james would walk maggie down the aisle at her and alex’s wedding because he knows what it’s like not to have a father present at the moments they’re supposed to be there but aren’t. he doesn’t quite understand what it’s like to know that they could be there but choose not to. he thinks that might make it worse. he thinks that might make it more important to step up. she doesn’t even have to ask.

‘Well one of us will have to change,’ was at the tip of his tongue, when the writing actually registered.

Pouting, he complained. “Why must you wound me this way?”

Blue eyes laughed at him, a saccharine smile on her lips. “It comes from a place of love.”

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She hadn’t known how to tell him, so Mick had holed up in the bedroom all morning. She said she wasn’t feeling well, which was true. Mick had laid in bed, curled around a pillow, trying to pretend to sleep as she processed the thoughts in her head.

It had taken several hours before she ventured out. She wore a pair of tattered sweats, and one of his over sized STAR Labs sweaters, as she shuffled from the bedroom into the living room.

“Red?” she saw him sitting in the large armchair in the corner of the room, working on his laptop, probably on some case. But the moment he saw her, it was put away.

“Hey Princess … feeling better?”

Mick moved slowly over to him, before sinking down into his lap, tears already trickling down her cheeks. They were met with hands quickly wiping them away, and kisses to her skin.

“Hey, Micky, what’s wrong, come on-”

She sniffled, before shaking her head, “I’ve been such a miserable bitch all week. Driving you crazy, and being sick, and just pickin’ fights. And I’m sorry, I don’t now how you handle me.”

Barry kept her nestled close to him, trying to soothe her tears, “Hey no, Princess I-”

But Mick cut him off quickly, sliding her hand out of the pocket of her sweats, “And I sure as hell don’t know how you’re gonna handle two of me.”

She held the positive pregnancy stick out to him, before letting out a small disbelieved laugh.

                          Heared her sock-clad feet padding out from the bedroom, Barry quickly closed the computer – setting it on the floor beside his chair. Holding his arms out to Mick as she approached him, he sighed softly whens he sank into his lap. Reaching up, he gently brushed a few tresses of hair from her face. As she apologized for her behavior, Barry shook his head – desperately needing her to know that he understood.  Hey — no, Princess; I —

                                  When his wife suddenly cut him off, Barry stared up at her as if she’d just produced a rhinoceros from her pocket. Sparks flickered in his brain, desperately trying to connect the dots and instead just causing a short circuit. He looked like a pop-eyed toy from one of those claw machines at the fun fair. Perfectly funny. Reaching up, he cupped both sides of her face with his hands. Pressing his lips to hers, he dragged her closer to his warm figure, one of his hands moving to gently press his palm against her stomach.  There were tears in his eyes as he pulled out of the kiss, fingers tracing shapes on the side of her face. 

                                  “ O — oh my God, Micky…  Gasping softly, he pressed his forehead to hers, feeling overwhelmed with pride.  You’re… we’re having a…