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I recently reached 200 + followers, so omg, thankies! I appreciate that so many of you follow my blog, even though I’m probably not that great hahaha. But really! I never imagined that so many lovely people would follow my personal blog, so I thank all of you that follow me. Thank you for bearing with me. Even if you aren’t on this list, I love you alright ? (sorry if I forgot anyone ;;)

Welp, since the last time I made a follow forever was over a year ago, I felt that it needed an update, so what better time to do so! I actually follow very few blogs tbh, but here are people that I enjoy seeing on my dash ! Anywayyyy, let’s start.

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There are quite a lot of people on this list that I haven’t interacted with much, some that I honestly haven’t been following for long, and some that I’ve been following for over a year, but nonetheless, thank you all for making my dash amazing (aka, I love all your blogs tbh) <3. Thankies to these lovelies.

wgm with joshua
  • he’s really smiley when he introduces himself and gets really shy like “hi i’m *laughs* seventeens’s gentleman *laughs* joshua.”
  • and you’re like sorry i couldn’t understand and he repeats but he laughs more so you’re like okay whatever he’s adorable, gotta let it slide
  • he is soooo gentlemanly with you. TT-TT he opens the door to the car for you when you enter and exit the vehicle and pulls out the chair for you and cools your soup before you eat it. *cries* 
  • he makes you breakfast and takes it to you for a breakfast in bed.
  • he lays down in bed and watched you eat with a loving smile on his face as if he’s in awe at how you eat.
  • his eyes sparkle against the sun while he looks at you eating and you’re like o m g j i s o o p l e a s e s t o p.
  • he grabs the laptop and googles something and then he shares it with you and the theme song for adventure time starts playing.
  • he is singing along, “adventure time, cmon grab your friends, we’ll go to very distant lands…”
  • he compares you guys to flame princess and finn. he’s like “i’m flame princess because she’s really cool (lol) and you’re finn bc you have really nice hair.”
  • he tries to teach you tabs on the guitar and is very patient with you.
  • you record a video of a cover of an adventure time song “oh bubblegum”
  • he talks to you a lot about anime and explains really thoroughly the plot lines and characters that he likes.
  • you guys end up watching attack on titans.
  • he holds your hand pretty naturally. he has this instinct to protect you wherever you go so he always hold your hand.
  • he likes to play with you hair absentmindedly too. TT-TT but then realized what he’s doing and asks you if it’s okay. YES IT’S OKAY.
  • when he introduces you to seventeen, he’s really happy about it because he can show you off like “i’m married to this person, it’s pretty great. no biggie, it’s just the best thing ever!”
  • buys you presents all the time because he always gets reminded of you at random times.
  • “last time we hung out, you forgot your shades, so i got you these!”
  • he asked you what your favorite song was and on your anniversary, he made an acoustic rendition of it and played it for you I AM CRYING.
  • THEN HE SINGS WHEN YOU SAY BY GABE BONDOC (and if you don’t know that song omg please go listen to it bc it’s adorable and jisoo loves gabe bondoc) ((i do too :333))
  • you guys go out on dates to the music store and look at records.
  • he often reminisces to you about the US and how he misses his mom and going to in-n-out.
  • he talks to you in english when he can’t figure out how to say things in korean.
  • like to play tricks on you, but it’s not mean tricks, it’s like those kinds of tricks where he taps you on one shoulder and he’s on the other side.
  • or he steals your marker that you’re using and you frantically look for it and he’s just there sitting giggling at you.
  • every time you guys meet, he always has tea ready for you. :3
  • going back to skinship because he likes to put his arm around you and having you rest your head on his shoulders.
  • you know when you hold hands but then they put their arm around you while you’re still holding hands? jisoo does that.
  • you often walk around the house while he’s giving you a back hug and he mumbles for you to stop moving bc he’s trying to be romantic O M G MY FEELINGS ARE GOING CRAZY SHIT.
  • he would wake you up form your nap with his guitar playing and softly whispers that it’s time to get up because you have a mission.
  • he is super gentle!!! he always asks you if it’s okay to do something in the house like “can i use this plate?” or “is it okay if i leave the window open?” or “are you fine with me sitting next to you?”
  • yes jisoo do everything anything i don’t care you’re an angel.
  • when you have to leave the show, he doesn’t let you be sad because he doesn’t like it when people are sad.
  • so he plans a day at the amusement park and you guys ride as many roller coasters as possibles and watch shows and play games.
  • he gifts you matching animal headbands and couple sweaters so you guys can wear it around the park. together, your shirts make a heart <3
  • when grandmas and grandpas see you guys, he boats about you like “yeah we are married! we’re leaving very happily!”
  • but at the end of the day, he grows sad but keeps a smile on his face when you guys hug goodbye. 
  • he gives you his guitar pick as a goodbye present and as for something to remember him by. TT-TT
  • there’s a note on the pick that says “fighting!”
  • he wishes that you can go on and make someone else even happier than you have made him and says that whoever does end up with you in the future will be the luckiest person in the world.

more wgm scenarios


You guys have no idea about how much Nico Di Angelo make me weak.

