her blonde head and noticed that it was almost 2:30 in the morning and the campus library would be closing soon. “Why don’t we take it back to your dorm. I don’t want to deal with campus security kicking us out.”

Maya nodded and gathered her books while he cleaned up their mess of snacks and empty cans that they had created. They continued studying in Maya’s shared dorm with Riley (that girl could sleep through a damn parade) until some time around dawn when Lucas’ eyelids began to drop.

“You’re not giving up on me yet, cowboy are you?” The blonde teased with way too much energy for it to be so early, or should he say late.

“Mm sleepy,” he slurred in a mixture of intoxication and lack of sleep.

“Sleep is for the weak,” she chuckled right before Riley let out a loud snore from across the room, causing both of them to go into a fit of laughter. “Thanks for helping me, Lucas.”

He opened his eyes completely and smiled at her, crossing his arms behind his neck to lean on. “Hey, I told you I wasn’t giving up on you.”

Even in the dim light of the sunrise and through his buzzed state he could see her cheeks flush as she glanced back down to her notes. “I know. It means a lot.” He closed his eyes, a wide smile on his face and sleep consumed his overtired body a lot quicker than he would like to admit.
It had felt like only a matter of minutes before he was woken up to the sound of a cheery Maya and a bouncing bed beneath him.

“I think I did it!” She squealed above him. “I understood most of it Lucas! I think I passed!”

He opened his heavy eyelids and let a lazy smile take over his face. He was a bit confused as to why he had woken up in Maya’s bed with her straddling his waist until he remember last night’s cram session. Riley was gone to her English midterm and Maya must have just finished her’s. “That’s amazing,” his raspy morning voice croaked out. “I knew you could do it.”

Her face was lit up brighter than the sun that was desperately trying to make it’s way through the blinds and her eyes were scrunched up in the way that only happened when she was truly happy. “I couldn’t have done it with out you,” she beamed. Before he had a chance to realize what was happening, she had grabbed his face and planted a big, wet kiss on his forehead. She pulled away still smiling until she saw the look of shock on his face and realized what she had done. Her face fell rather quickly and her mouth formed an “o” shape. She began trying to back away to make her way off of him, but he gripped her hips and held her still before she could. He pulled her down against his chest and held her tightly against him.

“I knew you could do it,” he whispered in her ear. He felt her relax in his arms and held her tighter until she returned the gesture. And even though he couldn’t see her face, he knew she was blushing when he said “Je croyais toujours en vous.”


Home screen and lock screen for 10 weeks now. Ever since I cried my eyes out with those first two episodes.

Not my No Eul. This woman can’t be my No Eul!

Damn, look at her now! Look at how your love and your life changed hers! She was ready to just fall down in the middle of the road and die! You brought her all the way back!

I am crying so hard right now!!!!
This drama, man…I was hooked from the first week!!! Now I don’t know what to do with myself!!!

Thank you, Joon Young.
See you again tomorrow. 😭