I foresee my valentine humour getting worse and worse each year…. much love to the archaeology lovers on tumblr from moi :)

#2 So You’re An Archaeologist?

“You people are so close-minded, how can anyone NOT go to Stonehenge and feel its powersource? It affects electronics in weird ways! And how can you possibly explain how it was made, and precisely on leylines?”

*patiently explains*

“Well of course you would say that, wouldn’t you.”


The Dovekeepers - Alice Hoffman Interview

Temeraire Challenge 23

23. The character you most relate to


  • untidy dark hair, “thin, sallow face”
  • excitable
  • tendency to go on tangents about things he is passionate about without realizing it is totally inappropriate to the occasion and that no one is following him or cares
  • socially oblivious, especially when preoccupied
  • cares VERY INTENSELY about a particular goal or subject, often to the exclusion of all else

I am Arthur Hammond.


For the anon who asked to see my tattoos!

The top one is my most recent. It’s on my left shoulder, and I got it back in December.  I wanted to get something inspired by the show Warehouse 13, and I’ve always loved the beehive artifact, so my artist came up with this design and I love it!

The second is my birthday written in Maya glyphs, on my back running parallel to my spine (second picture is reversed because I took it in the mirror but you can see the placement better).

When I first posted a picture of my initial drawing for this second tattoo I got a few people in my askbox who raised concerns that using this language is a form of cultural appropriation.  I did a lot of research online after I read these concerns, but I never came across one article/website/blog/anything that said this would be inappropriate.  The Maya saw writing as a gift from the gods, but the writing itself wasn’t sacred.  Furthermore, what I have tattooed here is not a prayer or a depiction of a deity or a sacred symbol; it is nothing more than a date!  I got this tattoo because my desire to study anthropology started in a two week crash course on the Maya when I was a freshman in high school.  Ever since then I’ve done extensive reading on the culture and am currently enrolled in my second college level course specifically focused on the Maya with a professor who has made many research trips to Central America and spoken with modern Maya peoples.  I have nothing but the deepest respect for this culture, and I hope to travel to Belize next summer as a field student to work at Maya sites in person.