I really need there to be Trucy and Maya interaction please.

I love you, Shion. I love you more than anyone.

(I was flipping through volume 8 the other day and I noticed that, for whatever reason, this page wasn’t in the online scans? That being said, this comes from my phone camera; I tried to do what I could, and this is the best I could get it quality-wise. But I wanted it on my blog because look at how precious. She’s so cute. )

ok so I have too much hw to do to spend more than a minute on that update but:

I’m like 90% sure that this attic vs. roaches thing is foreshadowing a captain conflict. first of all, holster and ransom being on the opposite sides of an argument is completely unheard of, and I can’t imagine that it has nothing to do with the fact that they’re (theoretically) competing for a position next year. secondly, holster made sure to call ransom ‘mature and leader-y,’ which should be a compliment but actually made him look… really sad? he said ‘dude quit,’ which could just be him being humble, but he looked too upset for that to be his reasoning. with that in mind, I’m pretty sure that either

a: holster has a fantasy scenario where both he and ransom are captains, but ransom doesn’t want to be captain. ransom is REALLY busy and hockey doesn’t seem to be quite as much of a priority as his education; it wouldn’t surprise me to see him prioritize his already massive educational responsibilities. meanwhile, holster’s always praised rans so much that I can’t imagine he’d see rans as being unqualified/unable to handle the business

or b: holster wants just rans to be captain, and rans doesn’t want to be captain. I think holster would ENJOY being captain, and I think he probably secretly wants to be captain no matter what, but I wouldn’t be surprised if behind all holster’s bravado he’s actually unsure of himself and doesn’t believe he could be captain.

in either case, this could be a really touching narrative arc where hols/rans have some honest conversations and begin to understand the ways that their lives/life goals are different. this would be an excellent set-up for a senior year where they have to face the reality of living lives apart from each other. personally, though, I prefer the second option, just because I’d love for holster to get some serious individual character work

either way, I’m sure playoffs will be emotionally devastating… again


Alphonse Elric and Elena Fiori (◠‿◠✿)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Prince of the Dawn and Daughter of the Dusk

I side 96% with Bernie Sanders
I just took the 2016 Presidential election quiz and found that I side the most with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Who do you side with?

Spending my snow day reaffirming what I already knew and reading comment threads. This is by far my favorite (and most ridiculous)

Q: Do you think same sex marriage should be legal?
A: “No, because gay people can’t procreate. So this will cause a demand for children of couples who can. Kids will be kidnapped from good families in order to meet that demand and so states can profit off of federal incentives.” - Libertarian from Texas

Analysis: Newlywed gay couples are going to be hanging out at your local park to kidnap your children to make up for their inability to procreate.

Nothing like a good laugh to kick off this snow day =)

so garak/bashir is my otp and all and garak/parmak has, er, some problems (cough, three years in a labour camp, cough), but seriously, if you read the crimson shadow and didn’t come away thinking their relationship was absurdly cute, i may need to flail at you until you realise the error of your ways.

I actually just wanted to post a little thank you message in a few weeks because I’m close to 10k , but after being tagged by @aka707 under the wonderful valentine’s art (x) and by @myneighbortatara as their tumblr crush (x) I’m now full of love ;D and I decided to at least give you a little list of bloggers which make me happy and my time in this fandom so much better (some of them because they talk to me and some because I just really like to see them on my dash. I like all these blogs/bloggers for different reasons). 

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Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! as always Ishida likes to make the fandom suffer


Hey guys, so I’m moving back to London next month and I’m super excited (and terrified)! It has been almost 14 years since I left and this is going to be a big change for me after living in Colombia for practically half my life.

What this means for my comic Under the Aegis:

Since relocation requires a lot of time, money and energy, UtA will be going on hiatus for at least one month (May-June), until I’m settled. I have some Line Webtoon-exclusive treats for that month though, which I really hope you’ll enjoy.

So for this month and the next I won’t be on Tumblr as often as usual due to all the errands I have to run and the work I need to do, so any asks I may get will most likely be read but not answered (at least not right away). 

Any urgent inquiries may be sent to my email vimeddiee@gmail.com or just follow me on twitter for RL and UtA updates (and basically all the crap I’ll tweet about during my journey).

Thanks for reading! I love you all!

I never really thought about it to much before, it was always something on the back of my mind, but the phrase “now you’re smiling for no reason” as said by Asriel to Chara kinda implies that they don’t really smile much, at least, not for “no reason.”
You could argue that he’s talking about their “creepy face” here, but considering he says “smiling” soon after that insinuates that their “normal” smile IS their “creepy face” (which was already something I headcanoned, thinking that they just never had the opportunity to genuinely smile before (and may even continue to not genuinely smile, the family picture being a rare moment where they did.))
Maybe what with my exhausted brain, I’m thinking way too much into this lmao.