james would walk maggie down the aisle at her and alex’s wedding because he knows what it’s like not to have a father present at the moments they’re supposed to be there but aren’t. he doesn’t quite understand what it’s like to know that they could be there but choose not to. he thinks that might make it worse. he thinks that might make it more important to step up. she doesn’t even have to ask.

A year of ML fic

Guys. I’ve been WRITING MIRACULOUS LADYBUG FANFIC FOR A YEAR. And I just?????????? Wow? When I first wrote my first drabble I didn’t think it was going to be like this.

This is very important to me because Miraculous Ladybug is the first fandom in a really really really long while that I actively participated and created for. Before ML, I was a quiet consumer in my other fandoms. But Miraculous Ladybug sparked something in me that actually made me write character analyses and connect with community and create fan fiction. I know that might be normal for others but for me, it’s been 84 years. (But, literally: 10 years.)

And now I apparently have almost forty pieces of work, including multi-chapters, one-shots, series, bullet point fics, and drabbles of various lengths. I did not realize how long this list has gotten.

As a celebration, I’ll be revisiting my fics and giving them some love– and some edits, too! (Goodness knows it’s terribly needed.) I’ll be resharing my babies all month. I hope you can join me! (If you don’t want to, I’ll be tagging my reblogs as #SarahCadaFicAnniv, so you can block that. No hard feelings.)

I’m accepting prompts, as always. Just send them in my askbox and I’ll see what I can whip up for you this month!

A HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to all my followers and regular reviewers. I wouldn’t still be here without you. A shoutout to my original marvelous sounding boards @chassecroise @brettanomycroft @runningoutofink who are magnificent writers as well. My new partners in crime creating @qookyquiche @kwamikwami @portentous-offerings, you guys are spectacular. To my enablers @miraculousturtle@megatraven @soundofez @amynchan @panda013​ your neverending support floors me. Cheers to @kryallaorchid @clairelutra@bullysquadess @pozolegirl @hchano–  my friends, you inspire me. Dearest @kasumiafkgod @mimosaeyes @miraculousandcute​ your input is invaluable. There’s so much more who have joined me on this journey at one point or another. If I have ever talked/whined/screeched to you about writing, if you ever reblogged or reviewed or keysmashed at my work, consider yourself tagged and thanked.

Here’s to more feels, tears, and shenanigans.

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Peachy: It could be worse..;;

ft: @go-askcolorsplashpony

  • friend: so how are things?
  • me: [grin] things are—
  • friend 2: oh god...no, no don't say it...
  • me: things are s—
  • friend: char...
  • me: THINGS ARE S T R A N G E R. ha, get it, because i'm obsessed with stranger things?¿ which bY THE WAY you all should watch it's on netflix and it's set in the 80's and winona ryder is in it and I ship—
  • me: ...hey...u guys?? where...where did u go???