spicytaconuts asked:

I'm probably just gonna converse with you about these lesbian pirates, uhm, considering it is all original fiction, you can bring in any element you want like aliENS or FAERIES OR WITCHDOCTORS WHAT PIRATE SHIP DOESNT NEED A SASSY WITCHDOCTOR


I FUCKING love mermaids lol there are going to be mermaids and they are going to be so. fucking. gay.

I even briefly considered were-creatures but unfortunately this universe’s curse mechanics make that impossible.  u.u;  Damn my predetermined decisions regarding magic!  (Okay, correction: none of the crew members can be cursed without killing the rest of the crew and being left stranded)

I actually already have the world where this happens (called Mar’Ether!) fairly well-developed so along with having a base to build off of I’ll also be able to add so much more to it!