I want the boys to get a break from being defenders of the universe and take a little vacation at some alien B&B where they can cuddle in bed for hours without worrying about zarkon 

(lance is the big spoon and it makes keith feel safe n loved)

(rub ur butt on his junk keith do it)

Don’t imagine living with your bias. Don’t imagine waking up in the middle of the night to him sitting at the end of the bed, a notepad in hand, humming the melody to a song he’s been trying to write for you in secret. Don’t imagine trying to cook together, shoving the other out of the way so you can read the tiny directions off of the Allrecipes app on your phone. Don’t imagine blasting your favorite songs while doing spring cleaning together, a familiar pair of arms reaching around your waist and yanking you off the chair you were standing on to dust the ceiling fan, whirling you around the room while you scream “Put me down!” and he laughs uncontrollably at your weak flailing in his arms. Don’t imagine falling into bed every night, being lulled to sleep by forehead kisses and whispered promises of forever.

“At this point, I get scared if I stop hearing the thoughts.“

I bet that Haymitch had a hard time when he asked Finnick to put on his bracelet to the arena instead of the seashell necklace made by Annie. But he knew he had to give it up because the bracelet was an important proof to convince Katniss not to shoot him the minute she would ge a bow in her hands. Finnick knew that it was highly possible that he would die in the arena, so all along the last thing he would’ve wanted to feel before death was just a little piece of Annie against his chest again.