• Aveline: All right, I'm just going to say it. Fenris, you need to present yourself better.
  • Fenris: What are you talking about?
  • Aveline: You're squatting in Hightown. I sympathize with your claims, but your neighbors have influence.
  • Fenris: My "claims"?
  • Aveline: To the estate. "Rightfully stolen" isn't exactly something I can forward to the Viscount. Be more discreet about... yourself.
  • Fenris: [snidely] I shall endeavor to exist with less offense.
  • ---
  • Aveline: Fenris, did you consider my offer to train the guard in Tevinter fighting techniques? I've heard nothing.
  • Fenris: My abilities were inflicted, not taught. I will not pass that on.
  • Aveline: Some good should come of them.
  • Fenris: No.
  • ---
  • Fenris: It feels good to be captain of the guard, yes?
  • Aveline: [exasperated] No, I will not change the patrols around your mansion again. There's already been too many questions.
  • Fenris: You wound my pride with such accusations.
  • Aveline: But you were going to ask.
  • Fenris: Eventually.
  • Aveline: [laughing] I'll look at the roster and see what I can do.
  • ---
  • Aveline: Thank you for that tip, Fenris.
  • Fenris: You caught them, then?
  • Aveline: Yes - a whole nest of slave runners working out of the Undercity.
  • Fenris: I imagine you imprisoned them?
  • Aveline: Sadly, they never made it to prison.
  • Fenris: You always know how to make me smile, Aveline.

So dashcon was brought to my attention by one of my friends and I just wanted to say my thoughts on it.

I get that people don’t like the concept of it at all (I’m not keen either). I understand that there are causes out there that need money. However, no one has the right to shame others on what they spend THEIR money on. 

How fucking dare you call people selfish and disgusting for giving money to something that makes them happy. You don’t know shit about any of these people. You don’t know if they volunteer full time, donate to charities regularly, or if they’re going under major hardships, or if this is one of the few places they can meet people who don’t bully them. So what gives you the right to be judgemental pricks for people choosing to donate some of their money to dashcon. Seriously shut the fuck up.

Sincerely, someone who does not give a shit about dashcon but also does not care for the people talking shit about it either 

Delena is the OTP of all my OTPs but I won’t lie, the possibility of having Damon Salvatore for the first time being in the center of not only one but two love triangles (Elena/Damon/Bonnie and Alaric/Damon/Enzo) in the next season makes me weak at the knees

Can you imagine? Poor thing would freak out so much like “What is happening? Why there’s so many people trying to touch me and be with me? How did I become worthy of all this love?”

Theory Time

i do think N and Leo are the same person, but like they’re a before (N) and after (Leo) Hell/Hades.

What I think it is (if it’s all connected as Ravi says it is) N lost his love (that’s the theme of Dynamite, the eye and all of that) so he’s willing to do anything to get his love back that’s why he gets an invitation to the underworld (Hyuk gives it to him, who later regrets it and tries to stop them) to meet with Hades (Ravi) and makes a deal with Hades himself,  so he gives him the potion/vial/glass and then he comes out of this meeting with Hades/Ravi a changed man or the villain (Leo), not the hero he thought he was in the beginning.

OK so here some proof:

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Idk what your name is on here n how many of y'all are stalking my blog 🤔😏

Lol but you’re going to have to excuse me for not being sorry if I’m being rude , I mean ALL of you have done nothing but disrespect and judge me before even taking the time out to get to know me 😂 but what I reblog is not always about sex. I have other interests . Oh wait but you wouldn’t know that because you ladies never took the time out to get to know me. Let me just say , what me and your cousin (which happens to be MY man of 4 magnificent years!!!!) have been through and also what we do in private has ABSOLUTELY NOOOTTHHHIIINNNGGGG to do with y'all 😂 . Yeah you guys probably attempted to comfort him and make him feel better when we were going through our tough times but I don’t know if you’ve noticed , BUT IT AIN’T WORK 💁🏽 I don’t give a fuck how mad he’s ever made me and vice versa , I’ve always been there for him more than ANY of you lol . Ima always love him regardless of what we go through and he’s always going to love me . That’s something you’re going to have to live and deal with. Oh well 😘 he ain’t going nowhere and neither am I 👏🏽👏🏽 get over it , and get over yourselves. And trust me , I’d have LOOOVVVVEEEDDDD to tell you all about yourselves to your lovely makeup-caked faces , but y'all ain’t want me there just cuz you don’t like me 😂 Shit you’re the ones missing out on all the fun ✌🏽