I was really sad during the last few days but now, after tonight, I’m just so happy, proud and relieved….. These four men, these four brave men I love so much, had the balls to keep this going and showed us they are here for us just like we are here for them, and it’s beautiful.

I already respected them so much that right now respect is an understatement…

Thank you is not even enough

"The Legend of Korra achieved more in under a minute than most shows do in their lifetime"

that is hands down the best title of any article written about korrasami ever


The power of Lee Kuan Yew 


Honestly, you can give me back my golden pen with that little engraving you enjoy so much Scott Gimple. YOU’RE NOT WORTHY. Emmy? All you deserve is a swift kick in the ass because the only plots that had any substance last season running into this season were tossed down the drain in favor of more blood and big sounding booms. THERE BETTER BE SOMETHING NOBODY EXPECTS TO SEE TOMORROW.