DAY 6: Road Trip

The two have been planning to go to the beach for a while now, and eventually they went, ate some snacks and just took in the view

I Know New York, (watercolour on BFK, 2017).

Patty Tolan, municipal historian. Buys too many books. Softest heart in the city.

Delphinium, for levity and fun, big-heartedness // Edelweiss, for courage and devotion // Purple Iris, for wisdom // Snapdragon, for strength and grace // Aster, for patience and a love of variety // and bonus! sapphic violets, for ghostbusting girls who love girls

Abby | Erin | Patty | Holtzmann | All

*Part of my submission for “The Purpose of Life is to Love,” a Ghostbusters anniversary zine!

I cleaned and colored the thing

Okay but now, what if Trip discovered Steven Universe and became fan ? I see him as a big kid who would love children’s cartoons, and Steven has a lion and I’m sure Trip would adore this…  Maybe he makes Welter cosplay Lion ?

That’s transparent ~


It’s time for another redraw because if you’d told me I would be able to draw that when I drew the first picture I would have laughed in your face. This reference is so old now and from when Lewis refereed in skyblock rumble over a year ago.

Last time I said it still wasn’t good but I was very slolwy getting there, well, I feel like I might actually get there now.