when ur so Mentally Ill that you lose track of which personality corresponds to which social media


CiaraI BET (Acoustic)

“ but you took advantage . oh , you took advantage . oh , you took advantage .

i cannot understand , i cannot understand , i cannot understand it . ”

this acoustic version just made me fall even more in love with this song . ciara’s vocals have grown tremendously !

♥ just ocd things ♥
  • not being able to explain why you need someone to do something, getting really angry about it, and then realising an hour later it was just your fucked up brain
  • people constantly teasing you for getting fixated on one little thing and then dangling said thing in your face just to wind you up
  • let mental/physical clutter pile up around you because you know once you start you won’t be able to stop but the fact it’s there stresses you out even more and before you know it you’re a sobbing, hyperventilating mess
  • people thinking ocd is just germophobia and that it’s all about cleanliness
  • keeping your mouth shut when people say “oh my god i’m so ocd”
  • keeping your mouth shut when people say “shouldn’t it be called cdo lolololol” like no because then it would be called compulsive disorder obsessive and that’s just fucking annoying stfu
  • constant invalidation
  • losing all your friends :):):)
  • giving into the most stupid of compulsions because you are far too exhausted for a panic attack
  • intrusive thoughts
  • “we’re all a little bit ocd”
  • getting really stressed when people say you’re ocd nope you’re not ocd you HAVE ocd (unless the actual disorder itself is reading this in which case i’m terribly sorry also fuck you)
  • the big bang theory turning the very thing that makes your life a living hell into a running gag lmao he has to knock three times it’s SO FUNNY
  • “why are you so stressed all the time? just chill out man”
  • constant invalidation

daiya no ace + miyuki bakazuya

I never see posts about OCPD other than from OCPD-specific blogs that I follow, or from posts that conflate it as being the same as OCD, so here’s some information about the Hell Disorder.

1. OCPD and OCD are separate disorders.

While they share some similar traits, such as hypermorality or intrusive thoughts, they are not the same and should not be treated as if they are. OCD is characterised by obsessive thoughts that lead to anxiety, which is relieved by complusive behavior. OCPD is more of what society tends to refer to as OCD behavior - things like perfectionism, orderliness, and obsession to detail. I’ll get into the symptoms more in a minute. My point is, stop using “OCD/OCPD” in posts that are actually just about OCD.

2. Many people with OCPD wish for its name to be changed to Anankastic Personality Disorder.

If you see Anankastic PD anywhere, it’s talking about OCPD. The reasoning behind this is mainly because of the above point - we want people to easily be able to recognize that OCPD and OCD are not the same. OCPD is not a more “intense” version of OCD - it is a separate disorder with separate symptoms.

3. Symptoms of OCPD can include:

  • Preoccupation to details, rules, orders, lists, organization, or schedules, sometimes to the extent that the point of the activity is lost
  • Perfectionism to the point that it interferes with completion of a task (if I can’t do it perfectly, I won’t bother to do it at all)
  • Excessive devotion to work and productivity
  • Hypermorality
  • Inability to discard items that are no longer needed
  • Reluctance to delegate tasks or work with others unless the others adhere exactly to your standard of doing things
  • Rigid and stubborn about your way of doing things being the “right” way
  • Needing control over situations or the enviornment

4. There are several subtypes of OCPD.

The way people experience OCPD, as with any disorder, can vary. If you’re interested in subtypes, there is info on them here (link).

5. If you think you might have OCPD:

There is a tag - #actuallyocpd

There are good resource blogs -

And there are some tests to help you self DX - link