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I'm sure someone already asked this but being a moron I missed it. What console you playing warframe on?

I play on PC! My IGN is haek94 if you’re interested in adding me nwn

also this happened

#The life of a Tenno is Hard


#Me when I reblog my commission chart

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Have u been watching all the interviews lately?... im so sad they’re so unmeaningful and repetitive... i hope ellen asks some good questions or else im gonna flip

Yes I have!! Honestly, same. Some of the questions are really undermining them as humans and artists. BTS are so much more than just a ‘boy band’ they’re a group of young, intelligent, caring, loving and handsome men who are out there using their platform to speak words for themselves and those who don’t have a voice to do so. No interview so far has asked them solely about their music and only the same old ‘will you be making an album in English’ and I hate that damned question. Why do they as South Koreans need to please the Western market with an English album when they’re comfortable in using their own language to express their messages? Why do they need them to conform to Western tastes when we can adapt to them, which quite frankly we have done for this whole time - we’ve been able to love them so far without an English album, so why does that need to change when people will continue to love them for their music in Korean? Another thing is that the fact that people are asking for English albums are really just proving how they’re separating music when music is an international language (if that makes any sense at all?). 

They haven’t even fucking asked them about the UNICEF Campaign that they’re doing yet, instead they’re asking pretty irrelevant questions like ‘celebrity crushes’. Why don’t they actually ask about something that is meaningful and important like UNICEF, and how this campaign is spreading positivity and helping to End Violence? Those are the things I want to hear, I don’t really want to know about who they want to see at the AMAs because they’re BTS, we should know by now that they’re grateful people who are so open to music that they’re happy to basically see everyone there. The questions are ridiculously repetitive and I’m so disappointed in those questions, because as ‘intellectuals’ they should be asking other intellectuals questions that are important and meaningful. Bangtan aren’t showing their full intelligence with these sort of questions. 

I’m really hoping Ellen asks good questions that allows them to talk about their passion freely ~

Edit: Can I just add that they don’t owe you guys anything, they’ve got this far and made it there with their music in Korean, so don’t think that they suddenly owe you shit because they’re in the US and should make pure English songs. They’re in America for the pure reason that they’re talented and passionate about what they do. Stop trying to change them to fit to your ‘standards’.

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I sent this a bit ago, but I don't know if tumblr ate it so I'm gonna ask again. So for andthentherewerenone, the Sith are gone and even the most stubborn in the Senate have learned not to the mess with the Jedi, but well... the Jedi have a galaxy's worth of enemies. There are plenty out there who would PAY to have a Jedi in their clutches either for revenge or because its some kind of turn on for them. And the clones... well they don't like that. Que clones vs. slavers. Clones win. Please?

Feeling a bottle settled to his lips after head had been settled into someones lap, Anakin started sucking instantly and almost moaned in bliss as cold water filled his mouth as he continued sucking as slowly as he could.

“That’s it General, slow and steady.” A familiar voice murmured as a gentle hand passed over his hair.

The voice made Anakin force himself to open his swollen eye as much as he could to stare up at Kix and Tup, the former having been the to lift his head up and the latter being the one with the bottle.

He swallowed and closed his eyes again, the strain being to much as he continued to suck the water down steadily until it was empty and Tup took the empty bottle away.

“Is he aware?” He heard Tup question.

“Somewhat, but if he remembers this is something else. General, can you tell me where you hurt?” Kix questioned.

Rasping a bit, Anakin forced his eyes open again to narrow slits. “Everywhere… fuckin’ slavers.” He slurred out.

“Yes, fucking slavers.” Kix agreed, once again carefully pressing his hand over Anakin’s no doubt greasy and bloody curls. “Captain’s going through the rest of the cells to find General Kenobi and General Billaba with the rest of the men, but he’s going to come back with a stretcher for you.” He smiled gently at him, eyes creased in worry.

Anakin rasped and closed his eyes before weakly lifting his hand to his throat. Tup caught his hand, or Anakin assumed it was Tup at least since Kix was still stroking his hair. “Easy does it General, we already removed it. No collar for any of you unless that’s what you want.” He assured his Jedi.

The other made a soft noise at that before nodding, letting Tup guide his hand back down, the trooper still holding it.

“…Kark his hand Kix…”

“I know, he’ll need bacta anyhow. I think all of them will.” Kix sighed above Anakin. “They did a real mess of his stump too…”

Anakin made a low noise and hoped that Padme would be allowed to visit him in the Halls before he let himself pass out, knowing the troopers would keep him and the others safe.


“What do you mean slavery rings are on the run and the hutts are running scared?” Anakin blinked up at Windu as he was being toweled off by a droid.

