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What do you think of the new characters shown in The Force Awakens?

…Anyone specific, Anon?

I mean, if not then I’d have to say

they are all very attractive people.

I’ve been less than productive this year when it comes to art so far, but I’m in such an odd spot where I like… I’m happy and confident about most of my art and when I have those weird moments where I scroll past my own drawings I have an ‘oh wow this looks cool I should reblog it‘ moment before I realize that I’m a dummy, that’s my own art right there.

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omg you should do a story focused around johnny and the landgrabs

Okay tbh I always started with Johnny Zest whenever I would play TS4 ~back in the old days~ and it always ended with him moving back in with the Landgraabs. Except for the first time when I made him marry Malcolm because I didn’t realize they were related. That’s how it would go. The end.

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"I wanna do stuff with you" why is that so sweet and romantic my heart is crying

I KNOW RIGHT??? Like, GOD, it’s just so sweet and pure and HONEST and the Isak we used to know was so protective of his feelings, used to bury them and try to cast them aside, too afraid to bare his soul like that, and now…he’s just telling his boyfriend, lovingly, I want to experience things with you? I want to SEE THE WORLD with you?? Like…I can’t, anon. I honestly can’t.


Alright y'all so, I’m going to have to regretfully inform you that @tweety-is-not-amused will not be running this blog with me anymore!! Everything is fine, we’re still best friends, nothing has happened haha, but this blog has been quite stressful on her so we will have a new mod, @levtuve so please give her a warm welcome!! Asks and everything will be answered as normal :)

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man i was just rereading trk in prep for re-working the final chapter of seventeen and i realised i don't know how to say gansey's name?? at all?? like is it 'gan-see' (like fancy) or 'gan-zee'? or 'gan-say'? i cant believe i read all four books and didnt parse this out l m a o

YEAH OKAY THAT’S. DAMN. my friends and i say ‘gan-zee’ but that?? might not be right? especially because like.. the virginian accents they all speak in?? i need to know how everyone pronounces gansey Right Now. everyone leave ur interpretation in the replies pls

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Yooo, I remember when you used to type as ENTP so what signs or characteristics made u realize u use Se instead of Ne?

It had to do with me finally deciding I was thinking too much so I Stopped Thinking. And then bang bang bang, Ni came knocking on my door and I had this weird stock epiphany that went along the lines of “Dirt’s real. I can stick my hands into dirt. I can’t, however, stick my hands into Politics.” I left the situation with a better understanding of both dirt and politics, as well as the things that I could and couldn’t stick my hands inside of. 

From then on I started thinking again, and it was a lot different than the way I was doing it prior to that moment. I started in the domain I //could//, in fact, stick my hands into and used the knowledge to deal with the domains I couldn’t stick my hands into. It worked. 

But in actuality, I realized that a lot of the N types I knew had very different priorities than me, and I started hanging out with more people which provided better insight into how others view me. It’s definitely as some sort of xSTP lol, but the I vs. the E really depends. 

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Wait, what's happening with Jennifer Morrison's fans? I missed something.

nothing huge or shocking, it’s all pretty much par for the course. apparently at the stage door (of matthew perry’s weird shitty misogyny-fest that critics have been tearing apart for weeks) a fan was jokingly like “oh, you play the gay sheriff on once upon a time” and jmo had about seven panic attacks in the space of a second, so now they’re petitioning to, like, send jmo on a spa retreat or something because she’s been subjected to so much pain and suffering from the evil gay kids who ship swan queen. like every other cast member (right up to granny lucas) hasn’t readily joked about this kind of stuff with fans at cons like a normal, well-adjusted adult human being. 

also apparently sun dogs (the film she’s been directing that we were all naively cheering on a few months back) is islamophobic/a look at ~the white police’s point of view~ irt police brutality, and again, legions of fans rose up to protect her from even the most well-meaning criticism, because god forbid anyone say anything against her, ever

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75 for paradex?

“I’ve been fighting for a long time… and it’s turned me into.. this.”

omfg anon, you’re either asking for something hilarious or really angsty. let’s see what we can do 

and this will also be from my OoG verse

for @dexrarepairweek

It’s one of those rare afternoons off that finds Dex playing Overwatch with Nursey. Remotely of course, because Nursey was down in New York procrastinating on editing an manuscript. Kent all but throws the front door open, unceremoniously dumps the groceries in front of the fridge, and drops his phone into Dex’s lap. He collapses into the armchair to the right of the couch, scrubbing his face harshly. 

“Hi to you too,” Dex chirps. 

“Not in the mood, William,” Kent groans. 

Kent never calls him by his first name. It’s enough to get him to pause the game and mumble a “be right back” to Nursey. 

“Why do I have your phone?”

“Because people are assholes,” Kent says. 

Dex eyes him warily. He unlocks the phone, which is already open to Twitter. There’s a massive thread about hockey players coming out because they’re not man enough to get a real woman. 

“Sorry, what did you do?”

“Almost came out on Twitter just to say— y’know — fuck you. I’d love to know what your definition of ‘real woman’ is, you fucking transphobe.” 

“But you didn’t?” Dex asks slowly. 

“Nope,” Kent says with an emphasis on the p. “Did not, in fact, out myself today out of spite.” 

“That’s good.” He nods. 

Kent snorts, throwing his arms over his face. Dex reads through the thread again. Both thankful that Kent didn’t do anything to put himself in danger, and pissed that he even had to look it in the first place. 

“So what’s the problem?” he asks after Kent’s had some time to calm down. 

“I don’t know.” Kent sighs. “My first instinct was to cause a shit storm. And I didn’t — yay? But it was still there, that fucking knee-jerk reaction to start a fight before they get me.”

“Who’s they?” 

Kent waves him off.  “I’ve been fighting for a long time… and it’s turned me into.. this.” He gestures vaguely to himself. “This — neurotic mess, who’s always on edge. You know I almost kicked some people out yesterday because they wouldn’t stop asking why the bathroom signs are so weird?”

Bitty and Kent had special ordered some bathroom signs with mythical creatures on them that said “whatever, just wash your hands.” 

Dex shrugs, offering a hug that Kent quickly gets up to accept. He’s sitting in Dex’s lap, clinging in every way imaginable. It’s nice, Dex thinks as he squeezes back. Maybe he can’t fight Kent’s battles for him (Kent would hate that anyway). But if he could be there at the end of the day to make things a little better, it was worth it. 

“You’re allowed to refuse service to anyone,” Dex mutters. “You can block people on Twitter. I know it sucks sometimes, and you can come out whenever you  want —”  

“But…” Kent prompts. 

“But maybe you aren’t ready,” Dex supplies. “Maybe you don’t ever have to be ready. It’s not about them, it’s about you being yourself. Fuck the rest of the world, they don’t deserve you.” 

Kent chuckles, leaning back to kiss Dex on the cheek. “Maybe you’re right. Thanks, baby.” 

Dex feels his lip twitch softly. “Anything for you.”  

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ok so like what if Nurse got his name because he was originally a nurse major but switched? or what if he was in a Nursing advertisement as a model and the boys saw it and instantly adopted it?!?!

oh my god like they didn’t even realise that his last name was nurse and just saw him in the advertisement and ran with it. the fact that it was also a play on his last name ended up just being a happy coincidence. and now whenever people say ‘oh nursey, like your surname right?’ nursey has to explain that no actually, it’s because before he came to samwell he did a bit of modelling for a new york nursing home and his idiot teammates saw and thought it was hilarious 

(also do not get me started on nurse!nursey bc i will not stop ever)