Can we take a moment to appreciate how sweet these two are??? Like Jongin didn’t really need to help Soo get that rubber ball…we know how into the performance Jongin gets but he stopped just to step on it so Soo can pick it up

Dear Bioware, all I ask for in DA4 is that if there’ character customization, make sure the elven noses from DA2 are possible and that you can’t make human noses. Also the more bug-like eyes.

DA2 had the superior design for the Qunari and Elves. While carbon copies mostly, the concept was there and it was A+. DaI Qunari and Elves are just literally humans with pointy ears/horns that are either lanky or have just trained a lot.


@1amwho1want2be Said: I recently caught a shiny Liepard while replaying Pokémon Y and i was wondering if you could draw a shiny Liepard in commemoration of my luck? (btw this was a full odds shiny and i was so shook when i got it and immediately thought of your blog! :3) {also love the blog, 🖤💛💜, keep up the good work! 👍🏻}

Aww you lucky ducky!! Shiny Liepard is by far one of my favorite shinies, one of my goals for sure. Congratulations!! You might even see a shiny Liepard on this blog veeery soon! ♫

Okay but have we talked about THIS yet

This handsome man is in FF XV’s game data, with HD textures and stuff. At least on PS4 Version, I don’t know about xbox 

Anyways, this is Versus XIII Noctis. So I guess Square Enix forgot to delete it or they kept it there on purpose???