why is there pretty much no spring awakening fanbase I mean it has

• actual gay people and not just two guys you ship together because they looked at each other and have somewhat compatible personalities

• every song is a fucking work of art

• social commentary on the damage that a censored and false education does to kids and society

• Jonathan groff y'all

• strong female characters

• the story actually has a really interesting history too

• deals with complex issues like abuse, suicide, teen sexuality, and religion

And I’m supposed to sit here and do what? Wait for you? Beg for you to come back again? Act like the reality of us isn’t that we won’t ever work together? You admitted it for yourself when you brought yourself to say the words. I’m not the girl for you and I only hurt you so if I’m such a crappy person then why won’t you just leave me alone? If you hate me so much, then why try to be around me all the time? Just go already.
—  🖤

do it for gigi, do it for atleti, do it for bayern munich, do it for barcelona, do it for andrea pirlo, do it for the ones who left because they thought they could never win with you (@ vidal @ pogba), do it for those who don’t believe you can actually win a final, do it for those who always believe in you, do it for that one year you, we, spent in serie b, do it for every time you get disrespected for your past, do it for those who hate you, do it for every time you thought you couldn’t, do it for the old ones, do it for the young ones, do it for the glory, do it for the happiness, do it for the magic, do it for yourself, do it for who or what the fuck you want, but just do it, juventus.

The biggest internet mystery I have ever come across involves this song called “The Orange Juice Song” by Deep Purple.

There’s nothing especially unusual about the song itself, and it’s not the song that’s the issue here. 

What has left me entirely stumped ever since I learned of its existence is what happens if you look up the lyrics on ANY website.

Nowhere in that song is anything even VAGUELY close to these lyrics said. Nowhere. 

I thought it must have been a mix-up, but try as I might, I cannot find any song with these lyrics. The song doesn’t seem to exist. And nowhere do you find the actual lyrics listed, either; it’s EVERY website. Google it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

The closest I can find is this minute-and-a-half video of vocal-less ambient music with these lyrics displayed on screen, titled as if it were the Deep Purple song.

…to be frank, all this does is make the situation a whole lot weirder. And the only youtube comment on it sums it up pretty well:

Every now and then I’ll remember about this song, and I’ll be tortured by the inexplicable existence/non-existence of these lyrics about orange juice, just thinkin bout that orange orange ju-u-u-u-uice.

Dear Writers,

For the love of whatever you believe in, please please please stop writing fics where the reader gets back with a cheater. It’s not healthy!! I don’t care if you actually went back to a cheater and it ended up fine, some people aren’t as lucky. Some go back and they continue to get cheated on, because their s/o uses them coming back to their advantage.

You never know what a reader is going through, they could be thinking “if i can go back to *fictional character* for cheating then i can go back to my significant other”.

This! Isn’t! Healthy!

And if you say “well someone requested it!!” yeah and someone asked me to write incest and I said no. Or someone asked me write smut and I said no. Saying no to a request is okay.

And if you read this and it doesn’t change your mind, at least put a warning like this:

‘reader gets back w/ cheater’

So people like me, who would never in a million years go back to a filthy asshole who cheated on me, can skip over it.

Love, a writer who is just trying to make Tumblr a safe place

Mind your words (Please stop the hate)

There are days where it feels like I’m standing in the middle of a busy street, screaming my lungs out and only a handful of people hear what I have to say.

But a handful of people hearing me is better than no one hearing me. So I will continue to speak out against the anon hate, begging for it to stop.

 And it needs to stop. 

I’ve made previous posts here and here about all the hate going on, only to see it seem to be getting worse.

The varying levels of hate that I have seen in the last few days is just heartbreaking. From being mad that one-shots are being posted and not a series. To sending messages scolding writers about their fics (which they chose to read, no one forces anyone to read fics). To sending rules to a writer/blogger about what she is and is not allowed to write about and post about on their own blog!!!! And lastly, to hating a writer so much that a blogger made a blog with the name I-hate-______ (I am not going to name the blog, out of respect for her victim, who has been humiliated enough. The hate blog has been reported by me and several others), who then sent messages to everyone that their victim is following, telling them to boycott that blog. It’s just heinous.  

My point is that when there is so much hate out there that blogs are being made just to target and very publicly announce how much they hate certain blogs or people…. then it’s gotten out of hand. 

What if you told someone to kill themselves becuase you hated them so much over some little slight that you think they did to you? How the hell would you feel if someone killed themselves over words that you said? How would you live with yourself???? 

The words that you say can have a lasting effect on a person. A good or bad effect? That rests solely on you and the words that you chose to say. 

So please make the right choice. Because something has to give. This hate needs to stop. It takes so much more time and energy to spread hate!!! Spreading love takes so much less time to do and the benefits are so much, much better. You feel better about yourself. Other people feel better about themselves. Tumblr is a safer place to escape too, and it makes the real world easier to deal with. So why spread the hate?????? Spread love, say nice things, be a good person and you will be so much happier!!!!

Before you make the choice to send hate mail, or bully a person, think of this:

And would you want it said to you? 

Chances are that you wouldn’t, so why say it to someone else? Why treat someone else like that? Treat others the way you want to be treated. Kindness, love and respect go a long way in this world. More so than hate, lies and bullying. 

And at the end of the day, at the end of your life. You can look back over it and say to yourself…. I made a difference. I had the opportunity to spread hate and negativity throughout the world, but instead I chose to spread love and kindness. If you do that one tiny change, you will change the world. All it takes is one act of kindness to start a change, even if you don’t see it, it’s there. The kind words you said to someone encouraged them to keep writing, keep going and they go and write a best seller that helps change the way people view themselves. Or your kind words could stop someone from killing themselves, someone who could make a groundbreaking discovery. Or be the parent to a child who makes the discovery. You never know if it will happen or not, but do you want to take that chance that your hateful words and actions deprived the world of someone they needed?

I don’t want to take that chance. 

And you shouldn’t either. So stop with the hate. Instead focus on yourself and why have so much hurt and anger that you feel the need to send hate mail and bully people who have never hurt you before. And work on getting past it. Reach out to someone for help. Because there is always someone willing to help.

And if someone did hurt you, they did not mean it. It was not intentional. And maybe talk to them and let them know what happened and how you feel. But do it without sending hate.

There is only one world, this one. So lets make it a better place.

Stop the hate. Spread the love.

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