it’s a speed paint i guess? of that… previous one… you can just feel my frustration at… several points, well, i mean, if you aren’t bored out of your mind from the lack of music

i’ll probably… delete this later…

  • Me:*spreads out project dark age cd's on bed to try and decide which one to listen to first*
  • Internal monologue:How about we start from left to right, like you would read a book? Let's start with Ugly.
  • Internal dialogue:But Japanese goes from right to left. We should start with Undying.
  • Internal guest star:Obviously we're supposed to go in chronological order, which would mean we start with Dogma.
  • Internal narrator:What, are you trying to be some kind of angsty rebel? Because you aren't. Isn't the thing in the middle always the center of attention? We can't be cliche like that.

Mikleo, you should have been expecting that answer.

What I find interesting in this segment (other than the result with maybe-Eizen just kinda going away because Sorey stared at him) is Mikleo’s reaction. Cue no one being surprised. Anyway, it’s all in the voice acting because Ryota Osaka continues to be amazing in all aspects. He says Sorey’s name with such awe here in that third cap. Sorey, staring determinedly at imminent death with absolutely no plan to go by, still standing to confront it head on to protect a city of strangers. 

And somehow, some way, he technically succeeds.

Through sheer luck, as his face fully admits.

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Without moving, she looks back as his hand runs through her hair. It’s nice and she considers just letting it down entirely, but…she spent too much time trying to pull it up today. Best not undo that work. Maybe later.

She hums in thought, hand at her chin. Two of them are childish, she thinks. The last one is…strange. Who wants to be a baby? She chuckles to hide her awkwardness about it, shaking her head. “Try again?” To be fair, she doesn’t think she is good at nicknaming either. She can only think to call him Victor. But… “What about you? Do you want one as well? I can’t say I’m particularly great at it, but I could always try to think of something…”

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Greetings friends! Recently, I met this lovely lady/television headed being. Says her name is Echo. She’s got a lovely singing voice, i think you should check her music out, I’ve been listening to it A LOT recently. You’re smart enough to google it yourself. Now, I can’t end the post here, I have to hit my word limit, or I don’t get fed tonight, I’m going to awkwardly Segway into a rant about anime culture and weaboos. Might as well flame us, we might attract some new readers.

So, I have a bit of a checklist here, you might want read along

1.Start post with a recommendation of some music

2.Make awkward Segway into new topic

3.Out of place jab at neckbeards, body pillows and basements.

4.Roast the prices of anime

5.Feed stark reality to our readers

6.Start a flame war

7.Finish with an author’s note

I’m not sure how to put this, but body pillows. I’ve seen body pillows so “used” that they stand by themselves, and quite honestly, it terrifies me. If pure weeaboo could be condensed, then moshi moshi Jesus Desu would never return to our plane of existence. Frankly, God is dead and Kawaii has replaced him. There’s nothing that makes me more worried than public transport with weeaboos. There’s an annual convention where i live, and the reason it’s annual is because for the following year, there is so much anime essence radiating off the surrounding area, it’s more toxic than a nuclear fallout zone. It’s surprising how bad an area can become when people of generous proportions sporting neckbeards buy anime figurines. Especially when they’re also carrying their anime katana. Now we should touch on the subject of anime figurines, and just merchandise in general. The stuff pretty pricey, for the price of ONE life sized Hatsune Miku figurine, you could actually buy yourself friends. But who needs friends when you have a life sized figure of your senpai. There’s a little thing I like to call the “Weeb effect” I have nothing against weeaboos, and if you want some of those tentacles on the side, none of my business. But when you’re sitting on a bus, playing spot the main character, in a fedora and the classic naruto ninja garb, with the other hand wrapped around the body pillow that can only be described as crusty, having seen some action. I have to say, when that happens, I’m going to revoke your anime rights by turning off the subtitles. You may be learning Japanese with google translate, but I have control over the subtitles. But yes, the “Weeb effect”, which accurately entails the following process:

Jerry has a job, a family and a life.

Jerry occasionally watches anime, and sometimes listens to the Undertale soundtrack.

Jerry becomes infatuated with a specific anime, so he cosplays as the main character to an anime convention

At this point, Jerry’s family know it’s too late.

Jerry spends his earnings from his job on anime figures, and to complete the transformation, he buys a body pillow of the female lead of his favorite anime.

Before long, Jerry has an anime profile picture, and has started learning Japanese in his parents basement.

This is what’s known as “the Weeb effect”. The whole anime culture could be summed up in 4 words.  Here we go:

“Anime is a mistake”

Woah, I know right, harsh. Factual is more like it. I’d offer you people breadsticks, but Jerry just calls them non-chocolate Pocky now, so I’ve had to take them away. If you’re not crazy, like Jerry, some wonderful humanitarian made a wikihow on “How to avoid becoming a weeaboo” I have the wonderful opportunity to link it here: http://www.wikihow.com/Avoid-Becoming-a-Weeaboo The reason that this had to be written down, still eludes me to this day. I’m looking at you Jerry. I know you listen to the undertale soundtrack when I’m talking to you. (Side note: For all Creebs bashes the Undertale soundtrack, he’s the one that owns it. We’ve both played the game, but he bought the soundtrack. Your sins have been revealed co-host.)

Anyway, this has been a rather long rant, with a-ridiculously-long-username, that doesn’t make sense, and honestly I regret this decision immensely already.

(Author’s note: Now, before you go off and start firing up your finger muscles to burn me to the ground for insulting your senpai, or go pray to Kawaii to grant you the power to throw shurikens and kunai through the internet, just go check the music I recommended in the beginning of the post. See? BAWRAO has something for everyone, even you Jerry. Even you.)



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