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3.26.16 // I’m baaaack! 😍 It’s been almost 3 weeks since surgery, and I’ve been dying to get back to writing (and functioning in general lol) and my bullet journal (I think I did pretty well writing again! Still a little shaky)! I started my new job this week, and I could not be happier!! The people I work with are amazing. It’s such a fun environment! They even decorated my desk for my first day (and bought me an adorable plant to start my collection!!), and I got to make this tote bag from the design to printing to sewing it! I’m so excited for this amazing start to my career 😊🎉

Uhhhh….attempt at chibis? >.<;;;;;

I’ve wanted to make merch for a reaaaally long time, starting with charms of some sort, but chibi art style intimidates the crap out of me.  I tried?  But yeah, I found a site that makes charms pretty affordably, even at smaller runs, with multiple characters. 

Would anyone be interested in charms like these?  I’ll probably just do two to start, but if people are interested I also want kitty!Hiro and puppy!Dashi charms, and ones where they’re in it together, and possibly other things too, like stickers and pins….is my chibi style alright????


I’ve just been told that I won’t have a ride home from Dallas tonight. I didn’t budget for the means to get myself home (an Uber, most likely) and given that it’s fairly far it could get pricey. I would have made a plan for this beforehand but I was only informed of this after I was already at the train station I’m departing from.

My paypal is nkelleytx@gmail.com. I would greatly appreciate any kind of help that could be thrown my way. I’m getting nervous about being alone in a city I’m mostly unfamiliar with


I’ve always really liked Psylocke’s outback costume.

Rule 47

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Thanks for sticking around and reading all of these words. You’re all lovely.

Part Twenty-Two [final]

“2:30 means 2:30. Not 2:33.”

Grace doesn’t even wait until she’s opened the door. She’s so nervous she’s practically shouting through the door from the next room. She might be excited. She’s not really sure. All Grace knows is that she’s definitely running on adrenaline. And coffee. So much coffee.

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