Tfw you finally meet your sons and Phil asks you how you are and you say “ughdjsksn??” And he says “that’s good!” And laughs and you’re pretty ready to throw yourself into the abyss because they look so happy to meet you and when you walk away you start crying because you’re so overwhelmed and ecstatic ok bye

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I finally decided to watch You've Got mail today and now I'm emotionally unstable. It was a great movie though, really loved it! Thank you for exposing me to that movie through your amazing fic Lucky Us. ^^

The part where Tom Hanks grabs the metal fence and starts screaming because YES I KNEW SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL

is 10000000% Lucky Us Adrien.

Sure fire way to make yourself emotionally unstable:

Watch the Benslie proposal and hear how much hope and joy and love is in Ben’s voice when he says “marry me”.
Oh and definitely don’t see how much happiness and excitement is in Leslie’s face when she sees him in the doorway, just ignore how her face absolutely lights up, and above all else, pay no attention to how much hope and joy and love are in her eyes when she says “yes”.