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Blue/Ronan friendship and 32 please, if it's not too much trouble, thank you!

sorry this took literally a decade for me to finish. cc: @adamparrush who asked for the same prompt but with pynch. there isn’t a lot of pynch tbh, but it’s there underneath~~

master prompt post (so long as you don’t mind me taking a week or two before i get to it)

Prompt: “Your eyes are red… were you crying?”

          "Come on.“ Blue inclined her head towards the stairs as soon as she had swiped a yogurt from the fridge. They both glanced into the reading room on the way up to see Adam bent over tarot cards, with Maura and Calla flanking him. Ronan dragged his feet on the stairs behind Blue, but when they reached her bedroom, he threw himself onto the narrow bed. Blue hopped up next him and pushed his boots off the bed before swinging her bare feet into his lap and settling against the pillows. 

          "Shouldn’t you be packing?” Ronan asked, but didn’t push her off.

          Blue sighed and relaxed further into the pillows. She peeled the foil off of her yogurt and licked it before setting it aside. 

          “Shouldn’t you be committing arson somewhere?” she asked.

           Ronan smiled sharply, a loose half-smile that Blue knew Gansey would have swooned over had he been there. She offered him a bite of yogurt instead. He declined with a disgusted twitch of his nose. 

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I can’t stop thinking about how Adam Jensen is a man who has had basically everything taken from him.

Like, the most basic things. Bodily autonomy. Memory. Freedom. Control.

Everyone except for Faridah and Pritchard literally see him as a tool to be used. A resource to be drained. A means to an end, not even a person.

And the most remarkable thing is that even when everything is taken from him, he STILL GIVES of his own free will.

He has nothing left and he still goes out of his way to help those who need it. The smallest people. Any wrong he sees he will right it.

And as of Mankind Divided, he’s given up rallying against the people who just see him as a tool to be used. He knows he can’t win that fight. His own humanity is diminishing before his very eyes, slipping through his fingers like sand. Even he is starting to believe that’s all he is. A high-end weapon. A means to an end.

But he’ll let himself be used. He’ll be that weapon. As long as he’s able to fight for the greater good. He literally doesn’t care about himself anymore - all he cares about is creating a better future for the rest of the world. He’ll fight for them, even if he won’t fight for himself. As long as he’s still breathing - and even longer, still. The man cheated death two separate times to come back and fix the world. His drive endures beyond the grave. Nothing can stop him, not even Death, or a life barely living.

He is so selfless. Like, the most.


Adam Driver discussing his favourite part of fame on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (03.30.2016.) (x)

daily reminder that on his 18th birthday, ronan lynch was brave and terrified and vulnerable and he kissed adam parrish. adam parrish was passionate and honest and also probably terrified and kissed him back. they both evaporated into light from pure happiness. they didn’t die, they didn’t compromise their futures, no ultimatums or half-assed promises, no fear.