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[Ahh omg let me recreate them as best I can] :/ I'm super bad at keeping up with stuff, and even though it's summer over really busy and I'm even worse at catching up with what I've missed. My best friend loves Steven Universe, she tells me to watch all the time! If you both like it it must be good :D ahh I'm the same way, history and English have always been my favorite subjects, and yea I *own* a guitar and drum kit but knowing to play them is a different story :p

I LOVE all the songs on the In the Heights soundtrack, but I especially love When You’re Home, Carnaval, and the Finale! Lemme know when you get a chance to listen to it and tell me which other ones you like! lastly, I started as business and didn’t do so hot [thats why I fell behind] before changing majors. I’m so jealous though I wish I could’ve changed to creative writing! I might go to grad school for it at some point. I think that was everything, hope this goes through! - your helpless Ham

Same here!! That’s why I only watch like one show consistently, because anything else would be too much, ahaha :’D 

OMG! Do you have a favorite era (or two or three!) of history?? Also a drum kit, that’s so cool! It’d be super awesome if you learned how to play someday! ^.^

I’m hopefully gonna listen to it tomorrow! Listening to the one song and the fact that you like it so much got me super interested :’) 

You should go to grad school for it! That’s what I’m doing and I love it (I studied English in undergrad, and I graduated last year). 

I’m so glad tumblr didn’t eat these messages! :’) How’re you doing tonight?? 

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Lol i gotta say, at least there's plenty of room for shipping with destiel. I mean not that you can't ship whatever you want for whatever reason, regardless of weather or not it actually makes sense in canon, but my friend ships Kirk/Spock big time, and just grumbles in a corner of despair every time canon gets further and further away from it with every Spock/Uhura scene:P She's always telling me "hey at least one half your OTP isn't full speed ahead being set up with someone else."

Huh. Yeah. I hadn’t really thought about it from that angle before. I know loads of people who ship all sorts of stuff that’s a lot farther from canon then destiel is. I mean, personally, I’ve never shipped a non-canon ship before.

I think from day 1 watching Castle, practically everyone assumed Castle and Beckett would get together eventually, right? Their relationship development was securely in the plot structure from the outset, despite them both having relationships with other people during the course of the show. A huge number of women auditioned for the part, and I read somewhere that Nathan Fillion read with dozens of women for “chemistry.” The entire series was structured around the two of them, together.

Kirk/Spock was written from the start of TOS as a very close friendship. I have no idea if there was supposed to be a “more than friends” vibe to their friendship (I’ve watched Star Trek, but I wouldn’t say I was really ever in the fandom, so I could be wrong about that…). I do know that the ship is one of the oldest and longest-running out there, though. I can’t imagine what it must be like to see it blatantly rewritten into something else.

Then again, I also know a lot of destiel shippers have felt the same way about Dean and Cas. And just like Castle and Beckett, Dean and Cas have had some periods of time when they were “on the outs,” or separated for long periods of time, or in relationships with other people. Right up to the last few episodes of the series, they were separated due to Kate trying to protect Castle. They spent most of the final season living separately with her trying to bring down the last of the evil organization that had conspired to have her mother killed. That had been going on since the first season, and numerous times throughout the series they thought they’d finally gotten the “Big Bad,” only to discover a bigger big bad lurking in the shadows. It had been the source of most of the interpersonal tension between Kate and Castle since like the second episode of the series.

*Sorry I keep comparing everything to Castle when you’d contrasted it to TOS, but really, I started watching both that and Supernatural around the same time, and I saw A GAZILLION parallels to how Castle/Beckett was being written and how Dean/Cas was being written, so I find it a useful comparison*

For years there was a will they/won’t they thing going on. Castle told her he loved her after she was shot by a sniper and whether she would live or die was the season finale cliffhanger. She lived, but pushed him away for a bunch of reasons and pretended she didn’t remember anything after being shot. Castle finds out she lied about not remembering and pushes her away, feeling hurt that she’d not only rejected him but did it by lying to him instead of telling him.

