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↳ “…I have no right to tell you how to live. So this is just… a wish of mine. Live your life… with pride.”


jimon week day 6   //   favourite scene

jace and simon… being nice? to each other? this episode was such a blessing for so many reasons (and it looked so bright and pretty i just)


Reg Barclay in Star Trek: Voyager - “Pathfinder”

“If an obsession helps me to do my job better, it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make. A little instability in exchange for contact with a stranded starship. Isn’t Voyager more important than my psychological condition?”

“In an effort to get some emotional truths out of them, I ask them to face each other, look deep into each other’s eyes and say one thing they love about each other.
"I like this game,” says Alex. “You realise you’ve never let it out.”
“I tell him I love him all the time,” replies Miles. “You have to go through the pain threshold. I love you because you’ve got a very strong pain threshold.”
How about you, Alex?
A long pause. Are we about to hear something from the heart? “A halo just appeared around Miles’ head while I was staring into his eyes,” says Alex finally. “I swear. No kidding. Just as I was about to respond, a halo appeared and now he’s levitating about four inches. He’s floating.”