so basically Jonghyun cannot keep a secret

OK since we’re talkin about this whole SG thing, I think we’re forgetting another group of mechs that would look hella rad: the Scavengers!

I was thinking that they would be like really badass space rangers who go around destroying Autobot bases, freeing other prisoners and overall be super awesome and heroic!

Here’s a bit of a quick Misfire design(best sharpshooter but very serious WOW) but i"M FEELING IT


Clones meeting Ethan Duncan


The Magnar would be coming up that road before the day was done, his Thenns marching behind him with axes and spears in their hands and their bronze-and-leather shields on their backs. Grigg the Goat, Quort, Big Boil, and the rest will be coming as well. And Ygritte. The wildlings had never been his friends, he had not allowed them to be his friends, but her… He could feel the throb of pain where her arrow had gone through the meat and muscle of his thigh. He remembered the old man’s eyes too, and the black blood rushing from his throat as the storm cracked overhead. But he remembered the grotto best of all, the look of her naked in the torchlight, the taste of her mouth when it opened under his. Ygritte, stay away. Go south and raid, go hide in one of those roundtowers you liked so well. You’ll find nothing here but death…”

Gleeful reminder that the revolution in Night Vale is being led by three women of color, assisted by a gay Latino man.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


[Dragon Age Aesthetics] – Solas

“Sometimes to achieve the world one desires, one must take regrettable measures.”

There’s like no Alan on my dash anymore

my dash has been fucking silent about the Deadpool movie coming out and I’m over here with my tits vibrating off my body I’m so excited