They finally do get together, but only after a LOT more misunderstandings and self-sacrifices and “doing what they had to do” (a lot of those “bad choices” due to Kate’s decades-long personal struggle with her mother’s murder and her quest to catch her killers that I mentioned above).

So, in a lot of ways their relationship is excruciatingly similar to Dean and Cas’s, when you erase the personal details of the Actually Canon Happy Ending Couple with Dean and Cas’s.

Lifelong struggle with a shadowy organization who killed their mother at an early age? Only to find out it wasn’t a “lone gunman” but a huge conspiracy that gets bigger and bigger the more they begin to tear away at it? And a quirky dude who’s got some strange but powerful connections of his own, who initially they’re reluctant to work with (and they’re even suspected of BEING evil at the start by the first person).

Is that Supernatural or Castle?

The very first case of the series, Castle comes across Kate’s radar because he’s a suspect in a series of murders set up to look like killings from his novels. Castle’s buddy-buddy with people from all levels of government and law enforcement and it’s his connections to the power structure that runs so close to the corrupt political structure that Kate has been fighting her whole life that FINALLY begins to kick open some doors for her to get some traction on her mother’s killers.

And if those are all considered ROMANTIC TROPES when applied to Castle and Beckett, why are they not considered romantic tropes when applied to Dean and Castiel, who actually have a LONGER history of this exact same sort of dynamic between them?

I’ve made a male character who’s gonna seem like a “player” at first glance, but the readers learn that he is actually a really doting, polyamorous sweetheart who is dating like 6 people simultaneously, because he adores them all equally

and he has a dayplanner (that ppl mistake for his “black book”) until one day, someone trying to ruin his reputation sees a date where he literally goes out to the movies with like all his partners at the same time and they think he’s being a bold cheater

but really he actually IS dating all of those people at once and they all are aware of and super cool with it and the petty person has LITERALLY been told/given hints that he is happily polyamorous since the beginning

also the hilarity when “going out with the boys” literally means going out with all of them. on a date. at the same time

also all of this works because his “quirk” in the story is that he’s immensely good at budgeting his time, (scarily so) so he almost always knows how to balance multiple jobs, school, and/or relationships in a really efficient manner. And because of his day jobs (and upringing tbh) he’s financially well off enough to buy nice things for others and make ends meet.
He’s always had/earned what he wanted or needed growing up that he doesn’t spend frivolously for himself, and his thing, like everyone else’s, in this story, is figuring out what’s “missing.” For him, it’s finding out that he can love more than one person, and it’s not weird.

Theory Time

i do think N and Leo are the same person, but like they’re a before (N) and after (Leo) Hell/Hades.

What I think it is (if it’s all connected as Ravi says it is) N lost his love (that’s the theme of Dynamite, the eye and all of that) so he’s willing to do anything to get his love back that’s why he gets an invitation to the underworld (Hyuk gives it to him, who later regrets it and tries to stop them) to meet with Hades (Ravi) and makes a deal with Hades himself,  so he gives him the potion/vial/glass and then he comes out of this meeting with Hades/Ravi a changed man or the villain (Leo), not the hero he thought he was in the beginning.

OK so here some proof:

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I am a fan of Pokemon (obvs). Have been since, IDK, ‘98 or so. Before kids learning to drive now were even born (I remember flying in a seaplane in ‘99 with a stuffed pikachu). As you can imagine, having earned multiple science-based degrees in that time, I cannot reconcile some (read: almost all) of the Pokemon world with my own concepts of reality.

That is, to say, my bullshit alarms are constantly going off. 

Which is why I draw elekid with a tail and discernible head… I simply can’t believe in what appears to be a placental mammal just growing a whole limb at the next life stage. And the whole thing about the eggs being incubators used in breeding facilities, etc. Because WTF they can’t all be monotremes. It doesn’t make sense aaaaack.

Don’t even get me started on some of the latest generations (I just pretend that Klink, Honedge, et al don’t exist). Call me unimaginative but I just can’t with something like Probopass (I call it Probe-ass).. 

