god must have a sense of humor
sticking two people across the globe from one another
letting them meet by chance
and having them spend countless hours, days, minutes
getting to know one another

what happens if their souls become intertwined
had they always been together
across different lifetimes and past selves
or was it the start of something new
destined to meet and then be separated by the ocean

Cute thing about Sushio’s drafted final volume cover design: the way Ryuko affectionately tugs on Senketsu’s tie.

Because, well, she’s done that sort of thing before, but it’s always been when she’s upset with him:

Like when she’s embarrassed about something he said/did in the first opening sequence.

Or when she’s so frustrated with him in episode 5 that she threatens to take him off. (Pfft.)

Or even in Sushio’s own turnarounds of the “Jersey Ryuko” design that was used for the Raid Trip arc, where there seems to be some bickering going on.

But on that drafted cover? There is absolutely nothing negative or irritated about the way Ryuko holds on to Senketsu’s tie. She’s tugging on him like that not because she’s mad at him, but because she wants him close to her even when she’s not wearing him.

And it’s really cute and shows how their relationship has grown and I love it.

On the topic of life updates.

On top of the ever growing pile of issues we’ve been dealing with (Overdue commissions[my fault], moving into a shithole, financial instability, family issues, etc.) I’m also dealing with some new, unexplained health hiccups that I’ll be seeing a doctor about near the middle of August. I’ve been living with some persistent, and many times, intense chest pains, in addition to moderately severe pains in my arms, legs, shoulders and back. It’s all very random, and never happens all at once, but it’s lasted a couple of months now, and makes it pretty hard to get out of the bed somedays(which is yet ANOTHER reason why productivity has been so slow).

This isn’t extremely important, but just since I’m laying all my cards on the table for you guys right now, I think it’s fair to let you know why I’m very hit or miss on my blogs these days. There’s a LOT going on, and we’re doing our best. Fingers crossed, it’s nothing serious, and just pain from stress or something, idk. Lol.

We have now reached 100 followers!!

(Within about 13 days of existence, which is absolutely crazy)

Under the link is a very long, kind of emotional rant to you all. So if you can’t be bothered reading (which I completely understand, I wouldn’t want to listen to me blabber on either), know that you’re great and I really appreciate you all.

EDIT: I also realised I have no clue what to do for you people as a celebratory gift, so some suggestions would be very nice thank you ^-^

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