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28,29 pride questionnaire

28. Already answered~

29. how do you feel about receiving questions about your sexuality/gender?
I like it. I mean in all seriousness I love talking about myself bc I’m lowkey vain as hell but seriously. Since I’m not as open irl (I mean I am but people don’t really care and still misgender me and shit but whatever) I like talking about this stuff on tumblr just cuz I can really be open about it and talk about it and stuff.

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Hello! I'm an ENFP with a love for MBTI and now I want to learn and study enneagrams. Are there any sources you recommend using? I'm obsessed with personality stuff.

Intro to Enneagram: Resources

I’d start with the enneagram institute website to get yourself grounded in the theory. The eclectic energies website is good as well, but I don’t think their test is very accurate. 

This booklet is my favorite enneagram resource. It discusses the basics, each type, wings, instinctual variants, and even gives descriptions of tritypes. Definitely worth the read. 

This test is my favorite. It’ll tell you your main type as well as your tritype. It doesn’t include descriptions of the types but you can easily find those elsewhere. Make sure you read up on all of your top scoring types to make sure you’ve found your best fit. 

This test is a pretty good starting point, but take some of the questions with a grain of salt (“I’ve often been described as dopey” - wtf?). The good news about this test is that it’ll tell you your instinctual variant (sx, so, or sp), though personally I think it’s pretty easy to tell which variant you are by just reading a few brief descriptions.

Also, here’s a post I wrote a while back that gives a brief overview of the 9 types as well as how it fits in with MBTI.

Happy researching! 

  • Person: I like that Peter Pan guy on Once Upon a Time
  • Me: Oh yeah heh heh
  • Me: *tries to resist telling them I'm obsessed*
  • Person: Do you like him?
  • Me: *sweats nervously*

rimerto replied to your post:I have 7959 :D All organized into eras.

This makes me feel like I’m totally normal and not obsessed at all….Maybe even like, less obsessed than I should be, in a way? I have probably max 15-20…. *looks around nervously*

Dude, like, 4 months ago i went through more of 800 pages on greenplastic just to search information of the band and pictures and it took me a week. I think i saved 1000 pictures 

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I'm so glad I'm not the only person obsessed with this game 😂 I love how you draw the characters!

Thank you so much! I fell into MysMe hell and I can’t escape. I’m not even trying to. ( *’ω’* )