So anyway, IDK, in case anyone wonders why I draw some of these guys the way I do… I basically imagine them as animals drawn in anime/manga style… Extrapolate backward from how the humans are drawn vs actual humans… Adapt that to my style of drawing… Wham! Scientifically-probable monsters. Just the way I like my monsters. 

So expect more weird fan-theories/headcanons. There’s a lot there for me to work with…

/end pointless wordblogging

Imagine having to see your friends get picked on by racists on a daily basis, then imagine having to see White favs get all the pats, despite them being problematic. Imagine having to look through miles of dash seeing people complain copy cats, but you’re literally adding to the problem, by doing the same exact shit they do?

Imagine someone telling Black people they deserve to be on a collar and chain, then change their URL three times to avoid ridicule, and still be gettin’ hella notes cuz ya’ll thirsty for some crop tops and heels? Oh but ya’ll can’t even for a second respect a Black creator who refuses to share her CC with your appropriating asses, cause she the bitch.

No, instead why not get bent up over a post making fun of Kylie “wanna be black so bad” Lip Kits, Off-Brand Sailor Moon hair, and Pixelated babies. I’m clearly the problem.


Does anyone else go through short periods of time where a friend or ‘fp’ or ‘safe person’ is suddenly really overwhelming for you to talk to in any capacity and while you don’t want to distance yourself from them or hurt their feelings you just…stop initiating interactions all the same

The most fucked up thing I’ve encountered with job hunting is that the second you mention you mention you have zero plans for going back to school at this time, your chances of getting that job increase significantly.

The second you mention going back to school in any capacity, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have, good fucking luck.

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How much or what would it take for Bokuto, Matsukawa, Kuroo, Akaashi, Oikawa, and Nishinoya to get completely pissed off over their girlfriends? Like someone messing with or hurting her?

You got it! I’d get really pissed if someone were messing with my friends and family to make them uncomfortable -n- Anyways! Please enjoy these headcanons! Thanks! -Admin 4AM

For Bokuto, all he needs is the slightest look of discomfort from his girlfriend. If anyone goes up to her, he’ll be watching to make sure nothing happens. If they’re messing with his girlfriend, they better know the consequences of doing so. No body hurts his baby, no body. Sometimes he overreacts though…

Matsukawa hates it if someone flirts with his girlfriend when he’s nearby and he’s made it obvious that he’s in a relationship with her. If she looks uncomfortable to the point where she’s actually telling the other person, Matsukawa will start boiling on the spot. He’s pretty angry that the person won’t leave his girlfriend alone even though.

The one thing to easily get Kuroo infuriated when it comes to his girlfriend, is when he finds out that people are bullying her. Verbally or physically, face to face or just behind her back. He’s not gonna stand there and do nothing. No one is going to ever get to hurt a single hair on his girl’s head.

Akaashi will get so angry if his girlfriend looks hurt or tells him about someone who hurt them. He may seem super stoic about it and be very gentle with her, but he’s raging. He’s about to hunt this person down and give them a confrontation. He’ll try his best not to use violence. He’s pretty good at keeping his anger in though.

It’s not really that hard for Oikawa to get angry when some guy approaches his girlfriend out of the blue. He absolutely hates it when guys flirt with her or try to get her number just so they can get a quick way to release their sexual desires. She’s not some play toy and she’s not some object to use. He may seem like some guy who’s like this, but he’s very defensive when it comes to his girlfriend.

If someone so much as says a word meaning harm to his girlfriend, Nishinoya would be raging so bad! He doesn’t understand why someone would want to hate on his beloved girlfriend, and he has no intentions whatsoever to just sit there and let those words soak in. He has every intention to go fight off that person.

