despite what you’ve been told

part one of maybe 3 or 4?? unbeta’d and unfinished at this point, will put on ao3 later when it’s polished and pretty as vitya in a flower crown ok? ok lets wreck this

He repeats the name Yuuri Katsuki in his head five times, only moving his mouth with the sound on the fifth, and that’s the most memorization he can do in the minute before all of the lights in the room and the crowd of mildly alarmed onlookers become indistinct blurs.

Victor has had a few drinks and found himself on the dance floor of a Grand Prix gala more than once.  Has tumbled into someone’s arms within minutes of meeting them more than once.  Has now won the Grand Prix itself more than once–five times, exactly, not that he’s counting (he definitely is counting, but not at this precise moment.)

He’s never been this charmed.

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oss. [isak/even]

they stand there so long isak’s skin burns cold. not more than his heart aches, not more than his hands shake; still gripping tight at even’s back. they breathe and breathe and breathe, the feel of even moving ever so slowly against him, existing. it’s more than enough. more than he ever thought it’d be.

“should we go?” he finally asks, his nose pressed against even’s temple, their breath clouding bright between them.

“your place?” even says, and his voice sounds so tired that isak pulls him closer.


still, they don’t move. just a gentle swaying from where their legs are brushing, even’s forehead, nose, mouth, cheeks pressing warm. he smells like rain. “isak, I - I’m sorry-”

“don’t, please, don’t be sorry any more.”

“you deserved better.”

“no.” isak’s still got a lot to learn, and there’s still a lot about even he doesn’t know. a lot they don’t know about each other. but he knows he doesn’t want even to apologise, ever, not for this, not for who he is. not for being the person isak fell in love with.

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anonymous asked:

Whoa,Whoa,Whoa... Otoya managed to walk around and NOT be recognized? How? His hair is bright as fuck?

Ok I don’t blame the fans on the street for not recognizing Otoya, really. I mean, the only Otoya they (and pretty much everyone) knew was like this:

And then the person walking on the streets (on a cloudy/rainy day) was literally looking like this 

Would you think they’re the same person? Bc I probably wouldn’t. 

Plus, he also had his hoodie up sometimes, so I guess he went Superman and no one could see through his amazing disguise. 


Part 1 -

What is this? An AU FFXV reader-insert series. Not satisfied with the ending of the journey, you enter a contract with a mysterious entity to ‘fix’ things. Stuff gets a bit complicated from there.

A/N: Trying to move this forward! I promise it’ll be someone else and not Noctis for the next part. Since his magic flows though everyone else, it has to start with him. It’ll make sense later. Haha! 

This series is starting kind of janky, but I wanna see where it goes. Aaaa!

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Let’s all be real. The Third Wheel mascot looks all snazzy with that bow tie, but this is probably what it really looks like.

A total anime nerd with snuggly hoodie and glasses.


Spoiler Free:

I saw Moana and it was subversive and fabulous and GORGEOUS.

Maui and Moana both shared screen time well. I didn’t feel he overshadowed her at all. She was just as commanding and interesting and funny and full of personality as he was. Which shows how great the writing was but also how wonderful the performances were.

Without giving anything away, the entire journey/mythos, as well as the big twist, were SO powerful and important for young girls to see. I’m so so so glad this movie exists.

Women helping women, supporting each other, guiding each other, and loving each other was ALL this movie was about. Maui was great and he added a lot to love about the film - but his relationship to Moana was the surface appeal. It had nothing to do with what the story was Really About.

Moana, her grandmother, and the goddesses were the real driving force of the storytelling and the magic. It’s an incredible and subtley rendered story about powerful women. Like, Madoka Magica levels of girls supporting girls. Go see it!!

Bonus fave part: Moana is a chief-in-training, not a princess