It says on Kirishima’s Bio that he likes everything that’s manly, He’s always pointing how manly kacchan is THEREFORE by my calculations, this must be his situation right now

#hispanicgirlsunited because..

• Hispanic women were made fun of forever for having a lot of hair (facial hair especially) but now ‘bold brows’ are the new thing

• Our traditional garb is now called a peasant top by stores targeted for rich, white girls

• People automatically assume my mother cleans houses and my father picks oranges

• I’m not allowed to move out of the house until I’m married but my male cousin is free to leave home when he pleases

• We’ve been fetishized objects instead of the strong women we are

• When I tell people I hate cooking and cleaning, they ask me what Im supposed to do when I get a husband

• Our culture is appropriated constantly and no one realizes but us

• White people want us “Out of their country” when without us they wouldn’t have: orange juice in the morning, people to clean their houses, people building their houses, someone to mow their lawn, tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and basically someone doing all the shitty jobs no one else wants to do for shitty wages ( also we’re badly stereotyped for doing/making/eating these things)

• Someone’s literally told me “You’re pretty for a Latin girl”

• If I don’t know how to say a word in Spanish people say “Aren’t you supposed to be bilingual?”

• People are SO impressed by the fact that I get good grades

• I’m too Mexican to listen to Nirvana and Fleetwood Mac, but too White to listen to Selena and Pedro Infante

• Our problems are completely ignored in the media

• When I say my opinion I’m suddenly the voice of my race

• People can’t grasp the idea that Hispanics don’t just come from Mexico

• When there’s people at my school doing the flowers, trees, etc. people say “oh look there’s you’re family”

• Our beauty standards are women who have light skin, hair, and eyes when the majority of us have darker everything

• I can’t eat a taco at school without people saying “Of course you’d eat that!”

• People are surprised I’m not super loud and social

• When I translate for my friends and family people make faces at me

• Whenever I get angry people blame it on me being Hispanic

• Places like Panajachel and Antigua have been taken over by white hippies

• If I’m arguing with someone their first comeback is “I’ll deport you”

• Boys have come up to my friends and said “Hey mami” or “Call me papi”

• We’re represented far less than most minorities and when we are in the media we’re portrayed as sexy, curvy, and always promiscuous

• Most of us have relatives, neighbors, or friends that have been deported and we miss them dearly but we can’t tell anyone because they’ll think we’re undocumented as well

• Cinco De Mayo = Drinking holiday Memorial Day = important holiday

• We come here to work hard and we’re perceived as lazy wetbacks

• I can’t say gringo but anyone can tell me to go back to my country

• People don’t realize America wouldn’t be shit without us and other minorities :))

free_69min thingy on twitter, prompt was new haircut/hairstyle and yeah rocker/punk rinrei oops. oh dear poor guys i’m sorry i put you through this (▰˘◡˘▰) on another note, i think rin would be reluctant about cutting his precious hair, so he just braids it for a shaved effect hah rei would go all out maybe?

“I woke up, and you weren’t there.” Jack grumbled, leaning in to kiss Bitty on the cheek. 

“Baby, you think I’m going to let you scurry back to Providence on an empty stomach? Who do you think I am?” Bitty smiled sleepily up at Jack, his hair still mussed from sleep.

 “I just didn’t realize you could wake up this early on your own free will,” Jack teased, not bothering to avoid the incoming swat. 

“Jack Laurent Zimmermann, do you want pancakes, or not?”


SaturDIARY: I’M ON TV // Grace Helbig

The Signs as Descriptive Imagery

Aries - As rain ploughs the earth like enemy fire, the beating of your heart synchronizes with the thunder. Your bare feet dance over open fields and you waltz with the wind, unsure if you are laughing or crying or screaming but just knowing you are free.

Taurus - You lie in the grass and watch the sun rise, a soft breeze whispering across your skin and tousling your hair. For a little while, the earth is still, quiet, the world taking a step back to just observe with you. The air lilts with a faint scent of spring flowers, and each breath you draw feels like you’re breathing for the first time, a newborn.

Gemini - At the precipice of a high cliff, you run. Your feet skirt across the earth with agile determination, and you are unbothered by the startling and dangerous drop at your side. You dart and jump and skid through the land, your heart in your throat and your pulse pounding in your ears. You don’t even realize you’re laughing until your lungs are burning, the sensation raw, unrestrained.

Cancer - A blizzard rages outside your small cottage, pine trees quaking under the force of the wind, and the snow blending the world into a cacophony of white. Inside, you are warm, safe. You sit before a log fire, cocooned in quilts that smell of must and memories, and you smile to yourself. Your chest feels as if it is filling with warm caramel, and you allow your eyes to flutter closed, lulled by the melody of the storm.

Leo - The sunrise is breathtaking. You feel your heart stutter in your chest, and the air draw from your lungs. The sky is painted in a harmonic mess of colours, like the painting of a child. The wind peals like quiet bells, and you raise a lazy hand into the air, trying to touch the dandelion particles cruising across the breeze. The softest of smiles brushes your lips, and, for the first time in a while, you truly feel at peace.

Virgo - You are incognizant of the rain beating down outside, your mind entirely captured by the abandoned bookshop in which you roam. As you walk between the aisles, your fingers trail over books, the texture rough under your skin. They are stacked in such a way that it could be considered haphazard, but in your eyes, it has a kind of symmetry; everything is in its place, a beautiful disorder. The taste of stories weighs heavy on your tongue, and the air hums with the smell of old pages.

Libra - You’re standing on a balcony in the French countryside, a warm breeze fluttering against your exposed skin. You can hear laughter in the distance, and you can’t help but let your own lips quirk up in a light smile. You feel each one of your anxieties melt away like expensive wine, your shoulders relaxing and your mind settling into peaceful tranquility. It feels as if the stars are smiling with you.

Scorpio - You walk through a forest on a dark autumn’s night, the cold flushing your cheeks and the air buzzing with magic. You shiver as mist laps at your ankles, and you follow the path of the fireflies deep into the unknown, a slight hint of fear and a tangible zing of excitement making your veins hum and your pulse throb.

Sagittarius - Your hair glows in the soft light of dusk, the sand feeling like silk between your toes. You dance across the shore, spinning and stumbling and giggling to yourself, not even trying to stifle it because there is no-one there to hear you. Your heart feels light, your bones tingling, and you feel as if you could take flight, the wind carrying you away, a feather in the breeze.

Capricorn - From your position upon the roof of an abandoned building, you watch as the last tendrils of night bleed into a diluted sky. The cold air bites your skin, but it doesn’t bother you. The world is a mysterious place, and you like to observe as its cogs spin backwards. You find a kind of melody in its routine, a symmetry in it’s chaos.

Aquarius - You are coming home. You’ve been away for so long, and although you enjoyed your trip, the pit of your stomach is aching for the warm familiarity that you take for granted every day of your life. As you step inside the home you know so well, on the street you’ve memorized like the back of your hand, you can’t help the grin that splits your face and the sensation of puzzle pieces clicking together settling in your stomach. Home. You are home.

Pisces - Your thoughts slow to a steady hum as you traipse barefoot through the woods. There’s something about the freedom of the open air that lets you feel like you can finally breathe, that the sticky mess of thoughts and ideas that constantly plague your mind can melt away into cool, clear water. The animals do not respond to your presence, because it is as if you are not really there. You are one with the earth, an extension of the forest, and all can feel is an aching sensation of belonging.

This is literally me right now