This will be me for two dreadful weeks

*emotionally unstable from episode 7* *realizes that Riverdale is on that two week break* *gets even more emotionally unstable*

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Olivia Holt “History” Official Music Video

Jet Black Heart

Can we stop for a minute and cry all together?

These four boys never ever fail to amaze me. SKH blew my mind away then Fly Away hit my emotions so bad then JBH just completely shattered me in the best way possible.

The difference between their self-titled album and these new songs is huge. They grew up so much, they matured so much, every song so far has a deep meaning and my heart is aching because of this. I’m living for this new phase of them, I don’t think I’m emotionally and mentally ready to Sounds Good Feels Good but I can’t wait to hear it. I’m so proud of them right now, I cried and I’m still crying because of JBH and every time they release a new song I lose control of my emotions. They welcomed us to this New Broken Scene and I’m so glad that I can be a part of this.

In another note Michael Clifford slayed my whole existence with this song. I was going to quote my favorite parts but I would need to write down the whole song for that.

I choose the right band. I always say that but it’s just the plain and simple truth.

Episode 313 of The 100 will be one of my fav episodes of season 3 not just because of the bellarke hug but because of the ark flashback tying it back to the first episode. It gave me goosebumps and chills. Also, mostly cause of Radioactive playing and it just made me cry and miss season 1 when everything was simple and innocent


Tfw you finally meet your sons and Phil asks you how you are and you say “ughdjsksn??” And he says “that’s good!” And laughs and you’re pretty ready to throw yourself into the abyss because they look so happy to meet you and when you walk away you start crying because you’re so overwhelmed and ecstatic ok bye