“Just what I said, the clones have them on the ropes.” Mace shrugged, glancing back to where Depa and Obi-Wan were still floating in the tanks before looking back at his fellow uniformed council member. “Apparently the slavers have a high price on any Jedi, but double for anyone like you, me, Depa or Obi-Wan. The troopers have not taken kindly to it at all and now they’re…”

“They’re reacting.” Anakin finished for him, face grim. “How bad? How is the Senate taking it?” He added as the droid put a soft tank robe over his shoulders.

The bald Jedi ran a hand over his head. “That’s just the thing, they’ve been… silent about it. I was hoping you’d talk to your wife, see what she says?” He added reluctantly.

Staring at the other for a few moments, Anakin nodded. “Sure.” He sighed a bit before wincing.

Mace watched him before sighing. “How bad off are you? The reports indicated that your hand was… well you were very injured.”

Anakin lifted his hand, wiggling his fingers and grunting a bit. “Well, the nerves are damaged I can tell you but… I can still use it. I fought the longest since… well my history.” He grunted quietly and Mace nodded quietly.

The two looked towards the tanks for long moments. “…You did well Skywalker.” The Korun finally praised and Anakin felt a wry smile cross his face.

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I live for your headcanons and I live for Vhope so the logical thing is to ask if you've got some Vhope headcanons for me? Pretry please?

i live for vhope too my friend!! and i do i do !!!!!

  • 98% of hufflepuffs are friendly and welcoming to new students and u can bet yOUR HAT HOSEOK IS ONE OF THEM
  • like he just does above and beyond to make the first years feel happy and at home
  • and tae immediately warms up to him
  • tae literally tangles himself to hobi’s legs and hobi just accepts it
  • tae absolutely adores him who god damn doesn’t
  • hype up couple
  • out for blood whenever hufflepuff has a game
  • literally screaming murder
  • always all over each other
  • personal space i don’t know her
  • walking around with sunglasses bc why not
  • tae gets homesick easily and hobi is always there to cheer him up
  • he’ll start talking about astronomy and he’ll have so much wonder in his eyes that tae just feels like he has part of home right there
  • chillin in the gardens and having some random hobbies like knitting everyone some weird sweaters
  • purposefully playing random songs on the barrils
  • then getting soaked in vinegar
  • then going to hug the rest of the boys
  • and then running away laughing when jin threatens to hex them
  • always, always have each other’s back

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what specs does your computer have?

Did I say computer? Sorry, I meant toy! It’s a 2010 MacBook Pro, all standard BS.
2.53 Ghz Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA buttfuck whatever graphics… it’s not bad, it’s just old. Most MacBooks seem to crap out after 3 or 4 years so I’m just pushing it is all.

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Completely random but I actually once had a dream that I was a hero that could store any weapon I touched, like it'd just be absorbed into my body and expelled whenever I'd need it. But like, my weapon of choice was a marshmallow on a stick. My catchphrase was "anything's a weapon if you try hard enough" I'm making her an OC and I'll die happy because of it (I was also technically just waking up from anesthesia after breaking my wrist lmao, was the weirdest dream I've had)



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So, I love Supergirl and I love Crazy Ex Girlfriend. This isn’t me dragging the shows themselves… This is just that I’m curious about something, and I kind of just want to voice a concern about a connection I’m seeing.

When Maggie and Alex were scheduled to break up… It sucked, but I understood because Maggie’s actress had things going on. I get it. The real world influenced the character’s storylines. Sad, but it happens. They decided the way to cause the breakup was to give them different family goals. Alex wants kids, and Maggie doesn’t. The storyline didn’t make a ton of sense to me, because why wouldn’t they discuss it before getting engaged? But I supposed it could happen, and since ultimately this was happening because the actress was leaving I made my peace with how they decided to do it.

Then this past week my mom recapped me about what was happening on Crazy Ex Girlfriend (I have to wait until it comes to Netflix to watch) and White Josh and Daryl are also in turmoil because one character wants kids and the other doesn’t???

The only other couple I could think of that had this particular “couple problem” is another queer couple (from Greys Anatomy– which I didn’t watch, but I’m familiar enough.) They broke up and then got back together when the one who didn’t want kids changed their mind. Right?

ANYWAY. The two shows I actually watch, they’re both on the CW, and I’m just… I couldn’t help but be curious why they chose to have the main queer couples on both shows experience this one particular problem in the same time frame? There are so many issues a couple can experience?

And then I thought… Can anyone name me a straight couple that has this same plot on mainstream television?

I’m sure they have to exist but I can’t think of any, and it would make me feel better.