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what do you think h&l fight about

okay so I don’t know if anyone is going to agree with this but I am kind of convinced they get ratty about completely petty things? Like Louis has a certain spoon that he eats his breakfast with (teaspoon by the way) and sometimes Harry uses it to make tea (even though he knows about The Spoon) so it isn’t in its usual place when he goes to get it so he just gets really shitty like mumbling to himself about ‘my fookin spoon…knows its my spoon, using it for his shitting breakfast when i need it’ and it totally blows over in about five minutes but in those five minutes there is just seething rage. Or when Louis makes tea he leaves the used teabag in the designated teabag tray because ‘that is what it is FOR Harold’ and Harry just instantly feels himself getting petty as soon as he sees those used tea bags sitting there because ‘we have a bin LEWIS and used teabag texture is fucking disgusting and you know it so either put them in the bin right away or stop letting them pile up into a fucking MOUNTAIN for me to get rid of because you ‘want to see how high it can get’’
The thing is sometimes they love winding each other up and then seeing if they can break the angry person into laughing because they just can’t keep at it and they have to bite their smiles away because ‘i am angry at you right now stop pretending you have grapes for nipples’

it is so sad how after the whole “sakura became a housewife!!111!!” thing from 2 years ago the same shit is happening with orihime now. people see one panel of these women wearing an apron, completely ignore the context in which it happened, and reduce them to housewives on their own account and I’m just like… you are doing that, you are making her a housewife. Idk what century you’re all living in but god forbid orihime is running her own bakery and is taking care of domestic duties at the same time. it’s not kubo’s fault that you feel wronged or offended now simply because you’re not open minded enough to think beyond what you see in that one panel of orihime wearing an apron

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What do you think of Dan's nails

Look nice, motives for deciding to paint them are questionable (a.k.a yes he did it because y’all wouldn’t shut up about it and probably didn’t really want it himself). Not fair to see his own fandom trying to pressure him into doing stuff like he’s some kind of doll.

At the same time, shouldn’t actually be a big deal, should it? If you care so much maybe you’re still so stuck into the gender stereotypes you say you’re fighting tbh.

All in all: stop treating them like your property and stop making every single thing a Huge Deal it’s exhausting.

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Maybe tag the nasty anon stuff with something people can blacklist easily, if they don’t want to see the comments?

I’ve used the same tags for years, and mentioned them several times if people want to blacklist them. 

‘Rude anon’ for…. the obvious. 

‘Batwynn talks’ for personal whining. 

At this point, what else am I supposed go to? Constantly repost a list of all the tags people should blacklist so they can avoid content that is kind of ends up on most personal blogs anyway? 

I’m all for tagging trigger warnings and phobias and stuff like that, but at some point people either need to get over the fact that there’s content other than art on my personal blog, or unfollow me completly.

 [**Which, again, is fine, just sometimes happening at somewhat confusing times.] 


Normally George couldn’t care less about royal events. He’d been attending them since before he could walk and they were all the same – stuffy people in stuffy outfits kissing his family’s ass, reveling in the fact they were even invited in the first place. This was, by far, the first event he had looked forward to in a very, very long time and it all had to do with his date. Not really his date date, as he kept trying to remind himself, but Eliza’s presence was enough to save any torturous event his family threw. The last couple of weeks had been a whirlwind for him between his first kiss with Eliza, their subsequent falling into bed with one another once or twice. They still had failed to address it, skirting around talking about it directly through talking about everything but, though George didn’t feel a pressure to talk about it anymore. For now it just felt right the kind of place they suddenly found themselves in, and George wanted to enjoy every second of the last remaining hours that she had in the palace before she left and everything threatened to change again. Standing by the entrance to the garden George leaned against the doorframe, fighting the urge to muss up his pushed back hair while dressed in his polo outfit – a shirt with his family’s royal insignia, riding pants, boots, and all. He was looking out the door to watch the crowd of people milling about as they talked and prepared for it to get underway, but his mind was elsewhere as he anxiously awaited meeting Eliza.

It must be so nice actually liking popular music

Like, hearing a song playing in a cafe and getting excited, and then another song plays, and it’s just as exciting!

Going to a party and wanting to dance and knowing all the words

Having your favorite artists tour near you from time to time, and knowing if you miss them they’ll most likely be back

Being able to talk about music with your friends