He’s so smol, so italian, so gay and so fucking haunted, my heart melt everytime I see him.He’s only thirteen years old kill me, he’s not a sexy beast, he’s a tiny children playing pokemon but being punk and death af  Percy is fool. I mean, I love Percabeth, don’t get me wrong, but PERNICO IS LITTLERALY MY OWN TITANIC IT WAS HUGE n ABSOLUTELY AWESOME AND IT FUCKING DIED BECAUSE OF HETEROSEXUALITY

Proposal for the Fannibals:

I know things seem rough and dark right now, and we’re almost at the end of the season, possibly the series. Personally, I’m hopeful that we’ll get another season/movie/whatever eventually. We’ve won awards left and right, we’ve trended all the time, we’ve contacted streaming services relentlessly- people know there is an audience. We may be niche, but boy oh boy can we pack a punch. I really do think we’ll see a season 4.

However, I know it may be a while. We’ve got to be patient, and I’m 100% sure it will be worth the wait, but just in case it’ll be a few years, I think we should, as  fandom, have a specific day, or weekend, or whatever, where we all come back on social media and say hey to each other.

I only joined this crazy fandom in, like, April, but I’ve still gotten the chance to see some beautiful fanart, and hilarious text posts, and headcannons to haunt my dreams for decades. I don’t interact as much as I’d like to, because I have pretty severe social anxieties, but I love you guys, and I think we all love each other.

A lot of us will post less after the finale. We won’t have the time, we won’t have the energy, we won’t really have the motivation. And that’s okay. We all get it. But I’ll be damned if I let us all never flood each other’s dashboards ever again.

So, since today was Fannibal Appreciation Day, I vote we make it an anniversary of sorts. No matter what happens, we all meet back here on August 23, 2016. Maybe a few days before and after too, if you can spare the time. Doesn’t matter. Just come back in one year, and we’ll all be shameless fandom trash together, and hey maybe we even remind a few network heads that the Hannibal fans are still here, and still passionate.

Maybe we’ll hear in a week that Hulu or something picked it up. Maybe it’ll be 6 years. Maybe we’ll crowdfund in a few months. Maybe we’ll never see season 4.

But we will see each other, no matter what. 

Write it on your calendar, plug it in your phone, pin it on a corkboard in your room, paint it on your ceiling in blood (don’t do that), just make sure you remember the date. August 23, 2016.

I don’t know what will happen with this show. But I can promise you that in one year, I will be here to remind you all that I love you and every crazy, beautiful thing you’ve done here. I may even write you a poem.

TL,DR; Fannibal Anniversary will be August 23, 2016. See y'all then.

  • All You Need Is Love
  • The Beatles
  • Yellow Submarine (Remastered)

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love.
There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.
Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung.
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game It’s easy.
There’s nothing you can make that can’t be made.
No one you can save that can’t be saved.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time, It’s easy.



Cause like the enemies that we are battling
I am nothing but a human alien
Left with nothing else but to keep wandering
Down this path whilst stopping my hands trembling

I know that I’ll be coming home soon with a soldier’s eyes


Hello,  I’m Amanda and I have been saving these selfies for a while (because I think they look uncharacteristically cute) I’m a simple 22 year old phan trash who writes phanfics occcasionally and gets way too opinionated on a daily basis. Come say hi? ❤️️

@lastnote​_: うらさか日和に書き下ろした『Best Friend』制作中に僕が残していたメモに「もうホモでいいや。」って書いてあるんだけどこれは一体 #うらさか日和

lastnote: During the production of urasaka biyori’s original song “Best Friend”, there was a memo I left on it with “It’s fine if it’s gay.” written down, but, exactly what is- #urasaka biyori

@uratasama: @lastnote_ らすのさんが目覚めそう

urata: It seems that lastnote-san finally opened up his eyes

@lastnote_: @uratasama 最近Souくんが可愛いんだ。。

lastnote: Sou-kun’s been pretty cute lately..

@uratasama: @lastnote_ 俺の事も褒めてください!!!

urata: Please praise me as well!!!

@lastnote_: @uratasama うらたさんはライブ終わりに隅っこでおとなしくしてるのに、坂田くんが来ると急に嬉しそうに喋りだすところが可愛い

lastnote: Even though urata-san was quietly staying at the corner after the live ended, when sakata-kun came around, the way he suddenly started talking happily was cute

@uratasama: @lastnote_ らすのさんの妄想が結構入ってますよ!!

urata: In the end, lastnote-san’s delusions are mixed in!!