Mind your words (Please stop the hate)

There are days where it feels like I’m standing in the middle of a busy street, screaming my lungs out and only a handful of people hear what I have to say.

But a handful of people hearing me is better than no one hearing me. So I will continue to speak out against the anon hate, begging for it to stop.

 And it needs to stop. 

I’ve made previous posts here and here about all the hate going on, only to see it seem to be getting worse.

The varying levels of hate that I have seen in the last few days is just heartbreaking. From being mad that one-shots are being posted and not a series. To sending messages scolding writers about their fics (which they chose to read, no one forces anyone to read fics). To sending rules to a writer/blogger about what she is and is not allowed to write about and post about on their own blog!!!! And lastly, to hating a writer so much that a blogger made a blog with the name I-hate-______ (I am not going to name the blog, out of respect for her victim, who has been humiliated enough. The hate blog has been reported by me and several others), who then sent messages to everyone that their victim is following, telling them to boycott that blog. It’s just heinous.  

My point is that when there is so much hate out there that blogs are being made just to target and very publicly announce how much they hate certain blogs or people…. then it’s gotten out of hand. 

What if you told someone to kill themselves becuase you hated them so much over some little slight that you think they did to you? How the hell would you feel if someone killed themselves over words that you said? How would you live with yourself???? 

The words that you say can have a lasting effect on a person. A good or bad effect? That rests solely on you and the words that you chose to say. 

So please make the right choice. Because something has to give. This hate needs to stop. It takes so much more time and energy to spread hate!!! Spreading love takes so much less time to do and the benefits are so much, much better. You feel better about yourself. Other people feel better about themselves. Tumblr is a safer place to escape too, and it makes the real world easier to deal with. So why spread the hate?????? Spread love, say nice things, be a good person and you will be so much happier!!!!

Before you make the choice to send hate mail, or bully a person, think of this:

And would you want it said to you? 

Chances are that you wouldn’t, so why say it to someone else? Why treat someone else like that? Treat others the way you want to be treated. Kindness, love and respect go a long way in this world. More so than hate, lies and bullying. 

And at the end of the day, at the end of your life. You can look back over it and say to yourself…. I made a difference. I had the opportunity to spread hate and negativity throughout the world, but instead I chose to spread love and kindness. If you do that one tiny change, you will change the world. All it takes is one act of kindness to start a change, even if you don’t see it, it’s there. The kind words you said to someone encouraged them to keep writing, keep going and they go and write a best seller that helps change the way people view themselves. Or your kind words could stop someone from killing themselves, someone who could make a groundbreaking discovery. Or be the parent to a child who makes the discovery. You never know if it will happen or not, but do you want to take that chance that your hateful words and actions deprived the world of someone they needed?

I don’t want to take that chance. 

And you shouldn’t either. So stop with the hate. Instead focus on yourself and why have so much hurt and anger that you feel the need to send hate mail and bully people who have never hurt you before. And work on getting past it. Reach out to someone for help. Because there is always someone willing to help.

And if someone did hurt you, they did not mean it. It was not intentional. And maybe talk to them and let them know what happened and how you feel. But do it without sending hate.

There is only one world, this one. So lets make it a better place.

Stop the hate. Spread the love.

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listen @NCT stylists, the MAMAs are coming up and the boys need to look sharp on the red carpet okay? SHARP. I know you love experimenting and going off the rails with your concepts but please NO CHOKERS, NO SUSPENDERS, NO ARBITRARY BELTS AND STRAPS, NO JUMPSUITS, NO PLAID SKIRTS, NO SHORTS, AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO OVERALLS.

Alright so this is hopefully the last political post I will make okay.

Do not fucking vote trump okay?? This man is a monster that not only threatens America but the world. No one will be safe. If this man can’t be trusted with a goddamn twitter account how the hell is he going to be trusted with nuclear codes? He is a monster.

Do NOT vote third party it is useless and it’s throwing away your vote.

Please vote Hillary. PLEASE. I am scared. No I am fucking terrified. Do NOT let that horrible man get elected.

Vote. Go out and fucking vote. Please. Don’t be responsible for bringing Hitler 2.0 into office

soulmate AU where when you hit 16 you wake up in your soulmate’s body. Now imagine it with Tsukishima and Hinata. Tsukishima waking up on his birthday and looking down at his feet and wtf his feet are so tiny and his hands are so tiny and WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK he’s the midget????? he’s HINATA??? and then he hears a phone ring, he answers it, and he hears his own voice saying,

“holy shit, the view from up here is great. the air kinda smells greater too. being tall is amazing, Tsukishima” 

Two Fandoms, Conflicting Elements.

To start this off, I’m talking specifically about the Y*ri On Ice fandom and the Killing Stalking fandom. Two things that have unfortunately met in some fucked up pow-wow. I’m guessing it’s because with Y*ri On Ice ending, the fandom has to fly south until a possible sequel is released, and like me, they’ve found their way to Killing Stalking. Mind you, Killing Stalking and Y*ri on Ice have NOTHING in common. You could say they both have m/m pairings, but that’s exactly where it becomes dense. Y*ri on Ice’s main canon m/m pairing, is a healthy, understanding, supportive relationship. Killing Stalker’s unfortunate choice of pairing, is an abusive, forced, toxic courtship between two mentally disturbed men. Now, I know some of the fandom justifies the right and does not romanticize abuse, but there are a hefty bunch who do, and that’s where I draw the line. I’m asking of you to please not cross-contaminate these pairings, especially by making AUs in which V*ctuuri is in the place of Killing Stalker characters. Keep these two apart, because I’d like to enjoy them as they are, as entirely different material.


“MODEST needs your help” Comission

My financial situation currently is bad.. and i need to pay for medical therapy and psychologist visits. So i’m offering comissions…i havn’t really thought about it seriously before…but now i need to. I really apreciate any halp…and i will do my best with that drwings.

comission inf:

  • I can draw you any character but you need to give me some references  (minimum 2 pictures and short personality description) (especially whan it is your oc)
  •  i can draw nude ppl (but only somethink soft..no explicit pornography)
  • I won’t draw: mecha, furry, anthro
  • If you are interested message me here (or on my e-mail: virus.shimada@gmail.com)
  • peyment before i strart drawing (only via PayPal)
  • don’t be afraid of asking questions

reblogs are welcome (thay can help a lot)

thank a lot in advance :3