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HAHAHA you are not alone!! im monologue-ing with myself too in my tags i feel you so much! OH MY GOODNESS THE PUPPY IS SO CUTEEEEEE I CAN IMAGINE HOW PRETTY HER AND VIVI'S PUPS WILL BE T_____T (( i love you so much too im cryin))

ahahaha good then I’m not alone!ヾ(≧∪≦*)ノ(≧∀≦) I knowww right, I really wish I had a puppy too :( but honestly I think vivi is too big for Kyrie. She’ll probably be afraid of him, and he’ll probably be so cold and stay like (눈_눈;) in front of her lmao. I mean even the mighty dog dad Oh Sehun face difficulties impressing him smh vivi~ vivi~