looking at the art of artists you admire is one way you can improve your own skills, and it would be so easy to do were it not for the fact that at the same time it devastates your confidence in your own art

rimerto replied to your post:I have 7959 :D All organized into eras.

This makes me feel like I’m totally normal and not obsessed at all….Maybe even like, less obsessed than I should be, in a way? I have probably max 15-20…. *looks around nervously*

Dude, like, 4 months ago i went through more of 800 pages on greenplastic just to search information of the band and pictures and it took me a week. I think i saved 1000 pictures 

I got bored so I decided to redecorate the back of my door with more band pics I printed.
It’s pretty much full and the small spaces that aren’t I will put some random shite or a miniature pic.
I started at around 10:30 and just finished now and it is 1:18
Don’t know why it took me so long maybe cause I was singing who music and busy staring at pictures of Alex Turner during Humbug era.
I’ll take a photo in the morning (well later) so that the lighting is good.