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Rpf has always kinda squicked me, and I tend to stay away from it. I just sort of don't want to end up confusing the real guys with the fanon versions of them? Idk? Should i change this? What is the world of mcr fic like? Should I take the plunge? Would you recommend anything for someone who's new to that kind of thing? I don't know

hi hi i think i’ve answered a similar-ish ask here and nooo you won’t confuse the real guys with the fic ones okay the key thing is to separate these 2 worlds okay whatever you’ll read isn’t real even tho sometimes you’ll come across fics that seem so fucking real exhibit a: fucking THE TRUE LIFE AND LIES OF GERARD WAY. you can try to read the fluffier non-smut ones first omg idk the first frerard fic i read was a splitting of the mind which made me cry and i was so sad for like 2-3 days bc i couldn’t stop thinking about it. so yeahh okay some cute non-fics with no explicit sex scenes would be:

i have a reclist and reclist tag too just fyi!!

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Wink wonks @ her technically girlfriend with a smirk. B)

   Eh? What the hell was wrong with Kagome? She either had something in her eye or tried to be seductive. Given the half-smile, she would pick the latter. 

  Suspicious. She wanted something. Still, as Kagura eyed the girl, the beautiful flow and dark tresses, those playful brown orbs, the cutest cheeks she’d ever seen and damn, her smirk - she already knew Kagome had won. 

  How could she do that to her every damn time? She had such power over the wind witch it was infuriating already. She let out a sigh, and shrugged - trying to act nonchalantly.

    “Be careful not to overdo yourself, miko.“

On another note, I went for a run this morning

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I mostly just suck at roleplaying. I find your blog quite amusing, however.

»»bullseye; oh gosh well uh

i mean. without knowing who you are. i can’t vouch for your skill. because whether people like it or not bad roleplayers do exist and i’ve interacted with all sorts

i’m glad you like my blog though?? but . idk i can’t make any reassuring promises,,, you do seem nice?