Guys.  Today was awesome.

Not only was my math test so easy that it was almost enjoyable so that put me in a fantastic mood, but I was kept in said fantastic mood by being surrounded by the coolest people you’ll ever meet all day long.

Basically, school is a really cool place to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester, even when I have tests and trash.  I see my two best friends and the coolest kid I’m pretty much ever going to meet, who doesn’t seem to despise me, so you know, there’s a plus.

Today just included a lot of epic, i.e. more reasons as to why my kids are going to be fat gingers, glorious trips to Cane’s which just has the best chicken you can ever have (besides maybe Chick-Fil-A), discussion of future fat lady plans, beautiful “Oh my God… you like Edgar Allen Poe too?” moments, encounters with the new love-of-my-sister’s-life-if-she-would-just-break-up-with-her-stupid-on-again-off-again-boyfriend, great car rides, and over-all fantasticness.

I don’t know.  The friend zone is cool, but I’m sort of cool with the “Hey we’re dating” zone… that’s a cool zone too… or at least it might be with this kid.   Cause you know, that’ll tooottally happen.  Except probably not.  But you know, whatever.

Well we shall see I guess.

But yeah, today was great, and no one really cares about this large post in which I rant about having a good day, but I’m posting this anyway because it’s my blog and as stated a million times before, this blog is for me, an easy way to journey through my stupid emotions and generally pointless life.  So yeah.  Sorry for the block of text… but not actually.

Mannnn I am giddy.  I’m being the biggest girl in the universe tonight too.  Lily is just going to looooveeeee me.  Oh well.



One of my favorite parts about a relationship, any relationship, is the 1st time you hold hands with that person. Whether it’s a friend, someone you fancy, or family. You can learn so much about a person just by holding their hands. And the cool part about holding hands is, no matter what the occasion, holding hands is never a bad idea.
Something so simple can mean so much.