The fact that there is a thing happening that is being referred to as the “ace/aro discourse” is honestly annoying me, like it’s not a discourse, it’s asexuals and aromantics wanting to be acknowledged as human and allowed in the community where we belong, like… what…

so i was reading @reneewalkrr ‘s meta and they talked bout how Neil learned to fight verbally. And then i thought of the scene with his dad, unfortunately. The part where his dad is ordering him to stand up/stop talking. and Neil’s response is so lifeless and automatic. Classic of repeated psychological abuse/conditioning. Of course before i already knew his dad was abuse not only physically but psychological but when i think about those two things it absolutely makes sense he would be so good with words. When your psychological abused/in an abusive situation you learn what to say and what not to say. you learn how to calm or diffuse situations with the right wording. you know exactly what will set your abuser off and are constantly evaluating the situation to try and keep the damage minimal. So it’s more than a little painful that physically Neil could never protect himself especially from his dad so words/tone/inflection became his only weapon. He’s so good as giving the press shit because he’s learned his whole life what to say for the maximum effect. 


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You lost THIRTY POUNDS?? I need your secret! I really want to cosplay but I'm too fat to do any of the characters I like. ;u;

Oh anon… okay. I’m not a fan of this kind of ask from anons normally, but I have gotten a bunch like this recently that I might as well just go ahead. Also I’m gonna answer the second part first.

Being even a little bit overweight in this society, with the beauty standards that we’re all “supposed” to live up to, sucks. Everyone and their mother feels entitles to have an opinion on how you look/act/dress/talk/feel and it can be so so so hard to get through all of that BS and come out on the other side still loving yourself.

Cosplay, as a hobby where you are taking pictures of yourself or having pictures taken of you, can be equally demoralizing sometimes. But it can also be incredibly empowering experience, if you give it the chance. When I was at my heaviest, I made myself my first Granado Espada costume.

I have never in my life felt more confident than I did in that dress. Why? Because I tailored it to fit around my body as it was, I picked a costume I was in love with, and I gave myself a shot of artificial confidence by wearing something that made me feel really special. To this day, that is my favorite cosplay photo. It doesn’t even matter how much I weighed.

You can have moments like that too! Cosplay is for everybody and every BODY. When you’re constructing your costume, worry less about being perfectly accurate and more about making your costume flatter your shape and celebrate the parts of you that you like. Try not to let the negative voice in your mind win.

No one is “too fat” to cosplay anything. Seriously. If you feel comfortable in your costume, you will be confident in your costume, and people will react to your confidence. You will rock it.

As for the first part of your question: my secret is that I try to eat well and I work out regularly. I also have a chronic illness (yay). But that aside, there is nothing in the world that will help you lose weight SAFELY any faster than a healthy, balanced diet and some exercise. That doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym, either. There are so many fun ways to work out, a lot of which don’t even feel like working out! Just experiment a little and find what works for you!

Try to make your goal feeling better and getting stronger, instead of losing pounds. The weight loss will come with the right diet and exercise routine. 

But really. I want to be like… SUPER DOUBLE EXTRA TRIPLE CLEAR: I don’t know what you look like now but it doesn’t matter. I firmly believe that you can and should cosplay what you like no matter what you look like. And if anyone tries to make you feel bad, do not let them win, do not let them get you down, because you’ve got people like me who are absolutely cheering you on.

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My current state of mind.

When their whispers have painted pictures that
Make you doubt what you once believed in
Paper stories that hide the glory
To keep us searching 

Through smoke (Who do you believe when you can’t get through)
Through smoke (When everything you know seems so untrue)
Through smoke (When I’m lost in a place that I thought I knew)
Through smoke (Give me some way that I might find you)
Through smoke 

I don’t know what is going on or what is going to happen. To One Direction or this blog. But I’m still here. 


I can’t wait for Sunday guys
I always can’t wait for Sunday’s because we get a new episode of Dragon Ball Super
I swear this series gives me life
I don’t care about the animation and what not
I’m just happy and appreciate that this story is still around

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So, I completely understand your reasoning for not shipping Billy/Flint (I both do and don't...) -but I'm definitely curious about your thoughts on shipping Flint/Silver - as in the possibility of it happening - when we've got a pretty good idea how things are gonna end for all of them. Silver's feelings about Flint in Treasure Island are... quite negative. The book does seem to indicate Billy/Flint as much more plausible than Silver/Flint. Do you think the show is veering away from that?

Disclaimer: This got slightly out of hand. I apologize. My take on Silverflint and Billy/Flint phrased in a way that doesn’t exactly answer the question but hopefully gets some point across

Why do i ship Silverflint? Besides the reasons that have already happened in the first 3 episodes where they’ve had more development than they did in both previous seasons put together? Here’s why:

‘’This show is about Flint and Silver. It’s about the beginning and evolution and ultimate tragic end of their relationship. In some respects, this whole season has been a launch to put them into this place where they are, to each other, their only ally. Season 2 is about the building of that alliance and the deepening of it.’’

Levine: Silver finds himself with the dubious honor of being the one person who understands Flint. Silver has to find a way to return Flint to a place where he gives a s–t about the people around him and not thrust them into this nihilistic war on civilization.

‘’But when Flint’s campaign of terror crosses over into madness, it falls to Silver to locate the man within the monster, before it’s too late’’

The thing Flint doesn’t have in Season 3 that he’s always had is a partner,” Steinberg says. “Part of the arc of the season for us was about him really flailing alone and not having anyone to have that human experience with. [We liked] him finding John Silver and having that become the person with whom he’s able to emerge from this awful experience he’s having. It’s a massive moment for us, in terms of these two guys who’ve been circling each other and mistrusting each other starting to become friends.”

