Finally, over a month after leaving on her mission Queenie was back. Boy, did she have a lot to catch up on. Her first order of business was to check on @cecil-mudokon since apparently he had died, again. What kind of trouble had he wound up in this time?

She waited outside his hut. “Cecil, it’s me. Open up, I’m back!”


Happy Birthday to one of the strongest, most wonderful women I know - pleaseletmeshowyou

  • a part of the fandom: stop crying! do something!
  • Lucy: i am doing something!
  • a part of the fandom: something useful!
  • Natsu: bitch what'chu tryna say

i am done with the opinion that being girly and romantic and being tough and independent and badass are mutually exclusive, or that being one or the other somehow makes one less of a person, especially in the realm of female characters. write girly characters who kick ass and girly characters who would rather not chip a nail. write badass female characters who cry and have romantic plotlines, and write badass female characters who have cold hearts, and write badass female characters in between. there is nothing wrong with a weak female character as long as she isn’t your only female character because females can be weak and not acknowledging that is thinking of females as tropes instead of people. stop simplifying female characters in an attempt to be “feminist” and start seeing them as complex and different, because that’s what real feminism and real representation is.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Cate Blanchett, we know, you love Cate so much, she's the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Cate, we KNOW , you love Cate you fucking love Cate ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE CATE. WE GET IT.

how is taylor even real honestly.. she keeps making every aspect of her life about us.. she trusted fans to keep shake it off a secret for months and let them have a major dance party with her, she picked the livestream fans herself and invited them over for a pizza party, when she could’ve been at iheart enjoying music and her friends she started the secret sessions, spent release day of 1989 with fans on a rooftop and in her home again, then when she was supposed to be primarily focused on 1989 promo she took time and money to shop and paint gifts for fans and even personally delivered some, she gave fans passes to the vsfs just because she wanted to, the day before her birthday was supposed to be her getting the billboard women’s honor and she had gena out with her and that same night she flew jacob out to meet her before jingle ball, new years she performed for us and the world, grammy night she met jill for the heck of it, and valentine’s day she spent with sophie.. all these things happened while she started interacting with us on tumblr while she could be focused on work.. i’m just so filled to brim with gratitude and happiness for all of it and for everyone. and heaven knows this isn’t the end of it, it’s quite possibly just the beginning. keep this in mind and also keep hope alive for yourself and everyone else.