Laslow more like lafast…kind of? just some updated progress shots. MOSTLY done outside of the worbla needed for the shield and knee armor. (just a few edges to add bias tape to) 

I put in all of the studs. with my bare hands. with my fingers. because I’m learning that i have some pent up anger from all kinds of things :^) 

(also aaaaaaw look little baby pacific plushie being made as well) 


I know I lose a bunch of followers every time, but I will not stop calling out things that could be - or blatantly are - homophobic in the aro or ace community. I will not stop, because this is important to me as a lesbian. I do not want to have to hold my tongue and be silent just for a sake of followers - because that’s exactly what homophobes want. They want me silent so they can have their way with everything and so they can say whatever they want without criticism.

and fuck that. Tag is #lgbt discourse. Everything will be tagged so it can be blacklisted. You don’t have to necessarily agree with what I’m saying, but I’d appreciate it my side was at least taken into consideration before a mass unfollowing of ~100 followers or more like usual.

- mod Amber

Hello and welcome to the White Mages Who Suffered In Their Canon Support Group. I hereby call this meeting to order. I see a lot of new faces today. Welcome! I promise you, you’re safe now.

I, Jane Crocker, founder and President, will be leading the meeting today, along with Vice President Aerith Gainsborough. Thank you, Aerith.

Secretary Yuna, would you like to kick things off by reading the minutes of last week’s meeting?

lmao wynonna earp went from hey maybe they’re gonna start flirting more to wynonna openly losing it as dolls exercises half-naked in the worklpace and later brags about the size of his dick