james would walk maggie down the aisle at her and alex’s wedding because he knows what it’s like not to have a father present at the moments they’re supposed to be there but aren’t. he doesn’t quite understand what it’s like to know that they could be there but choose not to. he thinks that might make it worse. he thinks that might make it more important to step up. she doesn’t even have to ask.


The thick summer heat beated on Jonathan’s bare chest as he laid upon the soft towel on the shaky wooden deck. His eyes were closed and he felt the wave of bliss wash over his body as the music from the boombox filled his ears accompanied by the small splash of the water from his swinging feet skimming the surface of the cold lake and laughter of the three boys he’d known all his life in the distance. He took a deep breath in and slowly drew it out, he loved hearing the sounds of the summer in Burlinghem

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