“[Silver’s] got insight into Flint that most people don’t,”

‘’One of the things that Season 3 deals with is how Silver is going to penetrate this guy. The only way that he can save the crew and himself is by somehow getting through to this guy and influencing him. He has to become the next Barlow or Gates to Flint, but that’s a dangerous thing. ‘’

‘’What is a tense partnership in Season 2 starts to become a friendship, and there are some big emotional moments in that journey that are really gratifying,” Steinberg says. “You start to realize that this show has been these two guys circling each other for all this time and as they start to understand that this person might be the thing that saves their lives, it becomes emotionally compelling in a way you didn’t quite see coming.”

‘’Flint and Silver take the opportunity to ponder their collective future. As the Captain opens up, we get a nuanced look at the inner struggle Flint is battling. He reveals that providing unequivocal pardons to the pirates of Nassau was his plan. The plan that he, Thomas, Miranda, and Peter had all believed they were working toward before they were foiled. A plan that, essentially, created the man he is today.‘’

Need I go on? 

No. From the information above, it doesn’t sound like it’s Billy who will get through to Flint. It’s not Billy who will become Flint’s equal. It’s not Billy who Flint decides to share his past with. Billy can’t reach out to him the same way other people did. He’s not meant to be the man who does. Because Flint doesn’t see him the way he saw Thomas or Miranda or Gates or how he sees Silver now. Flint doesn’t see him. Billy spent years on that ship with him.. and they somehow never developed beyond the captain/bosun relationship. They hit a few obstacles down the road, but it only strengthened that same relationship - captain/bosun. What all of a sudden Flint’s gonna have an epiphany and realize it was Billy he always wanted? A romantic relationship based on what grounds? I can’t even process how OOC that would be.
It’s about Silver and Flint. It’s about their relationship (and not necessarily a romantic/sexual one!!), their development, and the ultimate tragedy that awaits them. 

I know they don’t get a happy ending. They’re not meant to. No one believes they will. Treasure Island happens what.. 30-40 years from now? Suppose the writers do go with the book (probably cutting a decade or two tho), the amount of time left for these two to fucking soar and then to crash and burn is tremendous. And it’s probably what’s gonna happen. I personally can see that relationship growing A LOT from this point on in the show. Stretching in every possible direction where they continue to bicker, care, fight, laugh, mock, like and despise each other. They’ll always butt heads, in one way or another. And they’ll keep gravitating towards each other. Because they’re too much of a like mind. They’ll keep growing, testing each other out, carrying and burying each other, and challenging their newly formed friendship until they eventually reach a point where their differences will finally outweigh the similarities and it’ll just blow up in their faces. Could happen a few months/years or decades later. The possiblities for this relationship are ENDLESS. That’s why I believe in it. 

If the writers go by the book, Flint will probably go mad in the end, Silver will fuck off somewhere and curse the day he met the man. But Billy… Billy will be exactly where he was all this time. Still a part of Flint’s crew. He is the constant in Flint’s life, and he’ll always be by his side. That’s why the focus isn’t on them and shouldn’t be. There is nothing exciting to tell anymore. Flint is the captain, Billy is his loyal bosun/occasional mother. Their relationship has been established. They respect, like, and trust each other. Period. So, in terms of keeping up with some relevant book moments (e.g. the one where Billy is with Flint when he dies), the writers wouldn’t have to diverge from the canon. It would actually make perfect sense. I just don’t think something like that is a legitimate argument that can be used to prove Billy and Flint are gonna become a thing in the show. And neither can Long John Silver’s beef with Flint be used to predict their relationship in the show. You can’t rely on the book to tell you something which was never an issue in it. The extense of these relationships, they’re the show’s making. That book is just an inspiration, a blueprint used to play with the idea of what these people might have been like in the past, with a shitton of new layers added. But, IF you’re gonna rely on it, then deal with the possibilities that might happen in between this canon and the book canon by accepting the information the show gives you. You can’t deny what’s going on right now between certain characters because you only know the ending that might not even come to pass in this universe. 

But of course all this is just the matter of one’s perspective in the end… whichever you want to believe in, your business. 


aight so i like to do this thing where i’ll wait for my girlfriend to go into the bathroom and then i’ll sneak up to the door, really quiet, and then start banging on it while screaming something or another which really scares the shit out of her (lol)

so of course i do this today (twice within two minutes) and she gets super mega startled both times which i naturally find hilarious, and when she comes out she’s glaring at me and trying not to laugh. so i go into the bathroom bc i’ve been waiting and as soon as i close the door i freeze. lightbulb. motherfucking thomas edison in my head and all that shit goes and wires up the perfect lightbulb just for me.

like. i know my girlfriend. i know her lil punk ass is gonna wait a minute and then come up to the door and bang on it like i’ve been doing to her. she thinks she can get revenge. so i wait for her. i wait for her lil bitch ass. i stand right behind that door with my hand at the handle and my ears pricked like a motherfucking african serval bc i kNOW. i know what she’s gonna do.

so sure enough i hear her footsteps come up to the door (she thinks she’s being all sneaky but you aren’t quiet, vix, i could hear you walking ten feet away) and there’s a split second of silence before she starts wailing on the door and screaming lyrics of a song i would later learn was “i’ll make a man out of you”

but the reason i couldn’t hear what the lyrics were was because i was too busy wrenching the door open and jumping out at her with an unholy scream to rival the cries of a thousand demons, and then laughing at her fucking fACE OF SHOCK as she screamed and ran away while i followed her cackling her and yelling “I WAITED, I WAS WAITING FOR YOUR LIL BITCH ASS, I KNOW YOU WERE FUCKING COMING, I WAS WAITING FOR YOU YOU MOTHERFUCKER”

and, essentially, the moral of the story is that you can’t get revenge on me because i came here to win and i a m a l w a y s r e a d y