I don’t care if y’all think I’m overreacting, but touching someone in an offensive manner without their consent, regardless of whether it’s playful, is literally battery. Frank has slapped Zakiyah’s ass multiple times, slapped Nicole on the leg, and has wrapped his hand around Natalie’s neck and made her move backwards. I don’t care if he thought it was all in good fun, he’s physically harassing these women, and the fact that production hasn’t called him out and told him to stop is honestly disturbing, because he’s only getting more and more comfortable with his actions. 

16 and pregnant is the best birth control ever for me because seeing those pissbaby dudes who knock up their gf and then just go back to playing video games and smoking weed and yell at their 7 month pregnant girl for nagging even though they’re not DOING ANYTHING is 100% enough reason to never have sex ever

“Gay marriage is a defeat for humanity,” says the Vatican, famous for things like the crusades, antisemitism, the Inquisition, the indulgences, its systematic corruption through the centuries, the campaign against contraceptives despite the rise of STDs, and for covering up organised child abuse within the Church itself.

i could not give a sideways flying fuck if you are mad at the police.

or even if you are justifiably so.

do not harm firefighters.

do not harm emt’s.

do not harm civilians.

or your neighbor, or the shop down the street.

stop being gross pieces of shit.

this is not revolutionary.

this is mob mentality, opportunistic violence.

this doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you a fucking asshole.

go crawl back into the hole you came out of.

Hey guys, I want to talk to you about how disgusting my school is. This morning I was hungry, on rare occasions do I actually eat food in the morning and the one morning I do, there is mold covering almost ¾ of this strawberry. Now I’ve been skeptical about school food before, I’ve had a couple friends work in the back and I’ve been told the horror stories of cockroaches on the counters, them reusing old food (not the mention the serving of stale chips every single Tuesday) but I believed that they wouldn’t do that to us…well I’ve been proved wrong. Not only was my strawberry molded but also two of my friends strawberries started to mold, which means every single strawberry they served had been exposed to mold. I think the worst part about this whole experience was when I went to go return the strawberry, the lunch lady did not even seem surprised. They are supposed to be serving us to fuel, not to kill.

Remember when Westallen shippers came on our tag complain about people insulting Candice and we help them to report an offensive blog that was blocked?

And remember when Westallen shippers help us to stop stupid assholes insulting Danielle for basically answer questions during an interview and not mentioned Candice (because apparently everyone should talk about her even when no one ask questions about Iris)?


HOW IMMATURE AND CHILDISH YOU ARE?! DANIELLE IS A REAL PERSON NOT A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. Now take your shit and go way from the fandom. I never see so much hateful people like Westallen shippers. And I’m part of more complicate fandom than this one.