Re-Watching AToTS and...

I was re-watching A Tale of Two Stans, and I got to this scene, that upon first (second, third, okay and fourth) left me heartbroken. You know the one:

However, after my recent re-watch, I noticed that my kneejerk reaction to this scene had shifted from “Oh, no!” to you “Yes. This is painful, but necessary!”

Like, I’ve suddenly realized what an empowering, important character growth moment this was for Stan.

His brother has just rejected him again. Has arguably given him an eviction notice from not only the Shack but also Stanford’s life. We’ve seen this happen before. It could almost be considered a parallel to this scene from the exact same episode:

But instead of spending the next decade trying to prove his worth as a family member or try to get back into Ford’s good graces, what does Stan do here?

He accepts the rejection. Sadly and regrettably, of course, since Stan obviously wanted to make up with his brother. But here’s the thing: This moment shows that he does not rely on that reconciliation for happiness. And then you have this line:

Stan: “You stay away from the kids; I don’t want them in danger. ‘Cause as far as I’m concerned, they’re the only family I have left.”

I don’t think this is so much Stan not considering Ford his brother anymore, but the narrative asserting that what Stan and Ford have between them now is not a functioning family unit. And Stan knows this because he’s spent the summer with Dipper and Mabel.

In this very same episode, you have Stan revealing all his lies and secrets, and the kids forgive him. They forgive him, and still love him, because forgiveness and unconditional love is part of what makes a family.

Now that I look at it, I'm glad and grateful that this scene was included, even though it hurts.

Obviously, I want these broken old teacups to make up, and so does Stan (and they most likely WILL) but the fact that he outright states that he does not need Ford’s approval or acceptance because he already has these things from other people (the kids, and Soos and Wendy, too) he now considers family is so, so important.

I was going through a random old notebook from, like, the year 2000. Maybe 2001? And I found a list.

It was a drinking game. AN X-FILES DRINKING GAME.


It includes such gems as:

  • Mulder touches/tastes/smells gooey evidence.
  • A family member dies.
  • “Mulder, do you expect me to believe…”
  • Really scary child.
  • “I’m fine.”
  • Flashlight and gun thing.
  • Gratuitous use of fog.

The same notebook also has a list of favorite authors and recommendations I was apparently working on, and a to do list I’d written out that included “write fanfic” – so, you know. Some things never change.

I have a secret




“i’m  r u i n e d  over you.”


((Hey guys! I just wanted to say that all of you dorky and cute osmt ask blogs always make my day. You guys have made today so wild, I laughed so much and now I’ll be too giddy to sleep, haha ;;; . I’m glad I made an ask blog, I got to meet all of you! Even though my Totty blog has become a shitposting area + the butt of everyone’s joke.

and y’know what, just to get it out there, if you’re alone, I would love to chat.  ♥))

I saw some people saying they hoped demon!Yuu to act all suave and seductive around Mika. Seeing as Asuramaru has used Mika’s image to try and break down Yuu before, I’d find it totally believable.
But then there’s me, who hopes Asuramaru makes Yuu tell Mika all kinds of terrible shit such as “It’s your fault our family is dead! You killed them all”,  “If it wasn’t for you, they’d still be alive” and “I really hate you” 

I mean, if Kagami is going to makes us suffer, might as well go all the way  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

suggestion: instead of tagging headcanons in the cs ff tag can we make a “cs headcanon” tag?

2ndplacewins asked:

Okay you need to elaborate on the forest monk with the chocolate frog

OKAY SO I was on vacation with my family in August way way way at the tippy top of Michigan. Like you look at a map of Michigan and that thing sticking up into Lake Superior? We were there.

People call it the end of the world and for good reason like there is NOTHING up there but forests and lakes and cell signal about every 30 miles.

So we were hiking through these fucking thick forests looking for waterfalls and cool rocks and pretty scenery and we did find some it was pretty dang coolio.

So imagine you’re me. A 17 year old girl, miserable because you’re with your family and your annoying 13 year old brother who’s complaining his feet hurt every two minutes and you can’t text your best friend because your phone has said no service in the little corner for the past half hour and your mom keeps making everyone stop to take pictures of waterfalls.

So we do, we stop at this steep little waterfall near the side of the trail and being the adventurous little chick I am I start to wander off. My dad followed because even though I’m 17 and perfectly capable of not being eaten by a bear he was still worried. So we’re walking through the NOTHINGNESS of northern Michigan wilderness trying to find a cell signal when my dad goes “Katie, check it out.”

Lo and behold there’s a church in the middle of the woods. And I’m not talking like a dingy little shack no man this thing was glorious and tall and had beautiful stained glass windows and looked like it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. And perhaps the most miraculous thing is that I finally had a cell signal again so if you ever doubt this story take it up with @firstnameagent I was texting her the whole time. She’s my witness.

ANYWAY my dad and I call the rest of my family over and my mom is like!! I know this place!! There’s a little bakery here!!

In the middle of the woods.

So my mom takes me into this little house next to the church and inside is probably the best smelling bakery you will ever smell ever. Like I probably died and went to cinnamon roll heaven. And there’s an old monk standing at the counter and my mom being the mom who used to be a reporter for the news station way up there in the middle of nowhere was like “aw!! I remember doing a report on you guys way back when you’re so cool!”

I don’t care, there’s a little bowl of chocolate frogs on the counter next to the monk and I’m like I want that frog. But I mean I don’t say that out loud because I’m polite and know they probably cost money so my mom won’t let me buy one.

But mr. Old Monk who looks like he’s been here since 1884 notices me staring at these chocolate frogs with such intense desire that he’s like “would you like one?” And I’m like “oh oh no it’s okay” and he picks one up and gives it to me and says “eat it as soon as possible” and then winks? He winked?! Like ok it could be an old man quirk but also he’s a monk in a bakery in a forest in the middle of nowhere I’m assuming this chocolate frog has some sort of magical powers. I say thank you, my mom says thank you and we make the trek back to the car.

It was the worst chocolate I have ever had.


“We’re Manchester United, and we’re not scared of anyone”