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And for those who asked how I was so calm on Saturday- it just took a few days to fully hit me apparently 🙈

The Boys’ First Halloween! Prologue: Costumes ;)

Idea by: The lovely Anon
Written by: Zeph
Characters: James, Erik, Sam, Matthew, Damien, and YOU!
Game and characters made by: Michaela Laws

You and the boys are getting ready for Halloween.

This will be the first time you and the boys go out in costumes and such, so you are pretty excited.

“Miss, are you almost ready?” James called from downstairs as you put on the essentials of your costumes.

“Coming!” You say as you quickly rush and leave your room, heading downstairs.

“Erik, no,” Damien said, shutting down anything Erik could say that came to mind.

You walk down the stairs and you see James dressed up as a prince, and a quite dashing one, Erik as a pirate, which again he looks pretty dashing, Sam as a… Dog?

Damien chuckled lightly as you got to the final floor.

“I know, right, he looks like a dog,” He said, smiling.


“Yes, because if *your name* can’t even tell you’re a ‘wereworlf’ I doubt anyone will,” Erik claimed.


Anyway, Sam is dressed as a questionable werewolf, but he was adorable, Matthew was dressed as a wizard, which was adorable again, and Damien was a vampire.

Holy shit everyone was so cute and here you am as a witch.

Damn their good looks!

“Princess, are you being naughty this year and instead of being a princess you’re being a witch?~” Erik said, sounding flirty as usual. “It’s very becoming of you~”

You don’t take his words so seriously since you’ve known the boys for months already, so you’re pretty much immune to their behaviors.

“Yeah, I guess,” You say, rolling your eyes and you prop a hand to your waist.

“GURL YOU CHU TALKIN’ ABOUT? YOU KILLIN’ IT!” Matthew said, sounding like some sassy 15-year-old girl who writes really bad fanfics.

“Oh my gosh, Matthew,” You said, shaking your head as you laugh and putting your palm on your forehead.

“You do you pretty, uh… Pretty. Why is pretty used for different reasons anyway?” Sam said, first starting to compliment you before getting side tracked and looks to James.

“For one-”

“Ok! Let’s go get some candy!” Matthew quickly interjected and headed to the front door.

“Before we go, we must go through the list!” James announced, pulling from his pocket an actual list of things we’re going to do.

“First, we put all the punkins and bowls of candies outside for the little kids who decide to come out here, then we head to Naomi’s masquerade party-”

“Boo!” Matthew and Sam said at the same time, both sounding equally annoyed.

“-for half an hour-” James said, trying to continue before Sam and Matthew once again said “BOO!”

“Boys, stop it,” You said, gently holding out a hand for them to get the signal.

They grumbled before they sighed, taking their defeat.

At least they didn’t get yelled at by James.

Which would’ve been way worse?


It would’ve.

Anyway, James continued.

“Then, we go out and go trick or treating for around an hour or so, then we come back home and watch a bunch of Halloween movies,” James finished, sounding satisfied by the ending.

“Ok! Let’s do this!” Matthew said, fist pumping the air.

“You are way too excited about putting pumpkins and candy bowls outside for a bunch of little brats, pipsqueak,”


“BOTH OF YOU STOP.” James authorized, letting his voice rise loud enough to be stern, but not loud to the point where he’s yelling.

“Fine,” They both said, grumbling.

as promised, nick and charlie as teddy boys! I’m pretty sure i drew this already for the 30 day au challenge…. OH WELL

{more halloween art!}



May you grow up to be righteous
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you
May you always be courageous
Stand upright and be strong
May you stay forever young
May you stay forever young.

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sometimes i just want to cut all connections, delete all social media, etc. i’ve honestly seriously considered this more than a few times now. it’s not that i hate anyone but…i don’t know. it’s a weird thing to explain. i guess i just want to be more in touch and present with the people i know irl. idk.

Anyways I love my art class so much and I love critiques and I love everyone making suggestions and playing with different artistic ideas

Me when a character gets hurt and their SO gets overprotective:


*catapults my canoe into the midst of the navy fleet of Sheith war ships* 

Is this like… not a thing or…